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Comment 02 Mar 2020

Yep, like I said I think I included the 2017 D.C. tournament in my thinking. So 2018 was the only year it was a week early (one year too many, just in my estimation).

Comment 02 Mar 2020

We exorcised the USC demon. Now just the 3 seed and Stanford demons remain on my list. Beating a team from the state of Michigan in the BTT is a lesser demon I'd also love to rid ourselves of.

Comment 02 Mar 2020

I guess I was including the 2017 tournament in D.C. Last year was Chicago (and normally timed) if I remember right? 

Comment 02 Mar 2020

That's a good way to look at it. There's enough chaos out there possibly to get up to 3 in the right scenario. I for one am ecstatic that the BTT isn't a week earlier than everybody else again. That got real old, and I think in the end hurt B1G teams being out of the national awareness for an extra week (could also just be conspiracy theory).

Comment 02 Mar 2020

I don't think Iowa would drop 2 seed lines for losing @ a ranked team they've already beaten once this season. I don't think they'd even drop 1 seed line, personally. Beat Purdue and 6 is the absolute floor, and that would probably require a game 1 BTT loss. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Too bad his offense wears the Invisibility Cloak and his defense is a wonderful example of being Stupefy'd. 

What the hell has Iowa sports done to me?

Comment 17 Oct 2019

Golly, when did Morehouse (and Dochterman, for that matter) become such shits? Getting real tired of their holier-than-thou any-idea-that-isn't-ours-is-stupid down-talking bullshit. I used to listen to their podcast but after the past few months it's just a tire fire of talking down to fans intermixed with beer talk- give me any of the other casts any day over that BS (All Hawkeyes also gets off topic an insane amount, but the Monday episodes with Don Patterson are great). 

Comment 02 Sep 2019

Eh, I'd change the title of the article unless anybody actual did say the words "several weeks." The difference between "a matter of weeks" and "several weeks" can be pretty massive with a knee, especially in the context of the quote where Ferentz is noting that it's a matter of weeks presumably instead of a matter of months/season ending. 

<3 you guys


Comment 13 Apr 2018

I used to work out on the Oakdale Campus at the old TB Sanitarium (converted to other research uses at the time I worked there). Now it's been demolished. A LOT of weird things happened there. I didn't witness anything personally, but a lot of people heard voices, crying, and stuff would be in different places than where they were left the night before. 

Not to mention the building itself was insane levels of creepy.  

Comment 18 Oct 2017

You bring the phenylephrine, I'll bring the sunshine. :)

Comment 17 Oct 2017

You're gonna need something to happen to izzo before Fran can claim that title. ;) 

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Half of the fanbase is pissed at Kirk for not being hot enough. The other half is pissed at Fran for being too hot. Modern day goldilocks tale if I've ever seen one. 

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Lemme know if you need me.