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student of the 70's left a year after Hayden arrived, had a brief stint playing under Duane Banks (two niner) and Freddie Mimms. Witnessed Lute, Ronnie, and the Final Four, and Hawkeye wrestling dominance. Those were the days.

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Comment 25 Mar 2020

oh, and there was this new wrestling assistant coach who came over from our rivals out west after starring there and in Waterloo... you might have heard of him?

Comment 25 Mar 2020

Bob Commings was the coach at Iowa when i was there. My first season football ticket cost $16 to sit in the student section. we went and sat in the grass corners of the north end zone. Lute Olson was the hoops coach, I don't remember how much basketball tickets were, but i remember they cost a fortune. Gary Kurdelmeier was the wrestling coach, he once had the largest wrestling mat ever created to keep Oklahoma from working the edge of the mat. After a couple years Hayden showed up and turned the world upside down. The 70s were a golden time to be a Hawkeye, still is today...

Comment 25 Mar 2020

Luka gets jobbed by the same team responsible for putting down Ronnie Lester his senior year. the circle is complete here, let's move on and win it all next year... Go Hawks!!

Comment 04 Nov 2019

i had a kid who wrestled at Purdue call me to try to sell me something. He told me he saw on my profile that i attended Iowa, then he went into a fifteen minute love fest about wrestling in Carver. He said it was incredible that people in Iowa City recognized him and called him by name, when people at Purdue living next door to him had no idea he was a wrestler. 

And season tickets for $85, holy smokes, what a steal. to see seven of the top college wrestling programs visit IC. It wasn't that long ago that Gable had to do all kinds of things to try to help rival programs get on their feet. Based on all the B1G programs in the top ten, he was a successful leader in the sport. 

I clearly remember the year Iowa had an X on their singlet after winning their ninth national title to indicate number ten was coming that year. Since then things have been at least a little humbling, but Tom and crew have things headed in the right direction. buy your season tickets today and get the best bargain in collegiate sports. man i wish i was closer...

Comment 04 Nov 2019

Much like the bugeater faithful, the Go Blue crowd has expectations to move from the dumpster to the top of the pile in four years or less. The crowd believes they are always one good coaching hire away from their natty. Yep, it is a tough spot, but it's a lot easier to progress when you have a steady stream of four and five star kids coming through. 

Just for fun, compare Michigan's record for the last 19 years to Iowa's record. and then look at their preseason rankings. College football is fun, but it certainly has never been fair. Smug Jimmy knew the booby traps that come with inheriting a blue blood program with big expectations. I would almost say i feel sorry for him, but he continuously does things to make sure those words never come out of my mouth...

Comment 04 Oct 2019

It's been a while since we have seen the "here's Jim's grandma's chocolate chip cookie recipe" articles about Go Blue from the national sports media. And i don't miss them...

You call it inertia, i call it entropy. Standing out for a long long time without coming back to the pack is a difficult proposition, even with the recruiting advantages some of those held in higher esteem have year after year... 

Comment 02 Oct 2019

hey, i'll second that. in 1977 i tried out for the Reds in Norway Iowa. there was a young high school kid from Waterloo invited to the event, and it was Reggie Roby. he was the nicest kid in the world, and was a great baseball player to boot. RIP Reggie, the world misses you.

Comment 20 Sep 2019

that's some pretty good koolaid you got going there...

Comment 18 Sep 2019

the way the gate is distributed has changed a couple times over the series. are we to the point yet where you keep the home gate, or are we still spliting the gate each year down the middle?

Comment 17 Sep 2019

I went to Iowa but I've had kids in both bands in the last ten years. They can tell stories about asshole fans and horrible behavior from the other schools - being pelted by thrown items, called every name in the book, and generally being treated in a way that would normally get someone arrested and feared for their own personal safety. After the last ISU overtime victory ISU fans storming the field pulled HMB instruments from the kids hands and stomped them on the field. I wasn't there this year but it has only gotten worse. 

I'd say it's past time to start rooting out the assholes, and bringing back a level of civility and decorum. The old "if you see something, say something" holds true. Fans of both schools are responsible, stop being assholes!

Comment 17 Sep 2019

do you think maybe title 9 had something to do with creating a crew team with more than 100 participants? that and field hockey make it possible to field all the men's teams they do. i dare you to try to find an Iowa high school with crew or women's field hockey yet they continue to offer scholarships to play... that $100M keeps the bigger money rolling in without questions...

Comment 17 Sep 2019

if you can make that case, you could also make a case for playing UNI every year...

Comment 17 Sep 2019

It's clear that polls are to promote the "football experts" and their perception of football. How can you rate teams that have never played a game? You can try based on what they did with the players who are left from last year, but it's only a guess at best until you see the teams play a game or two. 

I've heard it said by wise football people "we don't pay attention to the polls, if we take care of our business that will take care of itself". The problem is the actual weight those early opinions carry even late into the season. It's difficult to win a media beauty contest when you are a small fish in the big pond. 

the bama/osu/usc/texas are going to get theirs unless they are completely abysmal. 

watch what you wanna watch and think for yourself. if you stop enjoying it, shut it off.