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Comment 21 Mar 2018

I don't think it's "trouble," per se.  Kirk strongly hinted that this was the plan for Nixon no matter when he got to Iowa City.  Dude was a borderline four-star prospect who had his offers just sort of evaporate.  That is (1) usually academics unless there's an injury, and (2) not generally a recipe for getting Kirk Ferentz to pay attention unless there's a plan to keep him in good standing once he gets to town.  My guess -- and it's truly only a guess, because caring is creepy -- is that Iowa made a deal with Mom and Dad that he would spend a year getting acclimated before they threw too much football at him.

Comment 07 Mar 2018

I looked this up!  So technically, under old-timey rules, each period is an "ellipsis point" and the trio of periods is an ellipses.  However, since we don't use the single points anymore, you can also call it an ellipsis, as the trio of points has become the punctuation mark in and of itself.  It's like how flammable and inflammable mean the same thing.

Comment 21 Feb 2018

I have a dad who's a pretty good basketball coach.  For what it's worth, this is his take (one that is backed up by the Kenpom numbers, mostly):

Two years' ago's starting five included Woodbury, and Iowa relied on him heavily in handling the dribble drive.  Basically, Iowa's guards would try to stay in front of guys on the perimeter and as they drove the lane, but they knew they had backup if they needed it.  Woodbury basically played a one-man zone, and if the pass went back to the perimeter, the perimeter defense wasn't really broken down.

Last year, Iowa didn't have a natural center, but they played Jok at the three and Wagner at the four more than anyone else.  Even when Jok moved to the two, Baer was generally the replacement at small forward.  Iowa adjusted to the lack of size by jumping passing lanes with better athletes and more intuitive defenders.  Iowa got murdered on the boards all season, but they made up for it with more steals and easy baskets off of steals.

This year?  There's a 6'11" dude in the middle again and Iowa has gone back to the 2015-16 2-3 zone shell again, but (1) Bohannon/Moss aren't anywhere near the caliber of defender that Gesell/Clemmons were that season, and (2) Luka Garza ain't no Adam Woodbury at this point.  So Iowa's guys are relying on the interior to defend, but as the ballhandler gets by, Iowa is using a second guy to help Garza.  And now they're completely out of position, and when the ball kicks out to a shooter, he's usually open and ready to knock it down.  So it doesn't really matter whether Iowa is playing zone or man, because at the end of the possession, they're scrambling to recover from an interior double regardless.  They should probably have played 1-3-1 with Garza in the middle and Cook under the hoop wrecking fools, but we're too late for that.

Iowa's turnover generation rate has gone from 75th nationally in 2015-16 and 67th nationally last year to 276th this season.  Everything else comes from that, because Iowa went from active but kinda crappy to passive and kinda crappy.

Comment 08 Feb 2018

Actually, the seat was infinitely better than the bike seat I'd been sitting on for the three days prior.  Even the $300 wasn't horrible.  It was finding a ride from the U-Haul dropoff to my car, then driving back to Omaha in the middle of the night, that was the real pain.