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Comment 06 Oct 2017

I am snarky a lot.  I wasn't being snarky there.

Perhaps it wasn't the clearest paragraph I've ever written, but this is the gist:  If you're going to play ball-control, field-position, NFL-style football, you cannot have a talent breakdown at offensive line and punter.  And right now, we can't run the ball for the usual reasons: We run the same play 75-90 percent of the time and don't adequately counter it through play action or, y'know, counters to keep a defense honest (and we haven't done this against notoriously overaggressive defenses like Michigan State this decade, with predictable results) and our offensive line isn't setting the edge on the outside zone effectively.

So first and ten is second and nine, is third and seven, and now we're throwing into a blitz without any super options at wide receiver, and we're punting.  And even when our defense plays well and gets a three-and-out, we're still losing 20 yards of field position in the exchange simply because we gave scholarships to shitty punters.  So in the best case scenario, in a half where we kick away (and if you look closely at the last two games, that's when we've had problems) and get a quick stop, the opponent punts from the 30-ish yard line.  We get the ball at the 20.  It goes nowhere, and we kick it to them at midfield.  And VOILA we're already screwed on that possession or after the next exchange, in which they pin us at the 5 and we kick it back to them at the 35.  That's not snark.  That's fucking drive charts.

Kirk likes to talk about all phases, so let me put it this way: Even when our strategy for the game holds up, we're getting beat on a strategic, tactical, and execution level.  The relative ease with which Michigan State and Penn State have handled this particular iteration of Iowa's offense, combined with a dumpster fire at punter, is allowing opponents to remain as conservative as us and win field position simply by having faith in their defenses to stop Iowa's offense.  Which is how you end up 0-2 in the Big Ten against a team that's really good and another one that's not so much.

Comment 05 Oct 2017

If you're using the podbean app and manually downloading, you're the best friend in the world.  Some podcast apps (like the iOS one and my personal choice, PodCaster) have an option to have the episodes download automatically once they are published.  I don't know if Podbean has that option or not, but regardless, you're doing it right.