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Comment 12 Mar 2020

with you Ricky. i had planned to take next Th-Fri off and plant myself in front of the TV for 4 days. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

i really want to believe this but i think that is just totally wishful thinking. think of the logistics involved. that alone is insane. takes years to plan this stuff. 

Comment 04 Mar 2020

Purdue’s had our number for the last two years. Painter is imo the best coach in the B1G. 

totally agree on your help defense critique. even more maddening - when the shot clock was winding down and their big had the ball 18 ft out. Connor goes to double leaving that 45 yr old wide open for a buried 3. 

Comment 04 Mar 2020

Sitting behind a guy who was constantly messaging "Hawkeye State."

huh? i’m confused. weird flex during that game but he’s not wrong.

to say this was Iowa getting beat because of February blues or whatever, isn't true.

are people still saying this? it’s not even February. 

CJF a true Frosh

Fredrick redshirted last season.

the officiating was questionable.

agreed. i’ve watched a lot of B1G basketball this yr and that was the first game where home cooking wasn’t remotely a thing. two calls that stood out resulting in 6 pts - Kriener’s moving screen wiping away Evelyn’s three, and the clear out of bounds along Purdue’s sidelines giving them the ball and a three as the shot clock expired. 

Comment 04 Mar 2020

the blueprint was already there and successful (see Nebraska). more a matter of Iowa’s guards making open threes. 

Comment 02 Mar 2020

needed Sparty, Illini, and Wisc to lose over the wknd. 0/3. and Wisc got reeeeaal lucky in winning that game last night. 

Comment 26 Feb 2020

you had me until resting our top players. that’s what a top 4 finish is for. otherwise - you can’t be serious. one loss and suddenly concede everything to be content w/ 9th place after fighting all season to be in 2nd? even if the logic checks out, this will never ever happen.