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Comment 7 hours ago

I thought about this, but the bigger issue for the Baylor/TCU fight in 2014 was that neither team would actually agree to a tiebreaker and Bob Bowlsby was too afraid of angering either to definitively declare a champ.  I don't think Delany has any such qualms, and would have absolute, unquestionable logic set up for determining a champion to put forward to the committee.

Comment 12 Sep 2018

Not gonna lie: I would do more of them, but it's the one thing on the GIA system that takes about four times as long as it did at BHGP.  Write the jokes in 20 minutes, spend 3 hours formatting pictures and editing HTML.

Comment 11 Sep 2018

But seriously, here's what I love about this pick-up (besides the fact that we finally got a point guard): Fran generally has a pretty good eye for mid-level, three-star-ish talent.  He's not infallible, because nobody is, but I think it's safe to say he hits about as much as he misses.

If you were to ask me for two coaches who seem especially good at locating mid-level GUARD talent, my first thought would be Gregg Marshall at Wichita (FVV, Ron Baker, Toure' Murray, Joe Ragland, Conner Frankamp, Landry Shamet, etc.) and somewhere on the list would be Marvin Menzies (Jonathan Gibson, Jahmar Young, Ian Baker, Mullings was legit).  Anthony Grant had some legit guard talent at Alabama, too, though it was usually more highly rated.  So when Marshall, Menzies and Grant are in on a point guard and we get him, I'm thinking he's legit.

A good get, and a far better solution to the current roster problems than the "we'll take best player available and punt point guard another year" strategy reported in the more absurd recruiting locations, like the state's biggest newspaper.

Comment 05 Sep 2018

We might have an occasional show or two this year, but the weekly podcast is on hiatus.  Coordinating schedules last year was too much, and I'm staring down a couple of day-job items that are going to take me away from the GIA Studios in October and make recording basically impossible.