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Comment 27 Feb 2020

I think the UI both historically and presently has done a crap job of explaining how it continues to benefit Iowans, but I have already been stretching the no politics rule so I am not going to go any further into my observations on that.

This bill sucks for a number of reasons but you pointed out one I didn't mention previously that I think is really important - it doesn't necessarily do what the authors want it to do.  Medical and Dental school admissions are significantly different from what I had to deal with, but I think sharing my experience might highlight the problem with the legislation.  When I was accepted to PhD I was given a TA position for an online class.  I had an apartment in Florida and paid bills there for the year before I enrolled (using my the paycheck I was given from the school I was enrolling in).  The week before classes started I was able to use my TA paychecks and sparse utility bills to get re-classified as an in-state resident.  The requirement for getting residency in Iowa is easier than it is in Florida (90 days instead of 365). 

If the UI were so inclined they could easily find a work around for the residency requirement, but it would almost certainly be at a cost to the students.  Residency is hardly a brick wall of a barrier to overcome, but putting it there can be an expensive hurdle for potential out of state students who might look elsewhere.  It worked out for me because I was given a TA position and a substantial scholarship when the first semester started, but half of my cohort were on food stamps for at least part of their PhD program and none of us could afford doctors or dentists during grad school.  The first thing I did when I got my first faculty paycheck was set a dentist appointment because I hadn't been able to drink ice water without searing tooth pain for nearly 15 months.  I don't necessarily disagree with the people saying the UI could be better positioned to serve the state, but a quota is more of a burden on students who want to come to the state of Iowa than it is on the university itself.

If the issue is retention of medical professionals in the state, then one alternate option might be tuition forgiveness for people receiving advanced degrees in the desired industries who work in the state for a designated period of time (similar to the model currently applied in rural California).  The specifics of the plan would likely need to be adjusted but the idea at least doesn't have the effect of saying "Not from Iowa? Fuck you!" to a lot of people who would actually like to be there.  

Comment 27 Feb 2020

On a personal note, I came to Iowa as an undergrad from out-of-state.  The jobs just weren't there for me to stay and I ended up doing grad school out of state because you pick a PhD program based on the faculty you want to work under - not the location.  My wife hears constantly about how much I miss Iowa and want to go back (currently I am a university professor in another state).  I love my alma mater, but I honestly don't know if I could justify taking a tenure track job there over most R1 institutions for any reason other than nostalgia.  Quotas and funding cuts limit the potential of academic programs, and Iowa's recent obsession with handcuffing its greatest academic institution is capricious and self-defeating.  As a faculty member, why would I go somewhere that wasn't willing to let me teach the best students?  I also can't help but wonder, as a former out-of-state student, would I even be welcome at the UI now?  Given the current tone of this discussion by some people in the state government, I am not sure.  It is sad to think the place I came to love so much as a student, that welcomed me and showed me how incredible of a place the state of Iowa is, has changed so much.

Comment 26 Jan 2020

Per ESPN, Iowa's likely commitment was from Greta Kampschroeder, a 6'0" five star guard out of Naperville and the 12th ranked player in the country per ESPN's ranking.  This is based only on her being the only player they have identified considering Iowa in the 2021 class who has not already committed so take it worth a grain of salt until we find out on Wednesday.  As you might imagine, the CIC is not nearly as intense for the women's game as it is for the men's.  Frankly, it's pretty much just ESPN from what I can tell.

Comment 26 Nov 2019
There is also the possibility of the Gator and Music City bowls agreeing to a swap. It should be noted that the Gator Bowl has stated that they have a a hard cap ar 7 wins for teams they invite so the chances of a swap have gone down since Miami lost to FIU last week. If the Gator swaps it would likely be to grab a Florida team from the ACC and neither FSU nor Miami are guaranteed to be good enough includes. It's a shame because Iowa in Nashville would probably be more palatable to most Hawkeye fans than Santa Clara (and I imagine a lot of folks would find it easier to attend than a game in San Diego two days after Christmas). I don't think the swap is likely but if the Music City Bowl gets Iowa over an ACC team and the Gator Bowl can grab Miami they might pull the trigger. The Noles haven't played in Jacksonville since Bobby Bowdens finale against WVU and the Boise game they were supposed to play there this year was moved for the hurricane so maybe there is a push to grab them even at 6-6 (they won't beat UF).
Comment 31 Oct 2019
Minnesota v. Auburn is almost certainly your Outback Bowl unless the Gophers surprise everyone. One last ass kicking for Minny after their 8-0 start gets wrecked in November. I'll enjoy watching it. Thanks for the shoutout! There's a small possibility that a Big Ten team has the option to go to Nashville if the SEC doesn't fill that slot and a deal gets hammered out but a lot has to happen for that to work and it probably won't impact Iowa so I'll table a longer discussion on that for later. I would much rather talk about possible Nebraska bowl matchups because the possibilities of some hilarity are real (assuming UNL doesn't lose to Purdue or Maryland). My personal favroites are: UNL-Miami in the Quicklane Bowl (when the nostalgia of a historical rivalry meets the present reality of Detroit being your best bowl destination) UNL-Mizzou in the Taxslayer Bowl (rivalry renewed next to a freeway overpass in the shittiest city in Florida) UNL-UNC in the Quicklane Bowl (Mack Brown gets one more W against the Huskers - ideally in a way that involves time being put back on the clock. However, I will settle for the announcer saying something akin to "no need for extra time on the clock in this one" when UNC is up 30 in the fourth quarter as long as there are at least two video replays of that Big XII title loss during the game)
Comment 24 Sep 2019

Overall agree, though I personally would be able to travel to the Citrus Bowl but not the Holiday Bowl so I have a slight preference for Orlando.  I think we could beat Auburn, or at least give them a good game.

I don't think the Music City Bowl is an option.  The agreement between the Music City Bowl and the Gator Bowl stipulates they would each host three Big Ten teams and three ACC teams over the six year period (which ends this year).  Over the lifetime of that agreement, Purdue, Nebraska, and Northwestern have all played in the Music City Bowl for the Big Ten while Notre Dame (who may be taken for ACC bowl slots) and Louisville.  So assuming this is a contractual requirement then the Music City Bowl cannot take a Big Ten bowl team.  If we ended up in that tier we probably go to San Francisco for the RedBox Bowl (eww).  

Comment 23 Sep 2019

I think that the majority of Iowa and ISU fans can get along just fine.  My concern is that nobody in a position of leadership seems willing to do anything to curb the toxic behavior of the lowest common denominator (and the leaders at one institution seem hellbent on encouraging them).  It is one thing to have some friendly back and forth, but the incident with the band highlights the fact that the worst behavior of fans in this rivalry is either ignored or encouraged because what matters is getting that sponsorship money.  We need better leaders who actually care about the joint mission of Iowa's three major public universities and can steer this game in a direction that truly benefits the state.  

Comment 23 Sep 2019

I was in the band for four years and played in Ames twice.  The behavior the band experienced is not typical of their fans nor of traveling to away games in general.  I had several positive encounters with ISU fans when I was in the band for both wins and losses in Ames.  The majority of their fans are good people in my experience.

There are two things I would point out about this issue.  First, I am not surprised that it was a group of adult men (not students) who acted like this.  I have a lot of experience traveling to away games (over 40 different stadiums so far) and this is pretty consistent.  The people who act out against visitors are almost always adult men.  This isn't kids being kids - these are adults acting maliciously as an internalized part of their fan experience.

Second, while what happened in Ames is absolutely not typical of their fan base, the vitriol represented here is a statement to how incredibly toxic this series has become.  This series does not benefit the state.  It benefits executives at companies like Iowa Corn and HyVee who use it to consolidate soft political power.  Iowa's three public universities all serve important roles in the development of the state and provide important public services to our community.  When administrators at ISU cheer on burning Iowa flags at pep rallys and their coaches endorse the "actually helping farmers" bullshit, how can we say this isn't toxic?  If this series is meant to help the state of Iowa then we need leadership who uses this as a chance to bring our two institutions together, demonstrate how all three of Iowa's public universities are important to our state, and provide opportunities for collaboration and public service.  Iowa, ISU, and UNI share a common mission to serve the state of Iowa, and right now the tenor of the rivalry is anathema to that.  

The Iowa-ISU series can be enjoyable and productive for the state of Iowa, but I do not think leadership at either institution is mature or motivated enough to make that happen.  Iowa's administration needs to get its house in order and ISU needs to grow up.  The people of the state are good, we just need leadership that treats this as something other than a fight over the wallets of regional millionaires.  

Comment 11 Sep 2018

I think Citrus makes the most sense - mostly because I don't think I have ever seen a preseason consensus of Iowa's bowl destination be correct and everybody seemed to have us in the Holiday Bowl before the year started.  Only way go into a higher group is if we beat Wisconsin and only way we go into a lower group is if we lost at least five games (or a lot of good Big Ten teams end the year ranked too far down to make it into the NY6 but that seems unlikely). 

Orlando should be fun.  Probably play someone like Auburn or LSU again which would be fine by me.

Comment 07 Sep 2018

What I don't understand is the local narrative that Iowa State is going to be particularly dangerous last year.  This is a team that road absurd turnover luck to win more than their fair share of close games to the pinnacle of modern Iowa State football (a close Liberty Bowl win over a group of five team).  Reading some of the Iowa papers this week you'd think we were playing Michigan State, not a team that needed every ounce of providence it could muster just to get to a bowl game.  They still lost to K State.  They still lost to Iowa in Ames.  They still lost to Texas.  What exactly am I supposed to respect about Matt Campbell other than the horseshoe wedged firmly in his anus.  

Iowa State has earned people's attention, beating Oklahoma and TCU will do that.  Let's wait and see what they do this year before throwing around words like "respect" when it comes to the school that hasn't whiffed its conference championship in over a century - not to mention the coach who couldn't beat Kirk Ferentz with a team (last year) that will probably turn out to be the best collection of raw talent he ever has in Ames.  

The Cyclones might win tomorrow, that's just sort of the nature of this game, but I'm going to wait until Matt Campbell can prove that last year was something other than a Paul Rhoads special before christening that part-time vitamin sales rep.

Comment 12 Apr 2017

No I don't think Iowa should be playing Alabama or Oklahoma, but you act like there's nothing in between Middle Tennessee and LSU (or, at the very least, more relevant crappy teams).  Want to play in KC?  KU is an hour away from Arrowhead and is at least as bad as MTSU (and technically a Power Five opponent).  Want to play somewhere farther East? Vanderbilt, Army, UConn, Wake Forest, and Duke are all available.  

There are opponents who are still interesting or relevant to Iowa fans that fit the criteria of "has to suck."  MTSU is actually a better opponent than some of those schools and is also interesting.  I'm fine with playing crappy schools to pad the win total, but lets at least play a bad team from a school people recognize.

Comment 02 Jan 2017
Every Florida preview I've read is basically this. I've yet to hear any of them specifically talk about Desmond King, Jaleel Johnson, or Josey Jewell, and I'm really wondering if any of the FL beat writers care enough about this game to do their homework. Oh sure, you have underrated WRs, good luck using one half of the field against King. I can't imagine their passing game looks great when we know which side of the field Appleby is throwing to every down. I don't think what's being written by UF writers necessarily parallels what's going on in their team practices - I don't think McElwain is going to underestimate Iowa's defense as badly as they seem to be. My guess is UF comes out focused, but I think the real parallel for this game is the UF-Arkansas game where the Gators got torched by power running and some timely throwing. That's a gamelan we can duplicate (particularly if Davis spent some extra time incorporating the TEs into the gameplan against these green UF linebackers).
Comment 17 Nov 2016
Yeah I agree. I think more Iowa fans (including myself) would be willing to travel to Nashville than San Diego, but I like the CU matchup quite a bit. It's a little sad Nebraska is probably locked out of the Holiday Bowl this year. I can't imagine a sweeter return to relevance for CU fans than beating the Huskers at the end of the year. I also can't imagine anything pissing off Nebraska more than going back to the Holiday Bowl and losing to CU. It's really the ideal scenario. [side note, if Music City happens we absolutely have to get pictures of Hawkeye Elvis at Graceland]
Comment 13 Nov 2016

I will add one other note to the comments about the stream.

I tried to watch both of the Women's games this weekend as well (they're looking good, and I think they'll probably make a return trip to the NCAA's this year).  The second game was unwatchable because of the streaming issues that plagued today (I couldn't watch either game today, but the Friday ones seemed to work alright), but Friday's women's game was literally just a live stream of the jumbotron feed.  That is unacceptable on so many levels.  As customer it is insulting to be paying for such poor quality and production.  And are we really so unconcerned with women's sports that the UI doesn't even bother trying to grab someone from JMC to call the game?  I know professional announcers (like the Mediacom ones the men's team got Friday night) is clearly asking too much, but if we're relegated to watching Bluder's team through this godawful streaming service can we at least get someone to read the score and do some play-by-play instead of just giving us the arena announcer and the live feed from the video boards?

Comment 21 Oct 2016

SPREAD: Wisconsin -3.5 (Wisconsin Covers)
OVER/UNDER: 42.5 points (Under)
OVER/UNDER: Iowa rushing yards, 150.5 (Under)
OVER/UNDER: Wisconsin passing yards, 200.5 (Under)
OVER/UNDER: Noah Fant receptions, 1.5 (Under)
OVER/UNDER: Iowa sacks allowed, 3.5 (Over)
TIEBREAKER: Total rushing yards for Daniels and Wadley (114)

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Troy Calhoun please.  

I mean, they're already giving out engineering degrees worth less than GT's, might as have a football program that's also a less effective GT.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

It's even worse when you look at the QB situation for each of those teams:

2010 Kansas: Started sophomore Kale Pick (LOL) and also played Jordan Webb, they finished with 25.2 an 20.9 QBR (per ESPN) in that NDSU game respectively.  Pick was transfered over to WR/RB where he spent the majority of the next two seasons.  Webb would start at KU until 2012 when he transferred to Colorado after new head coach Charlie Weiss announced he was bringing former Notre Dame QB Dayne Chryst with him to KU.

2011 Minnesota: The Gophers started Marqueis Gray and Max Shortell, who were in a quarterback battle until Big Ten play.  From the AP recap of that game, "I ain't blaming nobody else, baby. That's me," Kill said. "I'm putting way too much on these kids. You'd like to be able to just hand the ball off and let 'em learn to play quarterback, but we're not in that situation right now."  The two QB's alternated throughout the game.  Marqueis Gray would become the full time starter by midway through the season an Shortell spent the rest of his career at Minnesota as a backup - highlighted by his 2012 start against Iowa where he and the Gophers were boatraced.  Overall the Gophers actually weren't that bad (relatively) offensively in this game, grabbing 168 yards rushing on 41 combines carries.  

2012 Colorado State: This was Garret Grayson's sixth game seeing action at CSU, and the Rams converted on third down and he was sacked four times.  His final QBR was 12.5.  The Rams were only able to add 68 yards rushing on 24 carries.

2013 Kansas State: JuCo phenom Jake Waters was starting his first game for the Wildcats.  He honestly wasn't that bad in this game, 21/29 for 280 yards with 2 TDs and 2 Ints.  The problem was the running game, as the Cats only mustered 41 rushing yards on 23 carries, including 11 by Waters.

2014 Iowa State: Sam B. Richardson was 20/31 for 151 yards and 2 interceptions.  Richardson accounted for 58 of ISU's 102 rushing yards.  

So yeah, in those wins the Bison beat a team with a new QB who ended up being pretty solid by the end of the year (KSU) and three offensively challenged teams who were struggling with some combination of new schemes, new personnel, or being Iowa State.  Minnesota under Jerry Kill had by far the most offensive success because they were able to run the ball.  If they had any momentum at QB at all you figure they probably win that game, as turnovers where a big part of the NDSU win.  

I expect NDSU to have good linebacker play and to challenge Iowa's running game.  Offense seems like it will be the key between a somewhat comfortable win and a very close games that could easily turn the wrong way.  I don't think this Bison team beats us in a shootout, and I think our rushing and passing games are both markedly better than any of the offenses on the list above.  

Comment 08 Sep 2016

Yeah no.  I'll root for ISU to be relevant, but only if

1) We always beat them
2) They never have more wins, more prestige, or more money than Iowa.

Those aren't unrealistic, and in practice I do finding myself hoping ISU wins most of the time, but pulling for them to "win out" is a step too far.  I don't mind them helping our SOS a little, and my general disdain for most Big XII schools makes them typically the lesser of two evils on any given week, but an ISU with momentum in football detracts from our program by pulling away potential fans, potential recruits, and potential donors.  Plus, the fact that ISU hasn't won a conference or division title since their MVC days - a streak longer than the Cubs' World Series drought - is funny, and something I would like to see continue.  We recruit against these guys and we usually win, I don't want them to gain any sort of prestige or momentum which could make what is already the most difficult part of the Iowa job even harder.  

Bottom line; as long as they are always clearly the worse program and the lesser of our more powerful rivals (the Auburn to our Alabama, the Nebraska to our Oklahoma) then I'm fine with it, but let's cool the jets a bit on this "winning out" talk with the Cyclones.

Comment 30 Aug 2016

Love the picks Mike.

For my own picks I have the following:

Peach: Florida State v. Notre Dame
Fiesta: LSU v. Clemson
(All of those teams finish 11-1 or 12-0, No other Power Five teams finish better than 10-2 and an OSU loss to Oklahoma will ultimately complicate things to the point where the committee just takes 11-1 Clemson, whose only loss was a close game in Tallahassee, over either of those 10-2 conference champion teams).

Rose: Ohio State v. Stanford
Sugar: Alabama v. Oklahoma
Cotton: TCU v. Boise State
Orange: Tennessee v. Washington

Citrus: Michigan State v. Georgia
Outback: Wisconsin v. Texas A&M (I have the Badgers winning the division at 8-4)
Holiday: Michigan v. Oregon
Gator: Penn St v. Florida
Pinstripe: Iowa v. Miami 
Foster Farms: Minnesota v. USC
Quicklane: Northwestern v. NC State
Heart of Dallas: Nebraska v. Western Kentucky
at Large Music City: Pittsburgh v. Maryland
at Large Armed Forces: Navy v. Indiana

I did this by picking records first and then just slotting teams in.  OSU-MSU-Mich all end the season with 9-10 wins and Wisconsin wins the division at 8-4 (6-3) by virtue of winning in Kinnick.  Since the B1G Championship runner up can't fall below that first tier of bowl games, and since the B1G is locked out of the top bowls in this scenario, I think Iowa gets kicked down to the second tier of bowl games despite finishing 9-3.  The Gator Bowl hasn't had PSU recently and they seem to like taking the biggest names available so I think the Lions take that spot.  That leaves the Hawkeyes as the clear nex-man-in for the Pinstripe Bowl, who eschews a regional team like Pitt for the more television friendly Miami Hurricanes and new HC Mark Richt.  I like the opponent, but hate the location.  Foster Farms would technically be an option, but I think that would be less palatable given the fact that it's a second West Coast trip in as many years to a significantly less desirable game than the one we did last year.  Minnesota ends up there and is boat raced by USC.  The Quicklane Bowl could take Nebraska in this scenario, but I think the Huskers shoot for Dallas as it is slightly less embarrassing and is at least in a fertile recruiting area.  Northwestern ends up in Detroit and both Maryland and Indiana are forced to find at-large bids from unfilled spots left by the SEC and Big XII.