Iowa Wrestling Returns From COVID Pause

By RossWB on February 18, 2021 at 11:19 am
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A brief update on Iowa wrestling, which went on a COVID-induced pause in team activities last week. The update: Iowa wrestling is back! Well, sort of. A little bit. 

Good news: they're resuming in-person activities. 

Bad news: those in-person activities are still "limited," the Northwestern dual meet scheduled for Friday, February 19 is postponed and the Wisconsin dual meet scheduled for Sunday, February 21 is only "TBD." Iowa hasn't released any further information this week about plans to wrestle on Sunday, although that silence feels... ominous? It would certainly be more reassuring to get a statement indicating that they were planning to compete on Sunday (assuming it's safe to do so, of course).

Will we see Iowa on the mat again before the Big Ten Tournament on March 6-7? I hope so. But that seems very much up in the air at the moment. At least the COVID issues, and the health of the coaches and wrestlers, seems to be trending in a good direction at the moment. We'll take that victory, however small it may be. 

Should more information about Iowa's dual with Wisconsin this weekend (or any rescheduled duals, should those happen) arise, I'll post about it here on GIA. 

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