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Comment 17 Apr 2019

Continue to be amazed that, while we can beat blue bloods for TE recruits (okay, this part makes sense, but...), we struggle to compete with other BigTen and Power5 teams for basically every other position and seem to be more on a "good MAC team" level for most postitions (notable exception: QB; we've recruited pretty well there for a long time, not elite, but better than most positions), vis-a-vis recruiting. At some positions *cough* WR! *cough* this makes sense, sadly, but at others...chiefly DB and OL, it most certainly does NOT. Sigh.

Comment 05 Apr 2019

All hail the Gustafson! She was one of those rare superstars who was so good that the opponent's entire gameplan had to revolve around trying to stop her, or else she would just demolish them (and, indeed, often did anyway, despite suffocating double and triple teams). What makes her prodigious productivity even better is that she is actually a nice, down to earth person. 

One interesting factoid about the season scoring records (and this is not to take anything away from Megan) is that John Johnson's* scoring record of 699 points in 1970 was set in a season of 25 games, which works out to...28 ppg, which was, coincidentally, the exact same ppg that Megan scored in 2018-19! (rounded to the nearest point in both cases). 

*please tell me that his middle name was John

Comment 04 Apr 2019

Corgis may take the crown for cuteness, but overall, its German shepherd or bust. They are the most intelligent, loyal, well-behaved dogs that exist. They may not be quite as cute as some other breeds, but they have dignity, which is a quality sadly lacking in most breeds. They are good with kids and easy to train, and are not obnoxious or obsequious, don't have an excess of long, messy, shedding hair, plus they can fetch a frisbee like a mofo. 

Comment 02 Apr 2019

great point! I agree that's definitely a piece of the puzzle. Things would be a lot worse if the top men's programs kept their players for four years. But I think the lack of parity on the women's side also pre-dates the one and done era, so its not the entire explanation for the lack of parity. Not really sure what causes/explains the rest of parity gap, besides an unfortunate lack of interest in many (indeed most) places. 

Comment 02 Apr 2019

no idea. Its very far out of my normal inclination, which is to complain about the unintended consequences of interfering with markets, lol... Not sure if a financial remedy would be helpful, meaning some sort of increased funding. There's a shit-ton of money sloshing around the power 5 conferences in particular, and lots of revenue sharing as well, not sure if WBB gets a significant cut of TV and conference revenue sharing.

Comment 02 Apr 2019

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap. Baylor is better. Megan still scored, though obviously was laboring. The problem was the rest of the Iowa team could not deal with the Baylor athletes in any way, their height and athleticism was simply in another league. They fought valiantly, but it was not to be.

The wildly disparate talent levels in WBB still piss me off...any of the top 4-5 teams against anyone else is basically like a pro team vs. a college team. No parity at all. This seriously needs to be addressed if the NCAA actually wants to foster competition and opportunity. Not sure how you do that, but it needs to be seriously analyzed and attempted because right now there's just not the incentive for the vast majority of schools to devote effort and resources to WBB, which isn't fair to women. I'm normally the last person to defend Title IX and trying to artificially pump up that which does not have natural market support, but I think the current state of women's basketball does illustrate a good case for some type of intervention. 

Comment 30 Mar 2019

Another great team effort today. But ONLY 27 pts from the G-monster? Tsk tsk... ;) @At least she has the opportunity to redeem herself by taking the double double [email protected] If she does that, we may be able to beat Baylor. PS: don't watch Baylor's first couple round games 0_o

Comment 29 Mar 2019

Not really feeling great about our DBs (although I think it was Julius Brents who flashed some nice potential last year, wouldn't be shocked to see him take over a CB starting spot), or any part of the defense other than the DL, really. Need DBs and LBs to seriously gel/develop this year and above all, for Stanley to have a good year. 

Comment 25 Mar 2019

Grats to Megan and Meyer and company! Well played, especially in the 4th quarter.

I knew the crowd would be good, but I was surprised at just how good it was--large and LOUD! That's what I'm talking about. Those that say Carver is hopeless really have no idea. 

Comment 25 Mar 2019

If only they'd played better in the first half. This team has long shown that it has a very high ceiling, but just has trouble reaching that potential for more than short bursts of brilliance. The team is talented, but with a variety of limitations, which are difficult to work around. Its up to the coach to get the best out of the players and I don't think its happening, but, again, its a very challenging job. That said, amazing fight and heart from the team in the 2nd half. Really admire their toughness, which has totally come a long way and leaves hope for the future. Garza's dad has some pep to him, too! You can see where Luka gets his fire. "YOU GOTTA LET THE PEACOCK FLY!" should be our rallying cry next year :D I have no idea what it means, but it sounds cool. 

Comment 21 Mar 2019

From what I've read, Cinci fans admit their 3pt defense has been spotty, but their explanation for that is that, although overrall their league is not as good as the BigTen, they have faced an unusually high number of teams with excellent, slashing guards, who penetrate and kick. When they didn't play teams with penetrating guards (i.e. lower level teams, non-con patsies etc), then their 3pt defense % was much better, because they had better/less disrupted defensive spacing to protect the perimeter. So, yeah, we may still be F'ed. 

Comment 19 Mar 2019

How NCAA wins are viewed depends on the context of the regular season--If multiple NCAA wins come after a year where we are playing with well-spaced, defense-befuddling ball-movement, and crisp, non-turnover-inducing passing, and don't look completely lost multiple games in a row on both ends of the floor against mediocre teams, then those NCAA wins look like validation of a team which has been properly trained by a talented and diligent coach. If they, somehow, come after a regular season where the team goes on a massive losing streak when they should be peaking, by not being able to shoot, pass the ball into the post, guard, rebound, or space the floor, then those wins look more like meaningless flukes and luck, and not indications of a healthy program going forward. 

So to answer the wins questions, for this year, based on how the team has played: 0, 2, and 3, if one can give cut and dried answers. The last is so high because there is so much countervailing evidence that shows that the team hasn't had adequate preparation to be competitive at a high level; there are multiple serious deficiencies which are repeated in a majority of years with several different sets of players. If all one values is 1-2 NCAA wins and they get them after a disorganized mess of a season (and that may not be a fair characterization of the current season, but just hypothetically...), then congrats, but most also count the regular season into the bargain.

The NCAA tournament is kind of a crapshoot, and until we have a better coach, I don't think its realistic to demand X numbers of NCAA wins, for Iowa. But we can and should expect that the team looks well-organized and is competitive in almost all of their games. That's a baseline expectation for any team who is trying to reach the NCAA tournament and is not too much to ask, and right now we're not getting it. I'm afraid Fran is too much of a "players coach" and doesn't have adequate structure and emphasis on fundamentals in his coaching. All we ever hear whenever a player is interviewed about strategy or play style is that Fran just encourages them to do what they want and is generically positive and encouraging. Positive and encouraging is great, but its pretty clear at this point that more structure and emphasis on fundamentals is also needed. 

Comment 19 Mar 2019

yeah she's sort of our Frank Kaminsky. Unless I'm completely mistaken, neither Frank nor Megan was as high ranked a recruit as Tyler Cook was. But she did have the background of HS productivity, good body frame for a post player, and great work ethic. The combination still became more than the sum of these good parts and she really developed like crazy, in a similar fashion to Kaminsky (although I want to say she actually developed into a superstar more quickly). Definitely also props to the coaches for her development. 

Comment 18 Mar 2019

Whoops, meant to add also however, that I am impressed by the fact that they just beat Houston, who is ranked ahead of MSU and Michigan in the NET. Will need a great effort to avoid an early exit.

Comment 18 Mar 2019

I do think they have the advantage on us in several ways, but I am not terribly impressed by their record, given that only 4 teams in the AAC made the top 50 in NET ratings (compared to 8 in the top 50 for the BigTen).

Comment 16 Mar 2019

Yeah, Cook was taking it to the rim and passing pretty well, and Garza was fierce, at least on the offensive end (and I blame most of his late close outs on threes on other perimeter players who were totally awol on defense), but Jbo, Wieskamp and Baer didn’t produce. We can’t win when that happens, even if we do play good defense...which we didn’t.