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Comment 30 Nov 2019

This one was worse.

But Delaney better give that replay ref a nice bonus anyway, despite his failure.  That official did his fucking best to get Nebraska a bowl game, there is no question.  There was absolutely nothing more he could have done.

Comment 17 Nov 2019

A couple years ago, I was ashamed of some other inappropriate field-storming.  I don't remember which one, there are so many.

My brother gave me some advice.  He told me to get over it.  He agreed it's lame, and a bad look for the program/university.  But it's just what Iowa fans do... anytime, every time.  It's a sad byproduct of low-self-awareness and regular under-performance.

By all means, the kids should have fun and celebrate.  I love that.  That's what the ped mall is for.  But beating a Minnesota program (that we have beat 9 times in a row at Kinnick)  that is just gaining some confidence and starting to stand on their own two feet, for the first time in decades?  

Comment 17 Nov 2019

If we beat Illinois and Nebraska, we head into a not-entirely-embarrassing bowl game with a chance to finish the season 10-3!

That is the best case possible.  And that is truly what I hope for them, now.   Now that they are entirely out of the running for any significant successes (which I would consider to be, at minimum:  at least a shot at winning the conference).  I did have higher hopes for them, a few weeks ago. 

If the goal of the football season is to provide Iowans (with plenty of disposable income) a chance to spend lots of money at  a "not-entirely-embarrassing" bowl destination, then this season would certainly still count as a success for people who use that metric of success.  There's about 20 football teams that will get that level of achievement, every single year.   20.  Every year.  Out of those 20 teams,  I would only consider about 6-8 (maybe more, maybe less) of them to really have done anything special over the course of the season.  

Minnesota can still make this a really special season.  Iowa's best case scenario is to play in a "not-entirely-embarrassing" exhibition.

Different strokes, different folks.

Comment 17 Nov 2019

 That is KF's MO, typically, no matter the in-game-situation.   It's refreshing that they changed it up and got a lead first, before they wistfully stared at the clock and longed for the game to end.  

Hell.  KF will play it safe, run out the clock, and play to avoid turnovers even if they were:  outmatched in talent, on the road, behind in score (or tied), last possession of the game, and the success of the overall season hanging in the balance.  

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Yes.  I would trade.  My feelings about Fran have soured tremendously.   I always hated the ridiculous tantrums.  For that stupid shit?  I would never have been upset to see him get fired.  It's embarrassing for anybody, even me and I'm just a fan.

But he was better than what preceded him.  I am grateful for that.  He's brought in a number of great kids and I've enjoyed watching the ups and downs.

But the truth is, his recruiting is very poor and often doesn't match his philosophy at all.  He wants his team to "run"... but my slow ass could beat half his players in wind sprints.   Most of his players can't dribble.  Most can't pass.  And nobody on his team can ever drive to lane and finish.   How is that possible?  I cheer for any player that goes out there and plays hard, no matter the result.  I'm just sick of Fran filling his rosters with players who can't compete in the conference, or the tournament, or the non-con.  

Comment 10 Nov 2019

As mentioned above, Nunge just seems out of place playing the perimeter.  He seems to lack the quickness to play out there.  I was hoping I'd see him playing the paint, with the added strength.  I think you are probably right with Kreiner getting all the non-garza minutes.  But when Nunge starts hitting 3s with a high percentage, I'll be happy with him out on the perimeter.  

And speaking of feet, Garza's footwork looked better, maybe a lot better?  I didn't notice so much during game, but I sure did watching highlights.  I can't wait to see more.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

Kind of.

KF's best teams are led by inexperienced QBs who haven't yet been conditioned to be afraid of making mistakes.  They take chances and mistakenly score TDs before KF has a chance to send out one of the kickers (or take a knee).

We will have an inexperienced QB.

Comment 02 Nov 2019

IMO, Prince is the greatest solo guitarist that has ever lived.  But many people don't think of him that way, because his music is not really guitar rock.   If you enjoyed that, do yourself a favor and search out more.  

Typically the Purple Rain solo is the highlight of a Prince live performance.  It's often just him with no accompaniment of any kind.  I saw a total dud of a Prince concert (truly awful show), but still the Purple Rain solo gave me goosebumps, and maintained those goosebumps for the whole 5 minutes.

Comment 26 Oct 2019

I love this receiver corps more each week. 

And hell yes.  ISM has been making some remarkable catches this year.

Maybe having Petras will be a good thing for them?  I'd love to see them get hit in-stride on occasion.

Comment 21 Oct 2019

I really like the whole receiver group this year. 

I don't think I've been this happy since McNutt/DJK/(healthy)Moeaki. 

Comment 19 Oct 2019

At least our talented freshman won't be transferring before ever seeing the field. 

And our talented freshman has not been benched for fumbling (until next year, when they might give him another shot).  We've got a hardworking fullback who can carry the load until then.

So I won't be doing any yearning for days past, myself.  I do yearn  Banks,  Tate, and especially CJB.  That's what I'm yearning for.  

Comment 19 Oct 2019

It's kind of a tradition that I shout this line at my TV while watching Hawkeye football:


RIght now, that blank has been filled with Brandon Smith's name.   I hope he is back quickly.  I've become a big fan of BS.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

To most programs, being down 7 (or up) means that the game is basically even.  It's completely unknown who the eventual winner might be.

To a KF program, being down 7 (or up) means that the game has already been decided.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

The game was totally in reach.  Easy reach, by football standards.  It was so frustrating to watch.  Iowa had the ball for most of the waning minutes.  They burned so much clock (as always) while they held the ball, and retreated backwards.  They only needed to get into the endzone once.  Once. 

They didn't need march down the field multiple times.  No onside kicks or tricks were needed.  They didn't need a number of huge downfield plays.  They needed one.  And they got zero.  They under-threw into double coverage. They got sacked.  They held.   Finally they just chucked it into the stands, quickly.

I didn't have a problem that Iowa went all-in on the passing calls, for the second half.  The run game might have been more effective had they used it more throughout the game.  Sure.  But by the beginning of the second half, it already felt like 1 TD was all that Iowa was going to need (for regulation... because you know KF would prefer to go for overtime in every circumstance).  And Iowa's most successful plays had all been passes, although that only seemed to happen on the Iowa side of the field.  Iowa looked pretty good, on that side of field.  When they got to the 50 yard line, MI started blitzing.  And it was all over.  Iowa just retreated back to their own side, and punted.   I don't think the receivers/corners were on-screen very much to tell what was going on there.  They just focused on Stanley backing up 10 yards and getting smashed.  Or maybe that's all I could focus on.  I kept thinking there have got to be some open receivers with all those defenders blitzing/fake-blitzing.  But I really didn't see.  And if they weren't open, they should have been.  Stanley and the offensive line were going nowhere but backwards when the blitzes came.  

I was really glad to see Goodson get meaningful plays.  Like I said above, Iowa really only needed one TD.  It was good to see them trying to get the ball to the guy who had the greatest individual ability to turn a common play, into a spectacular play.  Though, that might have had something to do with Iowa's odd scheming and inability to handle the blitz.

p.s.  And the Oliver Martin play was complete bullshit, he was held the whole way.  It would have been totally catchable without the hold.

Comment 22 Sep 2019

Drunks on electric scooters?  I would expect some jam-packed emergency rooms most nights, just after the bars close (bar rush is already busy at the ER).  Packed full of mashed faces and broken wrists.

Maybe having professional sober drivers isn't such a bad way, until self-driving cabs are ready.

edit -- and 10% of the scooters getting thrown into the river every weekend

Comment 15 Sep 2019

He's doing awesome.  

He blew up nearly every play he was in last year, because that was his only job last year.  And always had plenty of oxygen in the muscles to do it.  This year he's a starter and playing a lot more downs.  There's a lot of playcalls where AJE is never going to be a factor anyway.  The opponents know which playcalls make AJE a big threat, and double only when necessary.    And just keep moving the play away from him the rest of the time, while he tires himself out.

He's not getting a lot of sacks, but he's always making an impact with his ability.

edit-- I have 99 defensive worries, right now.  Eppy is not one.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I know right.

In slow motion, he pulls up just prior to contact.  It registers that he is about to hit his own player (who just happens to be fielding the kick).   But, it's too late.  The laws of physics mean that collision is inevitable.

But then, he goes ahead and throws a little extra pop with his shoulder.  Into the player he has already identified as someone he should not hit (who just happens to be fielding the kick).  With a little incidental facemask flourish at the end... why not.

Peak Cyclone 

And honestly, without this play, I would have probably left only complimentary comments about the cyclones.  Truth.  I liked their defense early in the game.  Their offense was mistake prone, but they were making mistakes doing the right things.  And that is more than I could say about he Hawkeye offense yesterday.  They've been improving.  They really have.

Then they do that.

I laughed so hard.