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Grew up on a farm by Waterloo, school at the now defunct Dysart Geneseo school district (which merged with La Porte City to form Union School District right after I graduated). Went to Iowa for a couple years, took a (25-year long) semester off and moved to Kansas City area. List of accomplishments include my son knowing the fight song and "In Heaven..." by the time he was 2. You're welcome.


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Comment 19 hours ago

Spencer Lee is a flat terrormonster.  So fun to watch!  

On the subject of fun to watch, I got my first taste of Jaydin Eierman in this dual; that guy is entertaining as hell. I have never seen him wrestle; I read the articles and comments about "bringing the funk" and wasn't quite sure what to expect.  Seconds into the match Friday I was hooked. 

I would imagine he's a nightmare to prepare for; Spencer is going to take you down and hook the arm and destroy you; you can't stop him.  Yes he's got multiple moves but he's got a Mariano Rivera feel to him - as in he's basically going to tell you what he's going to do, and then he's going to do it.  Good luck.

Eierman, though - who knows what the hell he's going to do next?? Jumping over guys and foot sweeps and... How do you prepare for someone who could literally try any move at any time?  That was a blast to watch!

Comment 10 Jan 2021

This one is on me; I turned the game on just after halftime and watched most of the 3rd and 4th quarters. Hadn't had the opportunity to watch any other games this year, and wanted to see them in action after reading the game recaps. 

In addition to the open 3s, Northwestern beat the Iowa D repeatedly driving down the lane. The Hawks defenders just looked totally unsure and out of sync most of what I watched. 

Comment 27 Nov 2020
On one hand, I think Iowa will run jNebby and a Frosty out of Kinnick on a rail. On the other, Ferentz is 41-39 ATS as a double digit favorite. Never bet with your heart, but I want the Hawks to crush jNebby, see them driven before us and hear the lamentations of their women. #thatisall
Comment 29 Oct 2020

I logged in purely to celebrate this paragraph.  I knew it was coming, and it still was DAMN GLORIOUS.  Kudos!

"You get rid of an athletic department with a dreadful football program, a men's basketball program that's scarcely better, and which never made much sense geographically. You also get rid of Rutgers."

As to the rest, I think THE POD is what's going to happen eventually anyway - may as well get out front and pick your added teams instead of taking (more) leftovers.  

Comment 06 May 2020

I was 14, my son's age now, when Houghtlin kicked that field goal and crushed a part of Harbaugh's soul.  Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy...

I remember watching it live; living on a dairy farm south of Waterloo we got chores done early and the cows waited a little longer than usual for the evening milking.  If I recall correctly, the network had to bring in lights for the afternoon start since it would be dark late.  That was a big deal at the time...

I believe I'll have to check that out again!

Comment 30 Apr 2020

My son is going to be a freshman at Olathe North; he's not a football player (baseball, basketball, soccer) but we may just have to make some North games and watch this future Hawk.  The 2019 squad lost the state 6A championships; should be a fun way to spend some fall Fridays!  

Comment 27 Apr 2020

I went Recker and Evans.  I get what you are saying, but in my mind Recker had enough athleticism and handle to create space to pop 3s and get to the rim a couple times.  Defensively, I think he may have enough size to at least slow Tyler down going to the rim - and Cook's lack of a jumper makes him easier to defend.  

On the other hand, even though Evans doesn't have the ball skills and no put backs available, I don't see Horner keeping Reggie out of the paint.  He'll just back him down and dunk over him.  

Comment 02 Apr 2020

I remember two things about the game in KC -
1) freshman Bob Sanders on punt coverage shutting down David Allen (7 career punt return TDs) 
2) the loudest cheer of the day was when the sun went behind the light stanchions and we got some shade.  God it was brutal out there...

Comment 01 Apr 2020

Cole and Henderson - tough call.  Grew up just south of Waterloo and always loved seeing Hawkeyes come from there.  Plus, Henderson backed off a verbal commit to Larry Eustachy to commit to Iowa - so bonus right there!

On the other hand, living now in KC, I rooted hard for Jarryd Cole and his pure hustle game.  Kid worked so hard all the time...  I loved watching them both play, but had to go with the ballhandler in Henderson.  

Comment 17 Feb 2020

I only see one negative with the Nebby game being moved off Black Friday - an Iowa loss won't be the end of Frost's homecoming charade.  While it would be fun to put the nail into the coffin, meh.  I can do without it.  

Comment 02 Dec 2019

You rightly focus on the field for these, but honorable mention Ugly to me was Matt Millen.  I realize @his NFL GM chops are well [email protected] (26-57 as a GM, but repeatedly questioning Epenesa's motor while actively rooting for Nebby got quite old. 

Also, Fuck Nebraska and Scott Frost.  Enjoy your extra long offseason. 

Comment 07 Oct 2019

I was traveling and didn't get to watch the game. On advice of friends and relatives I have made no effort to see any video.  I did read some things here - and I logged in solely to upvote this comment.  Strong work. 

Comment 11 Jul 2019

My wife was a year ahead of Dwight at City High; we went to the 1992 City-Bettendorf game which was Tavian v Dwight.  Coming from a podunk Iowa small town with a lousy program (Dysart-Geneseo, which merged with La Porte to make Union High the year after I graduated) - the atmosphere for a high school game was unlike anything I'd ever seen.  Absolutely electric. 

I looked it up, down the page is a mention of that 31-28 barn burner.  https://usatodayhss.com/2013/citys-93-state-champions-still-legendary

Comment 05 Apr 2019

Just amazing.  Megan is simply the greatest basketball player at the University of Iowa.  

Comment 24 Feb 2019

My coworker's son just finished the Kansas state tourney in Wichita yesterday.  After finishing 6th as a junior, he was hoping for a top 3 finish this year at 182.  A shoulder injury that will require surgery cost him a shot at that, and he wound up finishing 6th again - pretty remarkable considering that about half his matches the last two weeks he couldn't use his right arm.  Tough end to his senior season, amplified by his 4 yo cousin succumbing to cancer a month ago.  He wrestled with a #w4w (warrior for Willow) tattoo all season in her honor. 

Anyway, to celebrate his senior season ending, coworker bought the family tix to this dual back in November.  Finished up in Wichita, then drove down and they will be there in person.  Color me beyond jealous; this would be a blast to attend.  They are super excited to see a quality meet, but in particular she loves Spencer, his style, his talent, his personality.  We talk about wrestling regularly, which makes us the only two in our office who think of someone besides Hulk Hogan when wrestling is mentioned.  ;-)  

I hope they see a hell of a spectacle.  Actually I hope Iowa rolls OSU out of there and Hawk fans try to carry the mat out a la the Metrodome, but realistically I think it's going to be a tight one.  Iowa takes a 19-3 lead after The Bull's major decision, but they do not score again and hold on for a 19-16 win.  

Comment 06 Feb 2019

First off, let me echo the thanks for the interesting article and the time commitment you are offering here.  I mean, just the time you spent wiping the tears from your eyes during the painful review of the Minny first half had to be extensive.  

It will be interesting to watch these numbers as the noise diminishes and the sample size increases.  Considering that the Gophers are currently (as of 2/6 https://www.teamrankings.com/ncaa-basketball/stat/points-per-game) 117th at 74.4 PPG, and Michigan is 207th at 71.1 PPG, was the debacle in the Barn a "hot shooting" night as much as anything else?  And last Friday, Michigan was not "on"?  Or did the defense make the difference?  There's a dizzying number of potential splits (home vs. road, zone vs. man, hot vs. not - and how to judge that empirically) that could come out of it.  There is often a feeling that teams have more "hot" nights from outside against Iowa, but is that anecdotal or actual?  

Thanks for doing this, wherever it goes!  

Comment 26 Jan 2019

"Keep On Loving You" is the first 45 I ever bought with my own money.  Picked it up with the LP Styx Paradise Theater .  Probably at Musicland in Crossroads Shopping Center, Waterloo...  

Anyway, good to see Spencer tear one up.  Sunday would be fun to watch!

Comment 11 Dec 2018

I was an exchange student, junior year in Munich, listening to this game in the middle of the night on Armed Forces Radio.  I almost went to bed at the half.  It was in the bag, right?  Dammit!

That team was so talented; 7 NBA players on the roster.  With Marble, BJ and Horton all just sophs, it sure seemed like the start of a serious run...