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Comment 08 Jun 2020

ANF and on the other side BLM? I could see it.

talk about complete opposites but what an interesting way to bring them together... white farm kids and black city kids...that’s essentially what Iowa football has been for decades...

Comment 07 Jun 2020

I’ve met Kirk, talked to him a bit, but I don’t know him. That being said, He seems like a genuinely nice guy.  

if he were a racist , or leaned that way... shouldn’t he only have  white coaches?

If he’s a racist, would he have walked out on senior day as a fill in for the parents of devonte young?

if he’s a racist, would he have former black athletes come back and serve as honorary captains?


im not defending or white knighting anything, I wasn’t around when the alleged incidents happened, idk what is true and what is false but Imo it seems hard to believe that Kirk is a racist.  If anything, it could be an ageism thing.  Idk.

Comment 07 Jun 2020

What is there to investigate.... is it a he said / she said type of thing. If that’s the case, this is over already. Players said he did it, Doyle said he didn’t...now what? 
idk how this is rectified without it being a dumpster fire. 

Comment 06 Jun 2020

I despise tattoos...but I know the people that have them, really like them. I will ask people about them and why they chose them, etc... People like to talk about it and many times get excited to... I don’t need to tell someone I think their tattoo is dumb or a waste of money....bf on the other hand , seems kinda douchy and condescending...Imo he comes off that way in interviews.  I can totally see him telling people their ink is dumb or whatever...idk if that’s necessarily racist....

...like with all people, my ability to read their heart..still isn’t working.

Comment 30 Jan 2020

We had a chance in this game...down 3 with the ball twice and came up empty,

hats off to Maryland....they stuck big shots when they needed them and got some timely offensive rebounds.

on to Illinois.

Comment 22 Dec 2019

I’m so glad to be wrong about this team.

stupid me, I assumed the DePaul performance was what we would be all year. After that game, I was sure we were destined to be cellar dwellers...

Major praise goes to the coaches and players for not letting one loss beat them more than once, for making adjustments and having mental fortitude. Fran said after the DePaul game that they would be fine.  What do you know, the coach is right!

 Very impressive! Go hawks

Comment 13 Dec 2019

I hate isu... however....I give them credit for not going full Nebraska and saying congrats on beating our worst team in the history of the program. 

They’ve pretty much owned and worn this L with relative class (in my interactions in person + what I’ve seen on the inter webs...I could be way off tho...).