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Comment 10 Mar 2020
The tournament format is also a challenge for broadcasting on television. It really is more suited to the live experience. Shifting between mats requires a lot of coordination. I would also argue that the tournament isn't great for introducing new fans. If you are not familiar with it then it's kind of difficult to follow the matches you want to follow the scoring. I would like to see National Duals come back. I think they would be a much easier see to broadcasters and easier experience for newbies to take in. But in the past the teams haven't taken National Duals seriously.
Comment 07 Mar 2020
Marinelli's improvement is under appreciated. He's gone from a hard to score on guy, to a take down and release, to a consistent Pinner. He had terrible luck in the last NCAA draw.
Comment 31 Jan 2020
It's wild today. Eierman pulling the shirt. Some other dude "he's in Souix City". Somebody else says the saw him walking into Carver. Then somebody else sees h chowing down on pancheros.
Comment 31 Jan 2020
There is a lot of smoke in the cesspool. Thought seems to that Murin sits due to shoulder and Eierman goes. Murin still eligible for med redshirt.
Comment 30 Jan 2020
If Iowa was going to be successful this year they needed to do well in the stretch they just completed. The closing half of the season was always going to be a slog. They absolutely had to have a cushion going into the second half of the season because they are going to drop some games here. Of the teams on the 1st and 2nd place group they have the toughest schedule. Not by a lot because the teams are so close but it is more difficult.
Comment 20 Jan 2020
I would credit Nebraska as having done a good job of scouting Iowa. Particularly on what ties and positioning to use in neutral positions. Some of this may have been natural tendencies and styles Redd and Robb. I think Robb is underated and will end up an All American. But some appeared to be well thought out strategy. The ties against DeSanto trapping his arm. At heavy weight I think the strategy was to club with the left hand and circle whenever Cass was getting an advantage. You could literally hear Manning cheer every time he shoved the head aside.
Comment 04 Dec 2019
Lestikow is reporting that Bohannon isn't participating in practice to rest his hip. I was starting to think he might go this year, but if he is having to sit out practices does it make sense particularly given the grind the big 10 is going to be.
Comment 02 Dec 2019
One of the frustrations with Wilcke is that he has talent. in neutral offense is pretty diverse. He can hit shots to either leg. He has a double, ankle pick, slide by, duck. He has good neutral defense. He can escape from the bottom. He's not great a turning but generally can put in a solid ride. He has all the tools needed to be an All American. But he can't seem to trust himself to take any chances. Warner was disappointing as well. He just seemed to be unsure of himself. To me Warner feels like he is waiting for perfection. Wants things to be exactly right. But sometimes it just needs to be good enough. Particularly with him because he is a capable scrambler. He needs to create action because more often than not he will come out on top. I'm curious how Gross does with trying to wrestle at 57kg for freestyle, because that seems ridiculously low for him. He's arguably pushing the limit at 133lbs in folk. I'll admit to having a bias that a lot of wrestlers would be better served growing their weight in college rather than cutting. Kemerer looks fantastic as 174lb.
Comment 25 Nov 2019
I would agree he's a good QB not a great one. He's had good not great results. I bristle at those out there they say he's bad or not good. I also think some place more blame on him than he deserves. I think this particular game was very interesting for him. Completed 8 passes of 20 yds or more. Mostly absolutely gorgeous throws several of which were NFL caliber. He arguably missed some plays that could have broken the game open. At the same time he arguably made all of the critical offensive plays. The 4th and 6 on the TD drive he bought some time and found ISM. The play at the end of the half to get in fg position. The spin out of the sack with a 40 yd completion. In terms of the good vs great QBs. I don't think Ferentz has ever had a great QB just good ones.
Comment 25 Nov 2019
The article seems like a perfectly reasonable assessment. Great stats and numbers. Good overall record. Good in rilvary games except for Wisconsin. Limited signature moments and wins.
Comment 24 Nov 2019
M-43 is made by Old Nation brewery. It is an excellent NE IPA. That brewery had struggled for traction for a while but really blew up when they put that one out I think 2 years ago. They make another NEIPA called Boss Tweed that is also excellent.
Comment 19 Nov 2019
Sure but they are probably thinking they needed a 3 and out and they hadn't been able to do that except for the possession at the end of the 1st half. Of course Iowa did in fact go 3 and out.