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Comment 26 Oct 2017

No, I think he has until the 12th of November no matter what. The only way Nebraska's hand gets forced is if some other big-time school pulls the trigger first.

(casts glance at Gainesville, Florida)

Comment 26 Oct 2017

I pretty much just made a bunch of English words look vaguely Scandinavian like they did in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but it's kinda creepy how close that translation actually is.

Comment 19 Oct 2017

My guess is as long as they're improving and/or winning at least eight games a season, it'll be cool. The last time Purdue looked this good at the halfway point of the season (and remember, they're 3-3), Kyle Orton was their QB.

Comment 12 Oct 2017

Understood, but this is exactly the sort of game that smashes those kind of expectation. Indiana is incapable of playing a standard football game, ever. And Michigan's circumstances are unique at the moment.

Comment 15 Sep 2017

As a displaced Iowan living in that tiny part of Illinois that is within a 7-hour drive of Atlanta, I understand completely. My kids don't go out for recess if it's under about 40°. One day last "winter" school was called off because snow was forecast. (It never fell.)

I do agree that WaHo is a blessed place. Double order. Scattered, smothered, covered, diced, and peppered.

Comment 14 Sep 2017

Alcohol and tobacco (even dip) are totally forbidden on BYU's campus. Observant Mormons do not consume caffeine but BYU's tailgating rules don't forbid coffee, tea, or soda containing caffeine. There are indeed BYU tailgaters. I don't know how strictly the rules are enforced but somehow Jim McMahon made it through BYU.