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Comment 01 Jul 2020

The guy that will defend Brian’s actions to the end, just watch on that one  

Yeah.  It's hard for me to believe there were be any culture change without something substantial happening with respect to Brian. It doesn't have to be fired (or resigned), but there needs to at least be heartfelt apology and some level of training to at least give the appearance that they're trying.  I haven't seen anything (but will admit, I may have missed it).

This is tough.  We've talked a lot in the past about how good Iowa is as a program in circling the wagons, but in this case, it's the worst thing they can do.  I truly believe Doyle was let go with a nice pile of money to keep his mouth shut and to be the public face the problem, but that's a weak attempt.

Comment 25 Jun 2020

I'm largely staying out of this, but I will say, in Illinois you have to wear a mask in stores, which I think is a responsible thing to do.  I also have frequently worn masks at work, and currently wear one on the plant floor, so for me, it's no big deal.  If I'm out running to multiple stores, I will usually keep my mask on driving between them, there's no reason to take it on and off, that just encourages me to touch my face more (and this has really made me aware of just how much I touch my face and eyes, even though I'm well know that the data is now showing that surface transmission rates are very low).

I'm just saying, I'm sure there are some people who are terrified of being out of the house so they need to wear the mask.  Those people are overreacting.  But for some, if not most of us, I think it's just easier to put it on and leave it on if you're going somewhere that you will need it.  

Comment 25 Jun 2020

I've seen very little.  I think it's a function of lack of testing making it difficult to trust data (If you had mild or no symptoms initially you couldn't get tested, raising questions if it was actually Covid).  The only things that I've seen so far are more about asymptomatic rates being 20-50%, which is basically guesswork.  Like you, I know people who have run the gamut (fortunately so far no deaths, one on a ventilator for weeks.)  My experience doesn't line up so neatly with ages.  As you say, it's just anecdotes though.  Data is currently hard to come by

Comment 22 Jun 2020

Point 5:  By avoiding a trial, Brian can presumably be swept under the rug.  IMO, no one understands the culture of a program like the S&C coach.  They have the most year round time with the team.  If Doyle wanted to burn down the program down, I have no doubt he has the knowledge to do so, and so the University wisely acted to prevent that.  

Comment 15 Jun 2020

Agreed.  I think they simply don't know what to do yet, and for the coaches under Kirk, I'm not sure they know what they'll be allowed / told to do.  That's a pretty damning statement though.  I understand not implementing any changes yet, but they should at least have gameplan for how to attack the issue. (insert joke here on Kirk not gameplanning for individual opponents)

That's doubly tough on the lower level coaches, since they won't know if actual changes are coming so do you bunker down and stay the course while polishing it a bit to make it seem more acceptable, or do you truly open every window and try to put in real change?  Without clear guidance from the top, it's difficult to do anything.

Comment 11 Jun 2020

It's pretty recent that players have been on the field for the anthem, there's no reason for it, and it should end.  Hell, there's no reason for the anthem to be played.  Other than Olympic sports, that makes some level of sense.  Even NHL or soccer match is still a sports competition first, not a competition between countries..

Comment 11 Jun 2020

Ultimately, there is no good answer, each option is going to cause some level hatred.  I'm torn, I'm not sure if I'd rather see the team knee as a group or have individuals do it.  I understand and like parts of both, but understand the limitations of both.  I'm just happy that they can kneel if they want.

Comment 07 Jun 2020


There are some truly damning statements there, and honestly, I'm not really that surprising.  It's really disappointing, and considering the racial makeup of the state and school, I would have hoped that an untouchable football coach would have used his platform to push for his players, regardless of what they looked like instead of treating them differently.  

I can only hope they honestly look at fixing the problems.  The steps they've outlined look good, but we'll have to see how the..ahem...execution of them goes.

Comment 15 May 2020

I really hope Ogundele redshirts.  First, because it would mean we didn't need him, that the combination of Garza and Nunge was healthy and effective all year, secondly, because he's still learning.  I'd rather not burn a potential year when I think he'll be a monster after that.

Comment 07 May 2020

/deep breath

Ok.  Garza will score every time he gets the ball to the rim, but he's vulnerable (as much as that's possible) during the dribble and if he ever decides to shoot anything not in the paint.

Haluska has a better jumper, and the speed to get by Garza if he's too close or shoot if he sags off.  Garza isn't a shot blocker, so those shots are at least being taken.

I...I think it's Haluska. I think he gets a steal or 2 and that's the difference.   But I wouldn't put money on it.

Comment 06 May 2020

Garza because of his post presence.  He's not afraid to go out there with Uthoff, and will do better in the paint

Haluska because as much as White was a great athlete, his true strengths were rebounding and finishing great assists with authority.  Haluska will finish those by himself.


Comment 16 Apr 2020

Brunner I think wins easily.

Haluska, but I am excited to see what Fredrick does, by the end of his career, this may be switched.

Damn, I would legit pay to see this Horner / Gesell matchup.  I have to go Horner.  I feel like in this instance, each shot is 2 steps further back.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

Chalk here, although like you said, the Woodbury/Hansen game could take forever to complete.  

Uthoff has the skills to succeed in this sort of challenge, shoot from deep, take it to the rim, and defend/block shots, I think he meets Garza on that side.