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Comment 25 Jan 2017

Did some aggregation today: Iowa's -37 with their starting lineup in...47 minutes of play. +11 in 25 minutes with Baer instead of Moss.

Comment 18 Jan 2017
This is something I put together when the Iowa/ISU discussion crescendoed earlier this year (link in case pic doesn't show up). While the state of Iowa isn't necessarily an outlier - a ton of small-ish states have 2 programs - Iowa and Iowa State are, in the sense that most of the other 2-Power Five-school states have their schools in the same conference. Kentucky and South Carolina are the next smallest states (~4.5mm people) in a similar situation. And they function in states with a higher output of D-I talent.
Comment 18 Jan 2017

You can slice it anyway you want it:

Power 5 football schools:
Minnesota: 1
Nebraska: 1
Iowa: 2
Wisconsin: 1
Illinois: 2 - 1 private
Missouri: 1
Indiana: 3 - 1 private (6.5 million)
Ohio: 1 (11.5 million)
Michigan: 2 (9.9 million)
Pennsylvania: 2 (12.7 million)
New Jersey: 1 (8.9 million)
Maryland: 1 (5.9 million)

The two states Iowa compares most to are: Kansas (2 w/ 2.9 million), Mississippi (2 w/ 2.9 million) and they're different because in each case they're a part of the same conference.

Comment 17 Jan 2017

That's a fair Sioux City defense but I think the "it's not about the money" quote is 100% fair. If it were all about the money, then the upside of playing in SC would be higher because of the capacity difference you mentioned. To me, it's about McCaffery looking to backfill the Gavitt Tipoff game he is losing this year. Sioux Falls has demonstrated they're capable of bringing in teams which are roughly the same quality Iowa would face in the Tipoff. If Sioux City had hosted a game with similar parties, Iowa would probably be more likely to play there.

Personally, it is a little surprising Iowa never did something like that given Woodbury/Gesell/McCabe. They have planned their international trips around the two guys they've gotten with overseas backgrounds (Britain for Olaseni & Germany for Uhl).

Comment 13 Jan 2017

This is going to be an insane parallel (because it's not right), but Purdue in 2007-08 (the Baby Boilers) lost games to: Clemson, Mizzou, Wofford, and ISU (the latter 2 were sub-200 and -100 respectively in KenPom) before taking advantage of an easy B1G schedule during a down year to go 15-3 (they won 7 games against sub-100 teams and the B1G was considered the 5th best conference according to KenPom).

I 100% do not expect them in my wildest dreams to finish the season 12-1, but if they can steal a couple away games and maintain home court advantage, 11-7 isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

I've said this before, though I can't remember where: I think this team will be better at the end of the season than last year's was at the end of their season. Now, Iowa won't have the same body of work unless they go on a run (their next 5 games are all considered A/B by KenPom). But if they make the tourney, I wouldn't pencil them in for a one-and-done. They could absolutely be a team that squeezes in the last 4, wins a play-in game, then catches a couple matchup breaks in the first two rounds.

Obviously an insane amount has to go their way for that to happen. But, they absolutely ooze potential and have a ton of mettle. Hlas called them the most fun team of Fran's time here and he's 100% correct.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

The Purdue fatalism grated on me to the point where I couldn't follow them anymore but there's some very valid concerns in my view. As a body language intern, I did not like what I saw from their team. Swanigan barking at his teammates is the prime example but, there were times he fell and no one sprinted to help him up like you see from Iowa. I also take the opposite view of this piece.

The two rebounds of Swanigan it shows are ones where another teammate could get it. He is chasing stats and that is something which works if you are winning and grates your teammates when you are losing.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Bohannon was doing some elite stuff last night in the PnR. I think it was with Wagner where AW screened/re-screened to get Bohannon's guy on his hip and he pocket passed it through for an easy bucket for Wagner.

Fran's offense has proven to be great over the course of his time here, but being able to tell guys to just run pick and rolls is so much easier than trying to call plays every time down the court. It also helps that there is shooting/playmaking around every screen they can run.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

In all seriousness, I think PV hit the nail on the head with regard to Iowa recruiting. It's fun to try and find flashy guys outside of the border but the first priority needs to remain getting the best guys in the state (who are often linemen). The Nebraska comparison is fantastic because how many NE kids has Iowa gotten that would have died to play for Nebraska, yet they disregarded? (Ott springs to mind) I think the Fant signing is the only one Iowa "won" in a situation where a kid had scholarship offers from both schools.

Fact is, Iowa isn't going to win a ton of recruiting battles for high-level athletes when big schools come calling. Now, that shouldn't keep Iowa from going after them, but chasing them also shouldn't be at the detriment of what Iowa is good at and where Iowa HS players skillsets lie.