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Comment 07 May 2020

Neither will be able to stop the other, so it's about who can at least slow them down. Can Haluska use athleticism to steal the ball and can Garza use size to block some shots. No chance either is successful more than once or twice, but I think Adam is more likely to be successful 1 more time than Luka.

Comment 02 May 2018

I have also never seen a Marvel movie (although I have seen a few Batman and the Christopher Reeve Supermans), so I will have to take your word that most of these things are actually superheroes. I'm having trouble, though.

Isn't Nova a PBS show?

Did Lockjaw get his powers from stepping on a rusty nail?

I thought Jon Stewart killed Crossfire.

Is Namor a reverse Italian or something?

Is this guy Turtleman?

The Great Lakes Avengers? Do they hang out with Captain Planet?
Comment 05 Sep 2017

I legit didn't know this was ISU week until Saturday afternoon.

Now, part of that is because I'm not in Iowa anymore, but a bigger part is the only reason I care more about this game than any other is a win means I can forget about ISU again for a year. A loss means I have to listen to them.

Comment 08 Oct 2016

I hate international breaks.  Especially when my team is playing well.

I guess Kane can heal some more.

Comment 03 Oct 2016

My boys are looking pretty good after a sluggish first couple matches.  A win like that with last year's irreplaceables Kane and Dier combining for less than 20 minutes was particularly nice to see.

If only the refs in the Burnley/Arsenal match weren't complete nincompoops yesterday would have gone just about perfectly.

Comment 30 Sep 2016


Comment 29 Sep 2016

There's not a part of this tweet that doesn't piss me off.

Comment 28 Sep 2016

The Bayern score isn't *too* surprising and traveling to Ludogorats sucks for PSG, but yeah.  Some weird results.  Celtic looking like they might draw with City is actually the most shocking to me.