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Comment 15 Jun 2020

If I understand correctly aren’t there restrictions on how often the coaches can interact with players while the S&C staff works with them basically all the time. It seems that the NCAA giving coaches more time with the players (thus more insight into what the culture of the program really is) could be an improvement or at the very least better align accountability and responsibility.

Comment 06 Jun 2020

If these anecdotes about Doyle are a reflection of what he's like all the time (and the evidence for that seems to be piling up) then he needs to go.  

As for the program, I'm concerned how few African-American coaches we have. Not that we have zero, but the ones we have seem to not stay long and don't enter the "in crowd" of Doyle, KOK, or BF. 

KF may sincerely believe that his "my way or the highway" culture is color-blind and in the best interests of every individual in the program, but there needs to be people he respects and trusts who can pull him aside and say "when you said X, these guys aren't interpreting it the way you think they are, here's a different approach." I don't know if something like that dynamic exists in the program or if it ever did, but it would probably go a long way towards addressing these very real issues that have been raised.

Comment 11 Apr 2020

I think you're 100% correct on what he'll hear from the scouts. I say that potentially all three are improvable. Shooting can improve with practice. Seeing the floor and becoming a great passer are what will make the difference between Iowa being elite next year versus Iowa just being very good. With defenses keying on him, in Garza can kick out to Bohannon and Frederick for 3 or Wiesman and Toussaint cutting to the hole, then whoa boy they'll be fun to watch. 

I'm guessing those where the two you thought. While Garza may hit the limits of his athleticism, his improvement in conditioning and body composition over the last few years gives hope that he can get quicker as well.

Comment 08 Apr 2020

Fuller was kind of on pace to be the savior of the Lickliter era. Then, well, yeah. 

I remember Hogan only because I was so excited that we could steal a guy from Kentucky. His signing may have been his highlight as a Hawkeye. Seeing his name reminds me of the early [REDACTED] years when every transfer was seemingly linked to Iowa.

Comment 02 Apr 2020

1-as Ross alluded to, there is an incentive in this economy to bank another year of free education. While the ecomy may well snap back to its pre-pandemic level that won’t happen until the virus is at least knocked down to a manageable level. So why not get a year of grad school or a double major knocked out and make yourself more marketable when normalcy returns.

3-I’m with you on this one. It’s s good deal for Iowa and a few other P5s that can absorb the costs but what’s good for the athletes at small schools will be hard on their institutions.

Comment 01 Apr 2020

I’m glad they get something. I wish they would have allowed the winter athletes an extra year, maybe with a limit to how many regular season contests they could participate in, analogous to the 4 games a football player can play without burning a redshirt.

Comment 16 Feb 2020

Loved seeing guys hunting bonus points, and I guess I’m mostly thinking of Warner here since the others either had mismatches or are the usual bonus candidates.

Comment 02 Feb 2020

Good win for the boys. How worried should we be about Assad? They burned the ‘shirt because he’s presumably our best chance to place in March but this seems like the kind of fringe-ranked guy he needs to beat.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

That really sucks to have his dream taken away like that. “Retire” is not a word you want to hear in reference to a 19-20 year old. Hope they can find a way for him to be involved - student manager, coaching “intern”  - or something if he’s interested.

Comment 27 Dec 2019

I was at the game jumping around screaming “all night!” 

After this I nodded and said, “hmm, that was nice.”

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Now we gotta turn these guys over, because they don’t look like they’re gonna stop scoring.

Comment 26 Dec 2019

I don't think its winning on the West Coast or beating USC that will be notable in the long run (as enjoyable as both would be in the moment), but rather another 10-win season. Get that then the fact that our 3 losses were close games against ranked opponents adds to what will forever be the debate on Ferentz's legacy - should fans be grateful that he accomplished so much or should we be disappointed that he couldn't get us to the elite level that we were tantalizingly close to?

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Big Fish is my favorite movie! I've always thought Hayden's life had more of a Forrest Gump quality, with all the famous people he intersected with. Reading this article makes me think of another movie - The Men Who Stare at Goats. The movie is just ok, but the tagline is epic and I think they could reuse it someday for a Hayden biopic - "More of this is true than you'd believe."