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Comment 12 Dec 2017

Oh, they serve their purpose:

(1) The bowl has already sold all of that 7,500 ticket allotment to Iowa, so it doesn't much care that Iowa can't resell them.  That's the primary reason why lower-tier bowl games suck for the universities playing in them.  It's also why the B1G hands Iowa a $2.5 million payment just to go to New York City.

(2) Tickets aren't driving the economics.  The rise of DVRs and on-demand programming has put a premium on the advertising associated with sporting events, and that even includes minor sporting events like roller derby and Pac-12 football.  ESPN can sell ads, so ESPN is happy to pay a premium for the game.  Same goes for New Era as title sponsor.

(3) Some bowl games (though I'm guessing not the Pinstripe) get ample funding from the tourism bureaus of the host cities.

(4) Once rights are sold and guaranteed ticket deals are negotiated, the games are pretty simple.  You have a facility that already exists, with subcontractors and employees that work there already for other events.  It's turning the key and running a football game.  It's so easy that Gary Barta does it seven times a year without much trouble, and unlike when Barta does it, if you can turn the tiniest of profits (like, say, $1M as opposed to the $5M that Iowa makes on a Saturday gameday), that goes to the executive/executives in charge.  They get paid six to seven figures to run a single football game every year.  I'd kill for that job.

Comment 28 Nov 2017

Also, regarding the mat with the key pointing toward the toilet, this is a HORRIBLE idea, because I'm definitely "shooting free throws" after about 8 beers, and that's going to be in the divorce papers soon after.

Comment 21 Nov 2017

Iowa offense, yards per play (national rank) since 2007:

2007: 4.4 (108th)
2008: 5.6 (32nd)
2009: 5.0 (79th)
2010: 6.1 (22nd)
2011: 5.3 (61st)
2012: 4.4 (118th)
2013: 5.1 (84th)
2014: 5.4 (65th)
2015: 5.5 (53rd)
2016: 5.0 (98th)
2017: 4.8 (108th)

Unless you can show me where we have found Shonn Greene some more eligibility or found replacements for the most prolific pair of Iowa receivers ever, I'm not buying some miraculous rebound to semi-respectability in 2018.  This isn't a personnel problem or an execution problem, unless there have been personnel and execution problems in nine of the last eleven seasons.  And even if there are, at some point that reflects back on the system.

And frankly, even if we were to rebound back into the middle of the pack (we simply won't go higher than that, because That's Football), we have three linebackers and a potential Thorpe Award winner to replace.  The last time we replaced three linebackers in the same year, we gave up a half-yard more per play and dropped from sixth nationally to 35th in 2014.  The only other comp before that: 2010, where we replaced two linebackers and went from 4.0 ypp to 4.9.  And our linebacker depth is so lacking that we're out looking for JUCOs as replacements.

It's always been darkest before the dawn with Iowa, but this feels more like blowing sunshine up everyone's butts.