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Comment 01 Aug 2020

I imagine a lot of people would have a hard time telling their mentor/father/good friend they should be fired to their face. I don’t necessarily think Kirk should be fired but I do not consider his polling of players and coaches (current and former) credible feedback. 

Comment 31 Jul 2020

I too am disappointed in the level of transparency, but not surprised. The thing that leaves me skeptical is the majority of the personnel that created the culture and allowed it to thrive are still present. I can’t help but feel like Iowa has just simply rearranged the existing pieces with the exception of Doyle.

Comment 27 Jul 2020

Can we, as a forum, come up with substantive changes we would like to see? I’d like to see specifically the coaching staff volunteer in a community outreach program that would give them exposure to more minority communities. Don’t know if something like that could be mandatory but if Kirk takes it serious and gets involved, likely more buy in from the remaining staff.

Comment 14 Jun 2020

The best response to this, IMO, is full transparency. Be an example for other institutions of true change. Be forthcoming with the actual steps taken to date and steps planned in the future. Be honest because without full transparency how do I know the necessary changes have been made to the culture. Kirk was always given the benefit of the doubt that behind the curtain everything was done right. The curtain is gone now. Who knows, transparency may be coming down the road and I’m jumping the gun. 

Comment 08 Jun 2020

I served in the Marines for 5 years with a tour in Iraq and a tour in Afghanistan. While I was in the military I remember people who would protest the war at the funeral of men who died overseas. Imagine being a parent burying your child at the cemetery hearing anti-war protests in the background. Despite how repulsive and despicable I think protesting in that situation is, if they did it peacefully that’s their right. You don’t have to agree with the platform someone uses to protest, but it’s their right. If some people choose to walk away from Iowa football because protests from some of the athletes, then so be it.

Comment 06 Apr 2020

This article is an interesting exercise but only makes me long for a national championship that much more. And penn state is going to have a more balanced team next year. The race will be much tighter next year than it would have been this year.

Comment 08 Mar 2020

Good fight back. The team outside of Garza needs to play with more confidence. The run at the end of the game shows what the offense can be when others play aggressively and with confidence.