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Comment 30 Mar 2019

Tremendous all around game by the Hawks. Megan played great all over the court and so many ladies had great contributions. 

I expect Baylor to play Gustafson with respect but play a little tighter to the supporting cast. I honestly think NC St got a little carried away with the focus on Megan. There were several possessions where they were triple teaming her before she even had the ball. The outside shooters and Stewart made them pay. 

Baylor will be able to be more honest. It will take a team effort but the Hawks can do this. They’ll need to play well and need to stay mentally tough the whole game.

Comment 29 Mar 2019

Some other random thoughts, I would love to see these changes for wrestling:

(1) bigger out of bound area (did not like to see the wrestlers plowing into the scorers tables or have action stopped due a guy touching beyond the edge of the mat... I think Spencer or someone else may have lost backpoints or a potential fall because of that).

(2) Just go to a straight push-out rule.  Take the judgement out. Don't like giving up those points, don't get pushed out.

(3) Don't call top guy for stalling on the ankle if they go into a scramble situation.  A lot of times they are knotted up with legs and arms all over and the top guy isn't stalling, he just can't go anywhere.

(4) Overhaul reviews to make them less frequent (penalty for a failed challenge?), faster, and more independent (third party going fast?).

Comment 29 Mar 2019

I thought the tourney went about to expected for Iowa in aggregate.  Some better than expected, some worse, but nothing that was way out of left field in either direction.

Great entertainment throughout the tourney overall.  It's a fantastic event and I'm still in a sad mode the whole season is over.

So happy for Spencer and Drew Foster!

Comment 29 Mar 2019

No Iowa wrestlers in the 3rd/4th place matches really hurt our team score.  A lot of points are available on Saturday morning and we got very few.  It's a tough tourney and tough to come back mentally, but that can't happen again next year if Iowa wants to capture a team title.

Comment 24 Mar 2019

How would this work exactly, roster management wise?

I mean, is the idea to hang out until 2022?  I believe he'd have two years left at that point.  Obviously would be a huge quality backup and insurance policy when not redshirting.

Comment 24 Mar 2019

Makes sense. May depend on the whether he prioritizes making money vs chasing a huge dream. And whether he’d like the life experience or whether he wants to accomplish bigger things in college. 

Comment 24 Mar 2019

Hell of an effort. OT was a combo of Tennessee being really good and our guys running a bit out of steam. Fran leaned heavy to the starters plus Baer and they played balls out for 20 minutes with 0 seconds coasting. Wish that defensive intensity was more consistent although asking for that at all moments seems unrealistic. 

Hell of an effort and comeback. Sad at the outcome but their effort and resolve was something to be proud of. 

Comment 24 Mar 2019

Is Europe a possibility? I thought the money was decent and obviously working abroad could be any amazing experience if he’d enjoy it. He’d probably want to finish his degree at some point since you can’t play b-ball forever. 

Comment 24 Mar 2019

Commercials... come back to coverage (but of look-ins to other games)... finally back to Iowa game after two minutes of clock are gone... foul 10 seconds later... go to commercial.

Comment 24 Mar 2019

I think tournament MOW did go to Nickal last year.  Should have been Zain in my opinion.  Zain did win Hodge I believe.  This is all from memory.

Between Nickal and Nolf this year for Hodge, I'm not sure, but I'd lean Nickal.  Lewis did win tournament MOW, deservedly.