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Comment 28 Jan 2020
I just looked up 2018-2019 stats.... 80,000 dead by flu in US. Mainly elderly, of course, but much more than 8200. 61000 the year before. This is SARS all over again. Mainstream news sucks. It's really worse than no information... its disinformation. Turn it off.
Comment 28 Dec 2019
6. AJs strip sack may have saved the game. Not only did it knock their qb out, but the guy he was throwing to was wide open for a td. They woulda gone up and had the momentum. HUGE play! It's too bad he's not eligible for the ring of honor at Kinnick... he's an all time Hawk.
Comment 26 Dec 2019
Also, enough with your get off my lawn/blog attitude. It's not very nice, Grandpa.
Comment 26 Dec 2019
Merry Christmas to you, too, Sally. So sorry I offended your delicate sensibilities. Furthermore, I fail to see how this is in any way, per the definition of misogynistic, "strongly prejudiced against women" Mr. #metoo. Getting a phone number from a member of the opposite sex is not being prejudiced against them, Professor. I am prejudiced against sjw knuckleheads who hide behind their virtue signaling as opposed to answering an innocent HYPOTHETICAL! You are more cat than man, aren't you? Laughable.
Comment 26 Dec 2019
Also, eat shit with your entitled, go off to other fan club shit Chazz.
Comment 26 Dec 2019
Let me ask you this from a different, somewhat hypothetical, angle - would you, as a young man, consider it a successful evening or a disappointment, if while out at a bar/party with 12 eligible bacholerettes, you got 9 phone numbers and 3 rejections. The 9 phone #s you got were from girls who were members of the local 4 H club, if you get my meaning, while the 3 rejections came from 3 Homecoming queens. Furthermore, the 3 rejections you got came after you were told you had a 50/50 chance of getting their #s BUT your uncle Kirk came over while you were talking to each and began telling stories of his days with Pitt, boring the girls so much they politely excused themselves and proceeded to hookup with the next available shmuck and went home with them. 9 and 3 a success that night? No. You'd go home pissed. And probably throw away the 9 numbers you got. That's the Hawks in a nutshell. If you're happy with 4H broads, more power to you. I prefer the Homeconing queens. At least 1 of 3, especially when you had them in the bag but your idiot uncle keeps cock blocking you.
Comment 25 Dec 2019
He needs to win to avoid a disappointing season unfortunately . Much too good a squad and schedule for 9 n 4.
Comment 18 Dec 2019
An older, rabid ISU friend of mine who was in college when Hayden came to Iowa, and who HATES Iowa, said this to me a few months ago... "I hate Iowa and everything it stands for, but Hayden Fry made me feel good about being an Iowan". Quite an accomplishment from a west Texan. Rest in peace, Hayden.... or, perhaps, have yourself a really high porch picnic tonight in heavan whee I am sure you have been warmly welcomed (just think how many people he positively touched). Thoughts and prayers for he and his family and the Iowa family he helped cultivate, nourish and grow. Thanks, Hayden!
Comment 13 Dec 2019
First off, he's playing like a beast on both ends. We'd be in tough shape without him. I love the guy. But I'm not really sure we need to worry about him leaving just yet. He's just not quick enough imo defensively, and he's severely vertically challenged for a big guy. At this level, he's a monster, I just don't think he's up to the pro game. Perhaps overseas, but that's a different question, really. I hope I'm wrong.... in 2 years. And I hope he doesn't listen to the hype too much. He may leave, but he shouldn't. Seems like a smart enough kid. I think he stays. 2 other things to keep in mind for perspective - a nba scout said JoeW is not on anyone's radar but theres so many fans who lead you to believe otherwise.... he's not going anywhere. Also. Tyler Cook. If he cant make it, I don't see how Garza can make the jump. Garza offense is light years ahead of Cooks, but the nba is about athleticism (why its soooooo boring) anymore, and Cook is lightyears ahead of Garza. So...
Comment 30 Nov 2019
This is a bullshit comment. For crying out loud, HH and other fans like him, yes fans, good honest smile when they win, cry when they lose fans, just want to see a team achieving what they should achieve and a fan base willing to call out the things that are keeping them from doing that. Without getting personal, without getting illogical, just pointing out facts. And it's a FACT that Iowas offense sucks, has for some time and will for the foreseeable future with the Ferentzi in charge. It's a fact, too, that this shitty O and the shitty click management has left wins on the table. It's also a fact that the players, who bust their ass, would be smiling more if they won more. I'd like to see those smiles, the ones with Rose's in them. But they cant, due to KFBF ineptitude on O. And its maddening a large portion of the fanbase simply refuses to accept that fact. So get off HHs and Hoyas backs. They don't deserve this bs.
Comment 29 Nov 2019
Yeah, lots of gnashing of teeth and out right racism after the DePaul loss. As I said after, I think they caught us sleeping. We have a solid team, TT is probably a top 35 squad at this point.... a good solid win. Go Depaul, go TT, Go Iowa!
Comment 27 Nov 2019
Also, the Kaufman/Lawler reference was nice. What a genius.... Kaufman that is. You're pretty ok, too, PV. Please stay.
Comment 25 Nov 2019
Announcers, aka media folks, are stupid and have been stupid for years. They usually take what is fed to them like birds and regurgitate it when the light comes on. Useful idiots all around.
Comment 25 Nov 2019
People, people, people..... Joe Weiskamp is not going anywhere (if he's smart). He's a good player, but NBA? Now? I don't think so. This kind of talk makes me cringe because it's the kind of talk Hawk fans make that makes us look like a bunch of yocals. He's good. Hell be here for 2 more years.... unless he listens to some of you guys. Please stop. For his sake more than ours.
Comment 23 Nov 2019
Sign over Notre Dame locker room - "Play Like a Champion Today." Sign over Hawk locker room - "It Wasn't Pretty, But It's A Win (About 3/5th of the Time). Go Hawks!"
Comment 18 Nov 2019
Who do you think they're placing the blame of "execution" on? The players! Always the players. And it BS. For 1, these amateurs are going to make mistakes.... they're amateurs. 2, these coaches get paid a shitload. Part of that pay should require having a sack and owning up to your squad failures. Even IF they executed poorly. Show some sack. Who was that OSU coach about ten years ago? That guy got it right about not going after his QBs. Go after him. Damn straight.
Comment 18 Nov 2019
Ahhhh, thanks for clarifying. I thought he may have actually stolen something from his person or something. Poor Woolridge. That guy rocked. Didn't he lead the league in scoring and assists or something too? Got totally worked.
Comment 17 Nov 2019
I'm sad for TY. Goodson is the future and should be on the field a lot, but TY is just SOLID and should be the starter. He always gets 4or5, especially when used properly (quick hitters up the gut). He and Goodson would make a great pair. Hope it happens.