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Comment 27 Sep 2018

Thanks for the kind words. That's a good idea, looking back over the games. I have no trouble admitting when I'm wrong ... that's what usually happens in these predictions, after all. I just might try that out next week.

Comment 20 Sep 2018

Ohio State might be the only team other than Georgia with enough grunt on both sides of the ball to push Bama. But should it come to that it would be weird to see the rest of the football world deciding Nick Saban is the lesser of the two evils for a change.

I stand by my assessment that Wisconsin is not actually as good a football team as the past few seasons have indicated, but it's true that Iowa has plenty of exploitable weaknesses. However, Wisconsin hasn't faced a pass rush like Iowa's. Who are the Badgers if Hornibrook can't throw?

Comment 14 Sep 2018

The truth about 1984 is that no one was dominant enough to have an unsullied claim to the title. The strangest thing about that year was the cool-but-minor Holiday Bowl almost getting a national championship game through a bizarre technicality.

Comment 07 Sep 2018

It's from a video game called Kerbal Space Program where you build rockets and spacecraft and launch those little Kerbal dudes into space. The game is supposedly fairly realistic about space flight, but if you try to do something stupid, it won't stop you. And the Kerbals are dang near indestructible, as you can see from the video.