Awesome? Naw, Son: Week 3

By Patrick Vint on September 17, 2018 at 10:00 am
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Pinball Wizard

Purdue has found new and interesting ways to lose its first three games.  It lost to Northwestern with a comeback that fell just short.  It lost to Eastern Michigan with a last-second field goal.  And on Saturday, it lost to Missouri in a good old-fashioned shootout, complete with this little bit of insanity.

That's a 74-yard receoption by Brycen Hopkins off his own teammate's deflection, and if you can't win after a bit of good luck like that, you're not going to win anything this season.  

Seriously, David Blough threw for 572 yards and three scores, and Purdue lost. Purdue might go 0-12.

Khak 6

SMU hung around with Michigan during the first half of Saturday's game; the Mustangs were down 14-7 and driving into Michigan territory in the final seconds before halftime.  And then disaster struck:

Anatomy of a road upset: You need to hang close early and show that you can handle the favorite's offense.  You need to get a score as proof of concept for your offense.  And you cannot have a momentum-crippling turnover.  SMU missed on the third point at the worst possible time, and Michigan blew their doors off in the second half.

Hoosier Doctor?

J-Shun Harris has had a tough career at Indiana.  Dude has torn his ACL three times, and yet he's still making cuts like this:

Indiana came after that kick, and there were three unblocked defenders surrounding Harris when he caught the ball.  Didn't much matter.  That's Harris's third punt return touchdown as a Hoosier, so it might be time to kick away from him.

Also, in a season full of incompetence in the middle-to-bottom of the Big Ten, Indiana is now 3-0 with the top-ranked pass defense in the country.  The visit from Michigan State Saturday night might be more interesting than it looks on paper.


At Least You Still Have that Sellout Thing

Nebraska lost to Troy.  The Cornhuskers are now 0-2 and probably no longer that interested in rescheduling the Akron lightning-out game.  In fact, it's looking increasingly likely that the cancellation will be the highlight of the season.

Scott Frost is already doing the whole "anyone who wants to leave can leave" bit and quoting Fuller and quietly booking a one-way flight back to Orlando, but I'm sure things will turn around next week, when Nebraska plays [looks at schedule] at Michigan.

Payback's a Birch

Man, it would really be too bad if Wisconsin's dream season -- a season that their entire roster has built toward, with experience all over both the offensive line and defensive front and an experienced quarterback under center and two highly productive receivers, coming on the heels of a surprising undefeated run the previous year, with potential national title aspirations -- came undone on a trick play:

The Cougs sealed a win in Madison when ninth-year fat guy kicker Rafael Gaglianone gagged...lianone on a game-tying field goal attempt as time expired.

The Maryland Derps

Maryland opened the season by beating Texas and Bowling Green.  Temple opened the season by losing to Villanova and Buffalo.  So of course Temple blew the doors off Maryland in Week Three.

Funny how impeccable execution of (1) a fake punt; (2) a fullback dive; (3) a gutsy inside handoff for a score with seven seconds left before halftime; (4) an 82-yard pick six; and (5) about five deep bombs to completely uncovered receivers can help with the upset win.

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