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Comment 18 Mar 2018


I was watching that damn match last night and was shouting in my place before heading out to party and PARTY, I DID!

insert ric flair woo dot GIF here

Comment 08 Nov 2017

Perfect. This was in email correspondence, so I directly copied and pasted. I didn't get a chance to ask about his health, so I don't know how that's going.

But If OH reads this: Keep fighting, man. Wishing you the best.

Comment 24 Sep 2017

I really want someone to break down the defense on this game.

99 plays is intense. I saw lots of combinations on the DL and was just tickled to see Eppy and A.Nelson get incredible time at end. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I thought I saw Eppy switch ends in consecutive series, almost as if he was spelling Nelson for a series and then spelling Hesse for a series.

I’m also seeing people get pissed off at how Iowa gave PSU so much room in the flat to get complete throws. I’m pretty sure that was the intent. Take away the big play, and limit the home runs. It was an incredible defensive strategy.

The offense seems to have been out of its depth to begin the game. I’m not sure if that was nerves or just bad calls or a combination of the two, but holy shit, they were clicking at the end of the game. That’s got to build confidence and BF is still learning. I’m not going to hold one set of bad calls against him. Everyone makes mistakes. I’m enjoying this season and I definitely was not expecting the game that manifested last night. Proud to be a Hawkeye and I look forward to seeing the development the next few weeks.

Go Hawks!

Comment 22 Sep 2017

What's the average ticket price for the season? $65 a seat? That sounds about right. 

Let's Math this out. 

70,500 seats at $65: $4,582,500

70,500 seats at $75: $5,287,500

70,500 seats at $85: 5,992,500

69,000 seats at $85: 5,865,000

70,500 seats at $95: 6,697,500

65,500 seats at $95: 6,222,500

The point I'm making here is that a full sellout would make big money, yes, but you have to think that the "break even" point for the AD has to be somewhere in the $65 per seat range. So any increase - if it is a sellout, shit that'll probably fund something great for a non-revenue sport. So even if they don't sell out, at the higher prices, They're still making a million more just from one game. They have 7 saturdays to do this. If they can make $31.5M (4.5M*7) from ticket sales in a year, that covers a lot of stuff with the football program. And let's be real. That's not the only source of income for the AD. 

I for one, am proud to say that Iowa doesn't rely on outside public funds (beyond student fees) to fund the athletic department. Yes, it's a cash cow and that has some people leery about it because, shit, what's the mission of an university? Education or to develop crazy awesome athletes? One could argue that developing athletes is just another form of education. These young men and women are going out in the world, hopefully armed with leadership qualities, time management skills, etc. Those qualities are highly coveted in lots of industries. I have zero issue with Iowa charging $95 for a seat to watch a marquee game in a season. I'd have an issue with Iowa trying to sell me a North Texas at Iowa ticket at $95

Money talks and for an university, it's the way to put yourself in competition, to raise awareness about things you do as a school. Hell. I love the commercials that the BTN does that highlights the various schools and shows the cool things they're working on at the various schools. I wish they did that more.

Hell, If Iowa wanted to charge $110 a seat for an Iowa/Alabama matchup, they'd have no problem getting those tickets sold. 

Comment 07 Sep 2017

WTF is even going on tonight.

Comment 07 Sep 2017

And now NE has gotten back on top

Comment 07 Sep 2017


if the  Indians win tonight, a local window and siding company is going to be on the hook for $1.7m in rebates for work done in July. Thank goodness for insurance.