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Comment 08 Dec 2017

I thought Ellingson played well, outside of his threes not falling. Everyone has a bad shooting game every now and then (Ellingson's problem more often than not is that he doesn't shoot enough), and, on the contrary, I thought he created quite a bit of offense last night. He's still got his limitations, of course, but right now he's playing better than Moss and I still trust him more than Dailey, so I'm fine with him getting starts and minutes if no one else is going to step up.

Comment 06 Dec 2017

Iowa's defensive rebounding rate is bad. It's 252nd in the country and 12th in Big Ten play. The offensive rebounding is good, and ranks 45th and second. 

We were talking about the disparity between Iowa's rebounding on both sides of the ball a while back, and it's hard to figure out. Rebounding was great on both sides from 2013-2015, but the last three teams have been great on the offensive glass (#98 or better) and awful on the defensive end (#252 or worse). 

I've wondered about the long rebound theory before because, more often than not, Iowa has given up more threes than the average team. However, that didn't seem to matter in 2014 and 2015, and so far this year Iowa is 88th in limiting opponent three-point attempts. 

I've also wondered if maybe the team was just so ready to get out on the break, that they weren't committing enough guys to the defensive glass or it was leading to poor positioning and blocking out.

Player-wise, Garza and Pemsl are legitimate defensive rebounders (#92 and #151 in the country), so at least they are getting the job done. Kriener's defensive rebounding rate is way down from last year, so I'm hoping that if he can get healthy and stay on the court (i.e. no fouling) that he can bounce back and be a solution to that because he was an outstanding defensive rebounder last year. Cook has gotten better on the defensive glass this year, but he's still not quite as good as the others. 

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Fran said this in his press conference yesterday:

Connor is planning on redshirting. I mean, obviously if we had to play him we could. 

So yeah, I take that as Connor is officially "break glass in case of emergency" status this year. That makes for an interesting discussion if Bohannon gets hurt and misses a significant amount of time. 

Comment 17 Oct 2017

I think you are correct. Kriener has the more traditional center body (as I wrote above), and now that Pemsl is down to 235, he has more of a power forward body. I wrote this post last week before I learned of the new, more svelte Pemsl. I went back and added some tweets from media day briefly yesterday, but didn't touch anything else. With this new information about Pemsl losing 20 lbs. I would agree about switching Kriener and Pemsl around.