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Comment 03 Apr 2020

Went with Cartwright, Oliver and Baer. Oliver is the first Hawkeye I really vividly remember. For whatever reason I always think of the game in December 2000 vs Detroit. My family made a trip back home to Iowa for Christmas at Grandma's house and all of my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins were there. We all sat in the living room with us kids on the floor staring at like an 18 inch TV watching the nailbiter of a game. Even my Grandma who was the most religious person I've ever met and NEVER cussed yelled THATS FUCKING BULLSHIT REFS at a bad call. Yeah I was hooked from then on.

Comment 03 Apr 2020

It's too bad the way his career has panned out with injuries. I thought he was going to be a stud after watching his Freshman year. Hopefully he finds a place he can play meaningful minutes. My Alma Mater Coastal Carolina could use another forward.

Comment 03 Apr 2020

I only have a tiny sample size of two games to choose from but here goes.

First Game: Iowa vs Purdue (Football) 2015

Last Game: Iowa vs Purdue (Basketball) 2018. This is the game that we got absolutely fucking destroyed. I think we were down 40 at one point.

Best Game: Football 2015

Worst Game: Basketball 2018.

My first ever Hawkeye game saw us get to 11-0 on the season. The place was fucking electric. I remember it had snowed like 7 inches the night before the game and none of the seats were cleared off. My wife and I mistakenly went one section over from where our seats were. I dug out our seats and got them dried off and warmed up when a couple came up and said we were in their seats and pointed out our error. Man I was pissed but they liked that their seats were clear and warm.

My favorite game though was the basketball game. I'm a MUCH bigger hoops fan than I am football and it also happened to be the Chris Street memorial game. Plus my wife was 9 months pregnant and I was hoping like hell her water would break and we could have our baby in Carver Hawkeye. I even convinced the wife to name the kid Carver if that happened but it didn't.

Comment 02 Apr 2020

Can't help but feel that Kriener is seeded too low. He's probably my favorite player of the Fran era. Nobody was tougher and played as hard as he did. What he lacked in talent he more than made up for in effort. Imagine a team with McCabe, May, and Kriener. It would be like hockey on wood.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

I think Woodbury AND Gesell choosing to stay home were critical moments in our program. Without them you could make the case that Fran isn't able to turn our program around and we probably have a new coach by now. Those two were top 100 recruits and they could've played anywhere. Instead they chose to be Hawkeyes and help rebuild our program. Say what you will about if they reached their potential or not, but those two are a big reason we can be excited about hoops again.

Comment 30 Mar 2020

That's nuts. On a side note, looking through those recfruits how the fuck did the cyclowns land 4 top 100 recruits? Does Ames have good male strippers or something?

Comment 27 Mar 2020

Even CMac improved his 3pt shot this year. I think he ended up at something like 35%. I personally would love to see a lineup of Toussaint, Bohannon, CMac, Wieskamp, Garza next year. This team is going to have so many threats its ridiculous. I don't see a weak lineup that Fran could have in the game at any time. All of our guys are good and could play for any decent B1G team. Obviously I'm not including the incoming Freshmen as nobody knows what they will be like.

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Without a doubt Garza had the better year. I think Toppin would still have been a star if he played in our conference, but he wouldn't be viewed as highly as he is playing in a league that was MAYBE going to send 2 teams to the big dance.  You're absolutely right too about Garza feasting on people one on one. He rminds me a bit of Dirk Nowitzki. Doesn't have the flashy moves or ability to shake a defender, but even though the opposing player/s knows whats coming they still can't stop it.

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Great individual honor for Doyle. It's astounding to observe the trajectory that Bluder put this team on during this past 5-10 years. She got the ball rolling with the team led by Logic to the Sweet 16 and has pushed them to even greater heights. Who's our next B1G POTY and All-American going to be?

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Man it's nice to see the Hawks getting some love for once. I've thought since Garza's Freshman year that we'd be a legitimate top 10 team at some point. Now if they can just live up to that hype. I've read all of the articles mentioned and nearly all of them feature several comments from Wisconsin fans saying how they'll never finish below Iowa. All of them were downvoted into oblivion. Good to know the rest of America thinks the Badgers are shiteaters too.

Comment 25 Mar 2020

I get where you're coming from, but the fact still remains that he went against some of the best big men in the country all year and utterly wrecked them.

Comment 25 Mar 2020

He outscored his opposing B1G center in an elite year for bigs by 15.9 points per game

Of all the stats for Garza, this might be the most ridiculous. That includes going against Oturu, Jalen Smith, Xavier Tillman, and others that I don;t feel like naming. I know I'm a bit of a homer, but there is no way that Garza shouldn't be the unanimous POTY.  It's been nearly 30 years since someone did what he did this year. Sure Dayton may have had the better record, but we had the better wins, overall resume, and SOS on our side. Any vote not for Garza just doesn't make sense and shouldn't be counted!

Comment 23 Mar 2020

If Garza does indeed return, this team is going to fucking annihilate bitches more often than not. Of course we don't know what other teams rosters will look like, but I doubt you'll find a more lethal offense than the one we could potentially have. I really like the upside of Nunge and Toussaint. I've thought Nunge can be a Uthoff type player since I saw his film for the first time. If even one of those two blossom next year, holy fucking shit batman. I'm getting a boner just thinking about the lineup possibilities Fran can use next year. I think that this team will have at least 7 players who could start on nearly any team in the country. I think the biggest question surrounding the team is who will replace the contributions from Kriener. He did so much stuff that didn't always get recognition and that affected the game in our favor, and he brought a toughness to the floor.

Comment 20 Mar 2020

Such a well deserved honor. I just want to know what 2 dumbasses didn't vote him 1st team. I hope he comes back, though I'm not holding my breath. Man he's been fun to watch.