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Comment 26 Dec 2019

That Slovis int at BYU must be the only int in history that actually cost his own team 4 points,lol. 7 point swing! It's like throwing a pick 6 metaphorically. First time I ever heard of a team go from a 7-7 tie to being down 10-3. 

We can use some of that mojo. 2 or 3 picks by our def would be nice indeed. Shout out to Matt Hankins for his 2 picks at the end of the year. Saw a lot of people giving him a hard time about never getting one,but almost nothing about him finally getting one then doing it 2 games in a row.

Comment 12 Dec 2019

Nice result for the 50th meeting between these teams. Seniors go 4-0 against their in state rivals. Reminded me of another 50th meeting we had a few weeks ago with a "rival." Those seniors went 4-0 too. It's been a good year for Iowa in that regard.

On a side note,I really like Czinano's low post game. You can tell she was a great understudy to Megan Gustafson. Our seniors will carry the team this year,but we have a great nucleus of young players. Get some valuable experience this season. The next few years look really promising.

Comment 26 Sep 2019

I'm sorry but this column just makes no sense to me. Maybe I'm just old and don't get the world of twitter and fb and 3 second sound bites and video clips,but you don't even make any predictions of these games. you seemingly just acknowledge that they are happening.

The rest just seems like incoherent jibberish nonsense and I don't get it.

Comment 26 Sep 2019

People often forget that Iowa used to schedule more P5 teams earlier in KF's tenure. We had a 4 game home and home set up with Missouri,which they cancelled after playing us once. Since then our schedule went pretty full on vanilla with mid majors who were hungry for that paycheck. I can understand Iowa being upset by that and trying to avoid that scenario again,and having to scramble to come up with a replacement. Really since then,the 4 game series with Pitt,and the home and home with AZ have been the only decent* quality P5 opponents we've scheduled ever since. That said,I believe to KF and Barta,it's more about the win total than the quality of opponent. That hasn't always worked out either looking at some of the bad losses they've taken.

*(You can't really predict a given team's relative quality when you play them,only when you schedule them).

Comment 13 Sep 2019

Hopefully in 2144 his great great grandson will be able to get out of the care center for a quick Game Day appearance to represent.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Those pants!! Magawd!

Dude looks like he's worn that same outfit to every game in Hilton for the last 27 years. It looks like he wears them 8 or 10 days straight before deciding they might finally need washed again. Pat Harty's sweat pants game isn't even that level of eww.

Comment 29 Nov 2018

Yeah that went right over my head. Your serious comments are always intelligent and persuasive,so I should have gotten the sarcasm. My bad.

Comment 29 Nov 2018

Giving him credit for actually doing his job for once and getting a hire right,when it was pretty obvious to anyone in the state,even Barta,who the best candidate for the job was,certainly doesn't "checkmate" the overflowing portfolio of incompetence that has accumulated over the past 12 years.

Comment 27 Aug 2018

Banwart is listed as the starter at RG,not Duwa.

So that's a pretty interesting change on the interior of the OL. Surprising to me in light of the suspensions of both LTs that neither of the Paulsons could crack the starting line-up. Pretty sure Levi is next man in at either right side spot,but it's an interesting development that a true frosh is starting that RG spot over him.

Comment 01 Jun 2018

It just seemed to me that too often this season the pitching and the offensive output were too inconsistent from game to game,and series to series. While both had some very productive runs at times,there just weren't enough days that the pitching and batting were both clicking. The weather also didn't help with 2 or 3 cancellations that if won,could have boosted the rpi more.

Comment 26 Nov 2017

The thing about getting out-rebounded is that Elon attempted 21 3's and missed 18 of them. Missed 3's make for a lot of long rebounds,usually giving the offensive team a better chance at snaring it. Gustafson and Stewart pulled down 23 boards. I just think it was an anomaly with all the 3 pointers attempted. Also 95 total rebounds is a lot. Neither team shot very well.

Still,undefeated so far. 7-0. Great start to the season. Keep it up!

Comment 26 Nov 2017

I try not to be too pedant about grammar. Sometimes a misuse of a word just strikes me as funny. It was just a joke to poke a bit of fun at it. Nothing personal.

The one that actually does get under my skin though(and I see it way too often),is when people say they are "apart of" something,which is basically the exact opposite of "a part of",and that is what they mean.

Ok so maybe I am a pedant. Just a part timer,and not a true grammar nazi.

That was a damn fine second half,wasn't it?

Comment 09 Nov 2017

Well duh.. Ofc Urban's dictionary isn't buying into shade on their namesake. The boss would probably make them spend a week burning his pizza box collection or something. Gotta go oldschool and submit it to Webster's. Or Wikipedia.

Comment 20 Oct 2017

Ferentz has had a nice run here at Iowa. Occasionally great. His teams have stepped up many times in big situations against highly ranked teams. But what's prevented him from being considered a truly great coach has been his inability to put away middling to mediocre teams most years. Befuddling losses to the jNws and Iowa States,and Indianas and OMHRs in years where Iowa was clearly the better team will leave me wondering what could have been for the rest of my days.

I think Iowa is a better team than jNW this year too. But I'm still worried we'll get our hats handed to us tomorrow. Because it's just such a Ferentz thing to have happen against these guys.

Comment 01 Oct 2017

We need to start passing on first down every.single.time. Not 50/50. Until they stop loading the box and start playing us more straight up on first down,throw it every time. Maybe 2nd down can be situationally closer to 50/50,but every team all year is going to load the box on first down until we start making them pay for it.