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Comment 18 Dec 2019

I heard this from somebody who lived it.

Hayden used to hit the drive through of the Wendy's on Riverside and get a Frosty. He would, quite regularly, pay the bill and forget the Frosty.  He'd just take off. A few minutes later he'd come back through "I forgot my Frosty!".

They'd remind him not to forget it... he would sometimes anyway.

Comment 12 Nov 2019

Great players want to play on great teams. Iowa is not even close to great.

They want to win. The closest Fran has come to winning anything notable was when we got blown out in the NIT title game. Even those in-season mini tournaments, he's won what.... 1? I think it's one.

They also want a shot at the NBA. Iowa has one (undrafted) player in the NBA right now. And Fran has only had two players drafter during his entire tenure.

This is what Iowa Basketball is under Fran. We may as well get used to it, because Barta doesn't really have a history of firing male coaches with mediocre results. If he ever makes the Sweet 16 he'll get a fat 5 year extension with a stupid buyout.

Go Hawks.

Comment 26 Sep 2019

I didn't think I'd have to spell it out, but here we are.

Don't piss and cry about lousy opponents and then reward Iowa Football for scheduling them. If you want better opponents on the schedule, behave in a manner which encourages Iowa to schedule better opponents.

Comment 25 Sep 2019

The NCAA should stop counting P5 wins against FCS teams towards bowl eligibility. Or any kind of official stat at all.

The 7 home game thing though. LOL. At the very least they could give up that 7th game every 3rd or 4th year.

But as long as Kinnick is filling up for the MTSU's of the world, Iowa Football don't care. All we'd have to do is boycott those games and they'd go away real fuckin' fast.

Comment 21 Sep 2019

I'm genuinely surprised that you wouldn't remember that.

A) It's a cool play

B) It happened on the last play of the first half when Iowa was up 35-0. i.e., it was completely fucking wasted. (That's so Kirk!)

Comment 17 Sep 2019

The personal nature of the rivalry never gets mentioned in these articles. In the early 80's in Jr. High we had teachers that would "vandalize" each others classrooms because of this game.

In the 90's, I was driving for Cambus. Due to unforeseeable circumstances, we lost 2 busses long term. Which meant There was a very real risk of not having enough busses for all the routes at times. So management arranged to borrow a couple CyRide busses "just in case". The mechanics were pissed. "We didn't ask from them. We don't need them. There is no way in hell those Iowa State busses are rolling on Iowa City streets." Several drivers said they would never drive them. And those mechanics did whatever they needed to do for months to make sure the CyRide busses never left the barn.

My father went through an unfortunate "fan of ISU phase". My sister had to forbid us from even talking about the game. 

It's stuff like that that keeps this game relevant and enjoyable to me. I'm not deluded into thinking Iowa is a nationally relevant team more than once a decade or so. If we were, if we could hang with the A-listers, maybe I'd reconsider. Maybe. But we can't. So I'd rather watch a game that gets my blood up a bit.

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Yeah, OK. Let's schedule the A-Listers. And then watch Iowa get the piss knocked out of them 50% of the time and only lose by 10 the other 50%.

If Iowa goes 12-0, they'll make the playoff because an undefeated Power 5 champ simply will not be left out of the playoff. It's not going to happen.

If they go 11-1 they'll probably get left out because they don't draw enough eyeballs to screens. Or did you think the committee gave a damn about resume? LOFL.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I gotta tell somebody, and my wife won't give a damn. Which may be grounds for divorce but overall, she's not bad.....

Somebody on Reddit asked what they should use for a GameDay sign.

I proposed the classic "Beat Iowa" picture. I'd embed the picture, but it's pretty big.

They said "Hell Ya!"

So, if that sign shows up on national TV? Yeah. That's because of me.

El Linko De Proof.

Comment 29 Aug 2019

Dominique Douglas

What a waste.

I just remember watching him thinking... this was a guy who could make the NFL. He just seemed to have it.

He might have been the best receiver in Iowa history. Then he pissed it all away for like, 40 bucks.

And scared Ferentz off from taking a chance on other "challenged" kids. Not that that would have taken much. He's proven time and time again that different is great until it doesn't work once. Then it's back to the same old crap.

Comment 29 Aug 2019

Drink a glass of bourbon

Like, a glass? One? Is it tuesday?

I thought you southerners were supposed to be all hard core about the drinking or whatever.

Comment 29 Aug 2019

Illinois? Or Chicago?

The funny thing is "Real Chicagoans" don't eat much Chicago Style Pizza. They get regular or thin crust like everybody else.

Chicago Style is for tourists.

Comment 29 Aug 2019

The last Bears pre-season pre-game show is on. One of the commentators is Corey Wooten.

Corey Fucking Wooten.

Fuck Corey Wooten.

I should be eternally pissed at O'Keefe, because the correct sequence of plays was: run, run, run, punt. Unless of course you got a first down. But whatever, the game was going well, just run, run, run, punt and hope for the best.

And trust me, I'm not happy with KOK about the whole deal. He's still eating alone in the kitchen at Thanksgiving, ya know.

But Corey Wooten can rot in hell.

It feels dirty to even capitalize his name.

I may have issues.

I knew y'all would understand.

Comment 12 Jan 2019

A lot of these kids get admitted to schools they are not academically qualified for. Then they spend fall semester busting their ass 40+ hours a week for football.

And does anybody actually believe that the days of pushing players into easy majors, classes taught by profs and TA's who let them skate, and "tutors" who do at least some of the work for them are over? Because I don't. It may not be happening everywhere, or even most places, but I'd bet my house that it's still happening, and not terribly uncommon.

"Well", you say, "they are being given an opportunity to get an education, it's their fault if they don't take it".

OK, fine. That's not a completely unfair argument. So let's ignore the whole "having limited time to try and learn marketable skills in a setting where they many of them could, at best, barely keep up even if they could devote themselves to it".... Is that really what the coaches are pushing? "Hey Johnny, I know we have the big game against State in a few days. But you also have that big algebra test, and you're only getting a C in that class when you could really be getting a B+ or better,  so I want you to skip the film study tonight and go do some math." Because I don't think that's what they would say.

But as long as the coaches, administrators, and the talking heads know how to repeat the same tired old shit about how their building young men and academics are important, we all get to pretend that only a few of them are lying. I wonder how long the illusion would hold up if we started doing a high number of "where are they now?" follow ups.

These kids are meat for the grinder of an industry that employs thousands of people, some of whom make obscene amounts of money.

It's past time to share that wealth with the talent.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

B1G schools do not lose money on bowl games. The conference cuts them a check to if their expenses exceed their payout.

Many schools are not so lucky, of course.