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Comment 12 Jun 2018

I have a good friend who is a college softball coach at another Midwestern institution, and she frequently recruits Iowa.  The biggest issue for Looper and other programs is Iowa high school summer softball.  In just about every other state, baseball and softball are spring/fall activities, so the best players play high school ball in the spring and fall, then join travel teams that head to the coasts all summer.  Those travel teams are showcases for the college staffs, and put all the best recruitable players in one place.

Because Iowa plays softball during summer break, the best players are left with the option of abandoning their school teams to head out of town or playing high school ball and being away from the recruiters.  If you are going to recruit Iowa, you basically need one dedicated staff member to stay behind and work the Iowa high school circuit while everyone else is on the travel teams.  Looper, with her Texas background, never saw much need for that, and so Iowa really didn't recruit Iowa. 

There was an infamous story of Looper going to the state championships a couple of years ago, sitting in the outfield bleachers, and not talking to anyone.  That pretty well sums up her attitude toward Iowa summer high school recruiting.

Comment 23 May 2018

If I can put in a plug here: Iowa's play-by-play is both excellent and available on the TuneIn App if you're stuck at work today.  Not even joking a little bit when I say that listening to these guys call baseball is the highlight of my spring.

Comment 16 May 2018

Agreed, and the field hockey thing creates an enormous problem here, both in retaining Looper for as long as he did and for hiring her replacement.