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Comment 29 Nov 2019

I have to disagree with "they almost gave this game away"—the Tech press forced one* turnover that helped push the lead back down to 3, then scored 14 points on the last seven possessions, on the Fredrick 3 and a bunch of free throws. Texas Tech had the ball with the chance to tie or take the lead precisely ONCE in the second half—a missed shot with 3:45 left in the game that Iowa rebounded and turned into a Garza layup, then a JBo 3. I would characterize that as Iowa handling the press well enough to keep the game from being in doubt.

*That shit was at least one uncalled foul, too.

Comment 26 Oct 2019

They showed the end of it during a Paddy Fisher feature, then finished the Fisher thing and showed the penalty call. No replay, no nothing.

It was not the most inspiring directing decision in ESPN history.