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Comment 01 Mar 2020

Garza was getting hacked A LOT, and the entire team went through a several minute stretch in the 1st half where they'd get the right look, or an open shot, or a drive to the rim, and every single shot was just about a half inch too hard or too soft.  It was quite incredible.  So Wiesy didn't look more "off" than the others- - they were all just slightly off, and that's why we were stuck on 12 or 13 points for so long (after starting the game with 3 straight 3s) and Penn St pulled out to a sustained lead during the 1st half (though we eventually caught them and traded points for a bit, hence the lead changes referenced in the article).

Fred didn't look like he'd lost any steps and played huge for us, but even so our perimeter defense was not what it needed to be for much of the 1st.  The good guys righted the ship and the rest was just a fun game to watch.

Sidenote:  I demand a Pemsl "Lion's Roar" .gif because that was great and everyone should see it.

Comment 21 Feb 2020

Haven't finished or looked at the comments yet, but the mention of Pemsl.

I think my favorite thing of the night was Pemsl going beast mode for a couple minutes and just kicking ass on both ends of the court.  It was great to see.  And the flex he gave after that one play.  I turned to my wife and said "I know it's only been two games now, but Pemsl may be getting back to his old self."

Also, the lady sitting next to me chuckled each time with amusement each of the three times I got to yell "THREEvelyn!"

But the second half was comfortable enough that she started complaining (in support/disappointment) about the fouls we were committing, so yeah it was a nice second of watching the guys just stop any surge tOSU tried to put together.  tOSU got to within 6 was it, and then all of a sudden it was 15 again and go ahead and make all the despiration 3s you want.

Someone in/near the band area even kindly wished them a nice trip back to Columbus.  Isn't that sweet?

Comment 28 Jan 2020

Unless you're watching independent journalism just remember that all of the channels that present "news"** are just trying to keep you watching until the commercial so they can pay their bills (and executive officers, maybe shareholders, etc.) so if they're saying something is bad it is rarely as bad as they say it is.  They're just trying to keep your interest, and "it's bad but manageable" doesn't keep people from clicking over to the screaming baboon throwing poo and telling everyone the flesh eating virus is coming.

(**and by "news" I mean they're gossiping lightly about the in-depth reporting that real journalistic outlets have produced)

Media literacy FTW.

Comment 25 Jan 2020

I always loved that he had old man game as a true freshman, and knew he'd still be able to do some things BECAUSE of his old man game once he got back.  I always though he needed some RecSpecs.

I'm pretty sure he and Kriener have epic Old Man Offs at practice.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

Oh man. That win over Indiana I got to watch/listen to at some college (Dubuque or Davenport- - I remember it was on the bluffs above the river) while my folks played a volleyball tourney.  I was a super fan and that one was so glorious against the striped ones.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

That sounds unsanitary, as I'm sure it was a couple months or more before you washed your heine again.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

I only really talked to Hayden Fry twice (with a couple other times of simply shaking his hand and wishing him well for the upcoming season).  The first time we talked he was in his second to last year of coaching, and it was simple football and life talk that lasted a few minutes.

The second time I talked to Hayden Fry was more involved and important to me (and this one I try NOT to embellish at all so that it remains a true story).  He had come to town for FryFest (the second one- - this would have been 2010) and was slated to sit with a panel of speakers about Hawkeye history, as well as some other events he was due to attend while in town.

I should back up by mentioning that it was 2010 and my wife was pregnant with my second son.  Heroes had been the most popular show but had been cancelled earlier that year, however Hayden Panettiere was at the peak of her popularity.  Also riding high in popularity (and perceived "hotness") was Hayden Christensen from Star Wars eps 2 & 3 and that movie Jumper.  So Hayden was a VERY popular name at the time, and my wife liked both of those actors at the time, but I just REALLY didn't want to go with Hayden for our child's name because everyone in Iowa seems to have a kid or dog or something by that name.

So, I decided that the only thing better than naming my kid Hayden would be to try and have Hayden Fry himself name my kid.  I got to the Marriot complex early so I could get in the line for the meet and greet (and autographs) after the talk.  Unfortunately others also got there early.  I waited in the line for like an hour, and by the time I got to the ex-players and coaches I look down the line and Hayden is gone.  He'd had to move on to his next event in the Coralville/Iowa City area.  Everything sucks.  My wife is anxiously awaiting my phone call to see what transpired and what we'd be naming our son, and I had nothing.

By this point it's a reasonable lunch time and I'm hungry, so I figure I'll go drown my sorrows in some Falbo Bros. pizza or something.  I go out a side door to make my way back to my car, and after just a little walking a different side door opens and out walks none other than legendary coach and guy-I've-been-seeking-all-morning Hayden Fry, with a couple (what looked like) assistants or whatever.  I immediately start jogging in his direction, without rushing for fear the possible assistants may actually be security and I don't want to be tazed.

As I approached I called out "Coach!  Hey Coach!" (funny how everyone called him Coach, even after he stopped coaching) and explained that I knew he was in a hurry but that I had a question for him and asked if I could walk with him.  He agreed with a smile and I launched into it.  The son, my wife's choice of names, not wanting to name someone Hayden because everyone does (I don't remember exactly how I said this part, but I managed to say it in a non-insulting sort of way- - I'd had this whole spiel in my head all morning as I'd originally thought I'd need to blurt it out with a bunch of people waiting for me to move on), etc.

After explaining that I thought it'd be more special to have Hayden name my kid than to name my kid after Hayden, I say "so what do YOU think would be a good name for a son?"  Coach Fry looks at me thoughtfully and says "well, I've always been partial to Hayden."  I sort of cracked a smile and said "What are you telling me Coach?"  He looks back, starting to crack a smile as well and says "It's a good name" and then breaks into that full big grin of his.  I said "okay, I understand, Hayden it is."

He shook my hand, I thanked him for letting me walk with him and take up some of his time.  He wished me good luck with the kid and we parted ways.  And that's why my son is named Hayden.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

I only spoke to him a couple times, but from that (and the coverage of him through the years) I'd say he knew.

He wasn't shy about sharing his love and joy, and people responded in kind so far as I can tell.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Whatever video or gif or jpeg this is, it's giving me a minus sign, but being that it's Klugs I know it's A+ material and therefore worth an upvote.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

My younger son just got into the idea of wrestling this year, and I won tickets to this meet, so this was his first experience.

Saint Austin is my favorite wrestler since the first time I watched him, so I was particularly in my boy's ear during this match.

It was hilarious and awesome, but has anyone asked, or is there any explanation out there, for just what the fuck ADS was thinking or trying to do at the 2:00/2:01 mark with that backward SpiderMan jump thing?  It looked like he was thinking WWE and trying to vault over, with the intention of landing behind the guy and instantly belly-to-back suplexing him.  I've never seen a wrestler even consider trying that, let alone on the #1 guy in the country.  DeSanto is amazing in thoughts AND in actions.  Wow.

It looked like he was going to pull the Flying Butt Pliers from Ren and Stimpy.  I wish he could have pulled off whatever that was supposed to be.  I'm sure it would have blown minds.

Comment 30 Nov 2019

You don't like exotics?

Yeah, sadly I called that pooch like I was Nostradamus.  The announcers said it was a super important play so Iowa called timeout to discuss how to proceed, and I immediately replied "which means Nate is going to pooch punt it."

Comment 30 Nov 2019

I don't want the QB that makes all three of those throws on the first drive and none on the final drive.

If Stanley only makes one of the three completions he threw on that last drive (ref be damned) then we don't win.  So I'll take him being SO CLUTCH and I'll happily call it that, even if it took everyone working together to be clutch.

Comment 30 Nov 2019

Re:  "Having a problem with Duncan"

Can you expand on this?  It would explain why he pointed and blew kisses if something had been going on.

Until now I've been wondering who exactly he was pointing at (and Ras seemed to be in on it too, which adds more questions).  And it would help to explain the kiss (which admittedly is a kinda dick move, but I loved it because I knew something must have been said or done, beyond the normal trash talking).

Comment 29 Nov 2019

I think this is what the media guys are on about.

He's a good, approaching great but not quite ever getting there, QB.  That's what he was when he arrived (the reason he didn't go to a different program), and a certain set of fans keep expecting him to become something he'll never be.

It's insane for anyone to expect him to turn into a first couple round draft pick (or whatever) and want to argue that he's bad since he hasn't turned into one.  He's got perks and problems, and they show up randomly (at least to the observer, thought I'm sure competition has a bit to do with it too) from game to game.  I'm glad he's been our QB, and some of his plays were transcendent, and I'll remember them for many years.  The plays that weren't good will be nearly forgotten the first time Petras (or whomever) throws their first TD next year.

Comment 28 Nov 2019

Mysterious updates?!  This conspiracy goes INTERNET deep.  Clearly the leader of the Husker Deep State is Al Gore, inventor of the internet (he never actually said that, but I'm on a roll, just go with it).

Al Gore is taking down the Nebraska football program once and for all because the mole people live beneath Memorial Stadium and when the "inconvenient" tipping point is reached he'll open a hellmouth (it's just a term) at the 50 yard line where humanity will have life sustaining access to their tunnels, eventually creating a hybrid race that can dig and see well.

Comment 24 Nov 2019

Based on how the QB was leading with his head, I'd say it was targeting committed by Illinois against Geno Stone (the target).

Comment 24 Nov 2019

Do you think it has to do with the interior of the OL being less than usual years (in some years it can still be tough due to our scheme sometimes, but this year is different even from those other years)?