Awesome? Naw, Son: Week 9

By Patrick Vint on October 29, 2018 at 10:00 am
Minnesota, in a rare moment of joy
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A quick disclaimer up top: Both the most Awesome and most Naw, Son plays of this week were from Iowa, but this post is supposed to be about all non-Iowa Big Ten stuff, so they won't be included here.  You know what they were, and you don't have to watch that Shang Tsung-level soul-taking interception ever again.


Bateman Power Rankings

Minnesota played Indiana Saturday.  Neither team has been having a good October.  The Gophers have lost four straight Big Ten games by at least fifteen points, including an uncompetitive performance against winless Nebraska last week.  Indiana had lost four of their last five, the only win coming against lowly Rutgers by a single touchdown.  It was a classic "someone has to win" game.

Naturally, it was headed to overtime in the most hilarious way possible.  Minnesota went up 31-9 late in the third quarter, then gave it all away in the fourth.  Indiana scored three touchdowns in eleven minutes, and converted a two-point conversion with 3:57 left to tie the score. 

The teams exchanged quick three-and-outs, and Minnesota took over at its own 33 with 1:45 left.  And then Rashod Bateman happened:

It takes a special level of ineptitude to overcome Minnesota's historic derpism in such a magnificent fashion, so let's check in on Indiana after its defensive back let a receiver break free deep in a tie game with less than two minutes left to play:

Never change, Hoosiers.

We Were Merely Freshmen

After last week's blowout win over Ohio State, Purdue's Rondale Moore was bordering on folk hero status, and everyone tuning in for Saturday's game at Michigan State wanted to see what he would do next.

And then two other freshmen took over.  MSU quarterback Rocky Lombardi, making his first career start, teamed up with Spartan freshman receiver Jalen Nailor for the game-killing touchdown (you can forward to 2:25 if you want to skip a bunch of Purdue interceptions and field goals).

Lombardi went 26/46 for 318 yards and two scores in his debut, and Nailor racked up 94 yards on five touches.  And the future looks bright in East Lansing.

Naw, Son

I Knew Tyler Sash, and you, Sir, Are No Tyler Sash

Northwestern beat Wisconsin, in large part because Jonathan Taylor forgot how to hold onto a football.  One of those fumbles, the second of three lost by the Badgers Saturday, was picked up by Paddy Fisher.  And then Paddy Fisher got weird.

Yeah, he tried to flip it back to a teammate, and damn near lost the ball back to Wisconsin in the process. Instead, Northwestern took it 34 yards in seven plays and kicked a field goal to go up by two touchdowns.  Wisconsin would never get that close again.

The fumbles decided the game; Northwestern scored 17 points off the three Wisconsin turnovers.  Still, don't Tyler Sash, Paddy.  Because there was just one Tyler Sash.

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