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Comment 13 Dec 2019

Also true!  :)  He is also a flat out tough SOB.  I was still living in the Bay Area when Golden State drafted Draymond Green.  At that time he wasn't a highly regarded draft prospect and most of my GSW friends didn't know much about him.  I remember telling those guys "this guy is going to give your team something that it currently lacks".  Garza is the sort of person you don't want to bet against.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

Over his last two years of high school, Connor was more or less a 40% shooter from 3 point range while attempting 4-5 shots per game.  Those numbers are from memory and I don't have time to find the exact numbers but I looked this up over the summer and was surprised to see how effective Connor was as an outside shooter in high school.  Made me wonder if he's a bit better than he showed last season.  He's also a good FT shooter and FT shooting correlates with 3PT shooting to some degree.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

The reason I brought up Jokic was just to point to an example of a successful NBA big man who doesn't have absolutely bonkers athleticism.  Not trying to say that Garza is that good right now.

Garza is tall enough to play center in the NBA.  He's strong and will continue to get stronger.  He has a great motor.  He has good shooting touch and pretty good range.  He has moves and craftiness around the rim.  Another thing about Garza is that, even though he is certainly heavy footed, his agility and overall athleticism has improved quite a bit from last year, at least to my eye.

All the points about NBA being insane from a skills/athleticism perspective are well taken.  I am personally quite skeptical of him as an NBA player.