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Comment 02 Jul 2020

The Dodd piece was very light on the assumptions the learned professor used.  What is his assumption about the number of D1 players who have ALREADY been infected?  It's not mentioned anywhere, but if he assumed zero I would be extremely skeptical about the rest the work.

Comment 24 Jun 2020

No, the "science" has not been clear from the start.  The "science" concentrates specifically on virus deaths and nearly ignores the costs of lockdown/mitigation.  Do you have any idea what the costs are to wait for a vaccine?  They are STAGGERING.

Do you, or anyone else, actually know if, for example 2020 total morbidity is higher or lower than 2019 total morbidity?  I haven't seen any data at all on that question.  90% of Wuhan virus deaths involve at least 1 co-morbidity.  Are they really virus deaths?  We don't know.

Let the people make their own decisions.  All of those who want to cower in place may do so, for a decade for all I care.  Just don't expect the rest of us to cut you checks while you cower.

Protect the vulnerable.  Let the rest of us live our lives.

Comment 08 Jun 2020

Ah yes, another “it’s ok for Iowa players in uniform to make political statements in front of paying customers” piece from “no politics” GIA.  

It was a bad idea when Jacobi wrote it and it remains a bad idea as expressed by HaydensDumplings.

The word “truths” appears in the headline.  Question:  How do you know that these allegations are true?  Answer:  You don’t.  You are assuming that.

Millions of Americans and Hawkeye fans want to watch a football game.  That’s it.  They don’t want to watch leftist political bullshit.  If they wanted that they’d just turn on CNN.

Politicizing Iowa (and college) football will destroy the game.  Eyeballs, and donations, and ticket sales will walk away.

Just a bad recycled idea.

Comment 05 Jun 2020

Not true on Sweden.  They clearly stated that they should have done better with nursing care facilities - that's all.  If you have other info post it.  You don't seem to get it.  If a person does not have co-morbidity factors the virus is simply not that dangerous.  Protect the vulnerable.  If you're mixing with people, don't visit grandma great aunt Tippy, especially if they're obese or have other co-morbidities.  Americans are more than capable of making appropriate decisions.  If you want to cower in your home, go ahead.  Just don't ask me to pay you to do it. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020


Comment 29 Nov 2019

Watching their number 19 trash talk after making a tackle after a 10 yd gain, and then getting owned by Goodson and ISM was nice.  Neb seemed to have a lot of punks, but that's what losing does.  

Comment 29 Nov 2019

Bad crew.  Iowa got the worst of it.  Yet another worthless kneel down at the end of the half.  I understand the D is great and 9 wins, but playing not to lose still sucks and is hard to watch.  

Comment 13 Oct 2019

LG is horrible.  Does BF have a plan?  NO, just call the same shit and hope it works.   Does he ever plan for what might happen?  NO.   POOR coaching.