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Comment 09 May 2019

I wonder how much of the 2020 class will sign before the upcoming season.  Based on past recruits' commitment dates, I'd say most of our 2020 recruits will commit this summer/fall before the next season starts.  It's a good thing the team had a respectable season this year, or else we'd be totally screwed.  As it is, if we sign a good 2020 class, I like the long term chances of our program.

Comment 08 May 2019

Bummer news about the Hausers and Harvey.  It obviously doesn't affect our outlook for next season because none of those guys would have been eligible to play but I would really feel good about our chances of continuing to make the NCAA tournament in 2021 and beyond if we had landed those guys.

It's all going to come down to the 2020 recruiting class for Fran, IMO.  

Comment 01 May 2019

Yes he did.  Bart Torvik and Ken Pomeroy have an overall offensive efficiency statistic called "O rating" that is a function of all of a player's offensive statistics.  Great players have O ratings between 120 and 130.  For example, Zion Williamson's O rating was 129.2, Cassius Winston's was 120.  After the Purdue game, Cook's O rating was 116.1.  By the time the season ended, it was down to 100.7.  

Against top 50 competition, Cook's O rating was 92.1.  To give you an idea of what that means, Dailey's O rating was 91.8 against top 50 competition.  It's not fair to equate the two because Cook's usage rate was much higher than Dailey's and high usage rate suppresses efficiency but it is still useful to put into perspective how much Cook struggled on offense during the last two months of the season.  His struggles were mostly shooting.  Against top 50 competition, he made 46% of his two point attempts.  Against everyone else, he made 60% of his two point attempts.

Comment 25 Apr 2019


It's true that they didn't try it.  Fair enough.  Although, I think that if they had tried to put the entire offense on Stanley last season the result would have been a disaster.  He wasn't accurate enough and I don't think he had the moxie to handle that type of role either.  But we'll never know.

I have criticisms of the coaching staff too.  Fant was underutilized for sure.  I think Hock and Fant should have both been on the field every play.  If you have to take a WR/FB out of the game or line Fant up at WR then do it.  

Comment 25 Apr 2019

I disagree.  I think if you look around CFB, or at least with the P5 conferences, you'll find very strong correlation between success and the presence of NFL-level talent.  I don't think there are magic bullet schemes out there that can be successful against P5 defenses without NFL-level talent.

Comment 24 Apr 2019

The conundrum is this:  we seem to churn out NFL-caliber OL/TEs but hardly ever put up impressive YPC numbers.  I could see scheme/predictability being a big part of the reason why.  I could also see the lack of elite talent at RB as being a big part of the reason why too.  We've had some solid running backs but they generally weren't good enough to make NFL rosters.  Wisconsin, OTOH, has several former running backs playing major roles in the NFL.

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Your point about the TEs can't be disputed.  However, I question whether Stanley is consistent enough for us to move the ball consistently with short passes.  If you're going to do the short passing thing, then your QB has to be very accurate because you're going to need to complete a lot of passes to move the ball down the field.  He had some games last year where he was a beast but there were also some games where his accuracy and touch were flat out awful.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Texas is a good idea.  Huge population => Large talent pool.  We'd be recruiting against four programs that are currently pretty strong (Texas Tech, UT, Houston and TCU) plus Texas A&M.  The Oklahoma schools (and entire B12/SEC, for that matter) probably have significant recruiting presence in Texas as well.  So we'd be up against a lot of competition for recruits.  Then again, there are probably so many good recruits in that state that even the leftovers are pretty good.

I was being serious about Canada, though.  Have you seen lists of good players from Canada?  There are a surprising number of good players up there, lots of guys that I didn't realize were Canadian.  Foreign basketball, in general, could be a source of talent that is under-recruited by our current staff.  Gonzaga is the program that immediately comes to mind in terms of success with international recruiting but I'm sure there are other examples as well.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

I think hiring (A) a defensive guru, (B) Dean Oliver or (C) an assistant coach with ties to a recruiting hotbed are all reasonable ideas.  Aside from his ties with Iowa, where I agree with the OP that we don't need any in-state recruiting help, Oliver's coaching track record and youth should get him consideration for this job.  If we are going to hire an assistant coach with recruiting ties to a particular region, I'd consider hiring someone with strong ties to the Toronto region (or with strong ties to Canadian basketball, in general).  Canada is starting to produce a lot of big time prospects and I think that trend is only going to increase.  I think that's a talent pool that we should be trying to break into.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

I'm excited to watch that wrestling final.  I've seen the famous Ironside/Kolat match on youtube but, aside from that, I've never seen any of those guys wrestle.

Comment 13 Apr 2019

I like the (few) realist fans in their comment section who are like "WTF?  Iowa has owned us since we joined their conference.  Let's wait until we can actually beat them before talking smack."

Comment 11 Apr 2019

I'm one of the people who likes Nunge over Pemsl, long term.  There's three reasons:

1.  You are correct that Pemsl has been the better player thus far; however, I didn't see much progress in Pemsl between his freshman and sophomore seasons.  In particular, he remains extremely left-hand dominant, to the point where teams overplayed him in that direction his sophomore year and largely negated his ability to win one on one matchups in the post.  His shooting percentages didn't change much, IIRC, but I remember him often not even trying to score when he got the ball in the post his sophomore year, even when he was not being double teamed.  If we are going to make a concerted effort to get the ball into the post, then the post needs to either (A) draw a double team and find an open shooter/cutter or (B) shoot and score if he isn't being double teamed.  I saw Pemsl get shut down by single coverage way too often for my liking as a sophomore whereas he often defeated single coverage as a freshman.  I didn't track it, though, so it could be my own perception/biases.  My worry is that Pemsl has plateaued.

2.  Nunge has a promising outside shot.  Having a PF/C that can shoot threes is a big deal for offensive spacing.  When Cook and Garza were in the game together, only one of them (usually Garza) would be in the lane at any given time while the other would be out on the perimeter.  The other team would not guard that player very closely, though, and instead would keep an extra defender in the lane which makes it harder for our other post.  If Cook and/or Garza could magically hit 40% of their threes, then our offense would have been a nightmare for opposing teams (although it was still very good).  The really good Wisconsin teams at the end of Bo Ryan's tenure had bigs that could shoot the ball.  Obviously, we all know about Dekker and Kaminsky but before that it was Jon Leuer and Keaton Nankivil who also had solid outside shots.  Bigs that can shoot help out a LOT.

3.  Nunge's height gives him more potential as a rim protector and more ability to play center.  Pemsl has quick feet and we all just saw Virginia win a national title with 6'7-6'8 forwards that can switch everything so I am growing higher on Pemsl's defensive value.  But Nunge has decent feet, too.  He might not be quick enough to play the SF spot but I think he has a ton of potential as a future PF/C.

I'm not trying to be super down on Pemsl.  I love his strength and his quick feet but I am disturbed by the lack of development with his right hand.  I am also very intrigued by Nunge's size and outside shooting ability so I think he has the higher ceiling.