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Comment 23 Jul 2019

Yeah, in looking at the numbers, I at least somewhat retract my earlier comment.  The cost of tickets has outpaced inflation by a fair bit.  Not as much as the cost of college tuition or healthcare, but its meaningful.  The more I think about it one of the only reasons I've finally started going back to games the last few years is I've finally reached a point in my life where I have at least a little disposable income and can justify to myself the not insignificant cost.  As a student in the late 80s/very early 90s I think I paid 5 or 6 bucks a game.      

Comment 23 Jul 2019

I think PF wanted so badly to go on his "cellphones are destroying western civilization" rant that he made his answer fit the question even though it really...didn't.  As noted by many he makes some good points, many with which I agree, that don't really speak to why college football attendance is down.   When I go to concerts and restaurants I see many of the kids NEVER put down the phones and it drives me nuts.  I'm solidly Gen-X (born in '71) and I sometimes catch myself doing it and try to remind myself to put that damn phone away.  If any of my teenage kids are ever caught texting while behind the wheel they won't be back behind the wheel for a LONG time.  

The advent of high-definition television and every game being available has made the cost-benefit calculus of going to the game...different.  Having a couple friends over and watching the game on a 50-inch flatscreen with a plate of nachos at my fingertips and the beer cooler 10 feet from me (and the bathroom down the hall) is awfully nice.  I think adjusted for inflation the cost of tickets isn't THAT much higher.  Food has always been overpriced at the game.  The Iowa City fun police changing tailgate culture hasn't helped.  It's a combo platter of things and Iowa still gets 60K+ in the door even for crappy September matchups so Iowa and jNW aren't really a comparison in that regard.

It's NOT advertising.  Companies have always considered a bunch of people in close proximity as a chance to sell product.   Look at the outfield walls from baseball stadiums 50 to 100 years ago.  I still do like going to a game or so a year and when Back in Black starts blaring and those black jerseys start coming through the tunnel I don't give a rats ass whether it's sponsored by Hy-Vee or whomever.  That's not why the goosebumps come.  The Burrito lift is inane but so what?  Kinnick is still awesome and Hawkeye football is still awesome and ever so slowly some of the music choices join the 21st century.  Being a part of the energy of 70,000 strong at a big game can be magic.  A football weekend in Iowa City is still one of my favorite things ever.  But, having said that, even if I didn't live 7 hours away, quite candidly, I'm not sure I'd go more than once or at most twice a year.

Comment 11 Jul 2019

Man, this just brings back memories of how effing weird 2005 was.   Iowa easily handled a good Purdue team in W. Lafayette, spoiled the Barry Bowl in Madison, easily beat one of Glen Mason's better Minnesota teams, when they were good they were...good.   But then that Northwestern game.  They couldn't lose that game again if they tried given the way the last 3 minutes unfolded.  And the Michigan game that broke the Kinnick winning streak was SO frustrating.   That team really should have been Iowa's fourth straight 10-win outfit.   One of the strangest KF seasons by far.   Not entirely unsatisfying like 2006, but strange to be sure.  

Comment 25 May 2019
I stayed up and watched that. One of the weirdest baseball games I've ever seen. The strike zone was...inconsistent. After Minnesota kept not scoring despite putting multiple runners on base every inning I was SURE Iowa would finally have a big half inning and steal the game. But they never did. Frustrating.
Comment 23 May 2019

A win in game one REALLY makes game two the key.   Win, and you have a bye to Saturday, and have to get swept in a doubleheader to NOT make the final.  Lose and your path becomes much more ominous.  Let's continue Iowa's dominance over Nebraska tonight! (although that stupid 16-point final 50 seconds at the men's BB game in Lincoln still sticks in my craw).

Comment 18 May 2019

Cruising towards a possible 2nd place finish and maybe an at-large bid to the NCAA, now most likely is they squeeze into the BTT as the 7 or 8-seed and will need a miracle run.  Crap.

Comment 08 May 2019

Just the fact that you would ask that question says that, especially for a season ticket holder, you have absolutely no idea how college recruiting works, the importance of relationships, and the reasons young men or women might consider different schools.  Seriously, that is one inane inquiry right there.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

If Dean-O could bring some of what Bucky does well, especially on defense, while combining that with his player background with Dr. Tom, he'd be great.  He's got a real nice resume developing.  He'd be my first choice. 

Comment 17 Apr 2019

So I watched the last few minutes of regulation of the 1993 Iowa-MSU basketball game, the "comeback" portion.   I had forgotten so much about that!   I recall Iowa catching fire, but that wasn't the case at all.  They missed at least four free throws, Acie Earl missed what should have been an and-1, they had a turnover, missed a defensive rebound they should have had, Iowa honestly had to screw up to not win that game in regulation, possibly by 4 or 5 points despite trailing by 17 with four minutes to go.   I've never seen a team piss their pants late like MSU did.   It was stunning.

Comment 12 Apr 2019

I think the single biggest way to tell if a recruit is "big-time" is his other offers.  If he really had committable offers from all those schools, this is huge.  Because Iowa has a reputation now.  And based on that the nation's best tight end prospects are going to have Iowa on their short list.  And that's a very, very good thing.

Comment 07 Apr 2019

Hawks take 2 of 3 from Rutgers, splitting yesterday's doubleheader.  At home you'd prefer they swept this Rutgers team, but keep winning series and they'll make the top-8 and get to the BTT.   Now 5-4 in the B1G.  

Comment 02 Apr 2019

If I've learned anything about Megan Gustafson by reading about this team over the last few weeks, it's that she would have no desire to get the record anything other than 100% legitimately.   But that frustrated me too.  

Comment 02 Apr 2019

Yup.  There is no question that Iowa, as good as they are, are a tier below the top WBB teams in the NCAA.  Look what happened both times they played tier-1 opponents (Baylor and ND).   Things got pretty ugly.  As stated elsewhere in this thread, the lack of parity in WBB is a problem.  Every regional final was #1 vs #2.   Significant upsets, especially of the sport's elite by the non-elite, simply almost never happen.  No one in the Big Ten this year was quite elite.  

Iowa had to shoot lights out, and hope Baylor was ice cold, just to have a chance.  When 1 plays 2 that shouldn't be the case.  Having said that, great season, very likeable team, and M.G. is a no-doubt-about-it all timer.  

Comment 30 Mar 2019

I fully admit I haven't watched much women's basketball in my 30+ years as a sports fan.  But I'm watching the hell out of these guys.  It is a joy.  It will be incredibly tough, but Baylor should be nervous.  Regardless, whether they win by 20, lose by 20, or anything in between though, this team is special.  Not just good, special.  Go Hawks!

Comment 26 Mar 2019

With the graduation of two all-world tight ends the receivers need to step up.  Smith and Smith-Marsette need to be the best tandem Iowa has fielded in awhile.  I think the raw material is there for that to happen.  Also at least one RB, either through better health or someone emerging, needs to be a bit of a difference maker.  Iowa had 3 RBs last year and all were mostly average, with Sargent probably showing the most.  Brian's offense in year 3 needs to keep improving if Iowa is to surprise anyone.