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Comment 06 May 2020

Garza and Haluska.  I think Haluska’s speed and overall refinement of his game gives him an edge over White.  

I think Garza would struggle a little with Uthoff but could wear him down with just enough athleticism and size to eventually take the win.

Comment 30 Apr 2020

White and Uthoff.  Both were skilled perimeter shot blockers and could defend well in general.  I think they feast when their opponents defer to more outside shots.  Uthoff's height advantage is absurd and as much as I loved watching Oliver -- nearly a foot difference in tallness in addition to the finer points to Uthoff's game are too much for DeanO to overcome.

Gatens was a hell of a player with a fantastic shot, but match him up on a guy who loves to bait people into taking 3s that he is able to get a hand and I think White gets the win.

Comment 30 Apr 2020

I like the fact we are able to get a commit from a kid who plays in a speed option/wildcat system in the heart of B12 country.   One would think that the collegiate programs who utilize those systems would use that fact and the fact that Iowa doesn't and parlay it into more successful recruiting of kids like this...but what the hell do I know about recruiting?

Comment 20 Apr 2020

White, Fuller, Uthoff

Uthoff I think maybe would get knocked around a little bit by Thomas but his shooting touch would help him prevail.  Fuller was essentially a coin flip for me, I had no good way to gauge who was superior in that matchup. White's matchup was a no-brainer, dude can just take shit over.

Comment 16 Apr 2020

Both...I work in health care and woke up a couple weeks ago feeling crummy and got tested at UIHC...the staff there were very awesome in coordinating an expedited appointment for me and I was able to get my results later in the day.  Worst part was isolating away from family and work, overall my symptoms were really mild. From what I see at work, what I had was a walk in the park.  However people who are smokers or have lung issues are in for a tough battle if they get it though.

Comment 14 Apr 2020

Lol, there was never a Dan Bohall or Jermain Davis that played for the Hawks, nice try GIA overlords.

That being said I have a few thoughts on this round of matchups.  May is gonna eat Worley's lunch...way more athletic and Worley would have to resort to hacking the crap out of him to stand half a chance.  

I played against Worley a couple times as a youngster, and my impression is that he was a larger kid than most, but was slow and a little on the lazy side, he also played with some very talented kids when he was younger that could set him up extremely well.  A teammate of mine who was at least as big as Glen fouled him very hard one time and he hit the deck like a sack of potatoes...Worley's dad absolutely lost it in the stands screaming at the officials when it happened.  Our team was very physical and I got the impression that Worley's team was used to playing teams that would just submit to their talent, I don't remember the final score but we gave them a lot more than they bargained for.

Evans and Wieskamp destroy their fictitious opponents in the other match ups.