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I am a third generation UI graduate. My parents met shortly before Francis Xavier Lauterbur's legendary 0-11season in 1973, which proved to be his last as Iowa's coach. This was the nadir of Hawkeye futility during the two miserable decades without a winning season that bridged the time between Forest Evashevki's glory days of the 1950s and the Hawkeye renaissance led by Hayden Fry in the 1980s. My mom was impressed with the dedication my dad and other Iowa fans showed to the program despite losing every game that season, typically in blowout fashion. This converted her to Iowa fandom despite growing up in a Cornhusker family and living her whole life in Omaha. There's an outside chance I was conceived in the second half of one of those games, long after my dad had turned off the radio in despair and disgust. (There's a difference between dedication and masochism.) I was born in Omaha while Nebraska football was a Colossus standing astride the Missouri Valley and Iowa football was making Iowa State look good by comparison. But Hawkeye fandom was my birthright, safely secured for me until I was old enough to actually pay attention to football and basketball games ... which fortunately happened in 1981, The Sacred Year of Rebirth!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The last game my dad got to see was Iowa's 2002 beatdown of Minnesota, where the Hawkeyes registered their first ever 11-win season, earned a share of the Big Ten Championship, kept Floyd in his rightful home, and celebrated by tearing down Minnesota's goalposts and carrying them out of the Metrodome. HA!!!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Derrell Johnson-Koulianos
  • NFL TEAM: whoever is playing the Patriots
  • NBA TEAM: Los Angeles Lakers
  • MLB TEAM: Meh
  • SOCCER TEAM: ¡Viva Mexico!

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Comment 25 Jan 2020

What exactly do they look for in a stalling call? Sasso's defense was impressive against Lugo, but I saw basically no offense from him in 9 minutes of wrestling. The BTN announcer said something like "there's definitely no stalling here, both guys are wrestling hard" but it seems like if you're not taking shots and focusing all your energy on counteracting your opponent's shots, that's at least the spirit of stalling. You want to see Lugo finish his shots, but if Sasso is saving all his energy for defense is that really wrestling? My totally unbiased gut says HELL NO.

Comment 19 Jan 2020

Chad Red, Jr. really impressed me against Murin. The way they wrestled last night, it looked like their rankings should have been reversed. Hopefully it was just a bad night for Murin, but I don't get why Red isn't in the top five at 141, especially considering he's a returning All-American, right? He'll be a real threat to Max in the Big Tens and Nationals. That big shoulder brace he was wearing brings up questions about Murin's health, too.

Lugo seems to be the wrestler that he is at this point. We'd love to see more offense from him, but he seemed to do a good job maintaining control of the match despite the challenge posed by Purinton's height advantage.

UNL has a solid lineup, and they looked well-prepared and wrestled us hard. Of course, we are their Super Bowl, and they still lost to us by 20, so LOL @ them and GO HAWKS!

Comment 09 Jan 2020

I gotta disagree with this.

2019 saw our most talented WR corps since DJK and McNutt. There were several times in the Holiday Bowl Ihmir Smith-Marsette was clearly the fastest, most athletic player on the field, and that was against a U$C team that gets "elite" talent every year. Brandon Smith is, as you almost acknowledged, a highly athletic receiver in his own right, and an excellent pass catcher. He was sorely missed when he was injured, especially against Wisconsin. Then you have Tracy and Ragaini, who show the inconsistency of youth, but both made excellent contributions this season.

At running back, Sargent and Young are as good as your typical Iowa RB under Ferentz, and Goodson is a talent comparable to Wadley and Greene, although Greene was a very different style of runner, of course. Most Big Ten defensive coordinators know how to neutralize Iowa's basic zone running scheme at this point. Without elite OL execution, RB wizardry like Wadley's, or better use of constraints and counter plays to punish defenses for selling out against our power running game, the offense tends to grind to a halt. To me that's what happened this season, and that's why our ground game looked so sluggish except when Goodson really emerged in the latter half of the season.

I think weaknesses on the OL, a rebuilding year at TE, and extended stretches of unimaginative playcalling explain our offensive woes much more accurately than saying we had "only [one] skill player who you could even remotely call competent".

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Petras seems like an outstanding QB prospect and a closer fit to the style of offense the Ferentzii prefer. I'm excited to see how he does next year, although the depth concerns people have raised are totally legit. I hope he keeps Nate Stanley's "eight yard gain on a QB sneak" tradition alive at Iowa. Fingers crossed for Spencer's health, but also for Alex and my nephew Deuce to develop into capable backups if needed.

I didn't really expect Mansell to win the QB position at Iowa next year, and I think transferring somewhere closer to his Texas roots that needs a starting QB, and particularly one whose strengths are in the "dual threat" mode, sounds like a very smart decision for him. Selfishly, I'd be more comfortable if he stayed at Iowa to back up Petras, but realistically ... let a ball player go where he can actually play ball.

Good luck, Peyton. Hawkeye fans will be rooting for you, especially if you get a chance to play against the Longhorns!

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Watched the game with my brother, who had the idea of drinking tequila shots for every Hawkeye touchdown. I agreed of course, because given 2019 Iowa's offense, one or two shots of tequila sounded nice on top of the beers we had.

Suffice it to say, we had a LOT of fun watching this game! GO HAWKS!

Comment 24 Dec 2019

The mistake is to call Fry's death a tragedy. Tragedies imply that something else should have happened. The correct answer is to call Fry's life a triumph ... Hayden Fry got the gift he deserved: he got old.

This is the part that truly crystallizes what I think the best reaction is to Fry's death. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being sad he's gone, but what a joy it is to recount the things he accomplished while he was here. Although I never met the man in person, I still feel fortunate to have shared the planet with him for the last 45 years. And the coincidence that I'm half the age now that Hayden reached makes me think about where he was when he was 45 and all the amazing things that still lay ahead of him. Carpe diem and GO HAWKS.

Thank you, Adam, and the whole GIA crew for what you do here.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Iowa's going to the Holiday Bowl. (WHOA-oh-oh-uh-uh-oh!)

We play the Trojans in the Holiday Bowl. (WHOA-oh-oh-uh-uh-oh!)



Comment 02 Dec 2019

I think you dramatically misinterpreted Costco's comment. I didn't read it as accusing you of "focusing on the negative" at all, and I definitely don't think it merited your harsh comeback.

"Wilcke vs Brands" is an intriguing question, and the surface evidence (Brands earning a early ranking + Wilcke losing to an opponent we think he should beat) tilts towards Brands. On the other hand, Cash is a veteran who seems to have the experience and talent to improve from this setback. There's probably only so much to say about the positives of this meet, except "Hawkeyes rule! Badgers drool!" It natural for fans to be interested in drilling down into the modest "disappointments" from last night. That's all I think Costco was doing, and it seems like you have some interesting insights.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

Well, that went pretty well. Hawkeyes looked like the #1 team in the nation tonight. Just an outstanding performance. I know some guys didn't perform at quite the level we'd want come tournament time, but winning all three marquee matches against wisconsin's three best wrestlers was impressive and very gratifying.


Comment 01 Dec 2019

I think KF's Notecard was referring to Frost's reaction to the kisses. He appeared to be lobbying the refs for an unsporstmanlike conduct flag on Duncan for a meaningless boost to his team's nonexistent hopes of winning the game on a "knock over the Stanford trombonist" type of play.

I read Keith's and Colin's gestures as directed at the UNL team in general, but it could also have been in response to Scott trying to Frost the kicker twice. (I'm still skeptical about whether he called the second time-out in time, but whatevs. Duncan just stayed calm and made the kick twice.)

Comment 01 Dec 2019

I don't even have to click the link to know which game you're talking about. Props to Chris Spielman for being the rare announcer who called out the officials for changing the outcome of a game with atrociously one-sided bad calls.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

I love me some Tyrone Tracy, but he's had some gut-punching drops this year. If he can clean that up, he'll be an incredible receiver next year, especially with ISM on the other side.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

I like your attitude, and I wish I shared it, but I fear we'll see the same old Ferentz formula that Wisconsin is clearly ready for, and has been six of the last seven times we've played them. Here's hoping Nate has a great game, and we come out with some stuff that catches those bastards off-guard.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Ten years later, we're still making that joke, and I still love it every time!

Comment 30 Sep 2019

A strong candidate for "The Ugly" has to be the Northwestern-Wisconsin game.

  • Wisconsin offense: 10 points
  • Wisconsin defense: 14 points
  • Northwestern offense: 15 points, courtesy of Wisconsin derping twice on onside kicks
  • Northwestern coaching: two completely stupid two-point conversion attempts
Comment 28 Sep 2019

This is a team we should blow out, even with a few guys out with injuries. Let's see how far DJ Johnson and Jack Koerner have progressed in the secondary against a team that does most of their damage through the air. But I sure hope Hankins and Merriweather are healthy for that October slate.