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Comment 12 Apr 2019

His film is pretty, no wonder he had so many offers.  He's playing at an elite level of Texas HS football, and yet is outrunning DBs when he's 6'5".  He's making diving catches, running great routes, beating guys in jump balls, beating double teams in jump balls, blocking guys out of the frame, getting QB pressure from DE, etc. etc.  I mean, it's a highlight reel, but there are some tasty highlights.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

100% agreed.  Pemsl starts next to Garza if Cook leaves.  And he's the first big off the bench if Cook stays.

... IF he can regain his pre-injury form and stay healthy.

Comment 06 Apr 2019

The vintage player who his game most reminds me of is Shawn Kemp.  Cook is as fast and strong as any NBA player his size, he's just still not elite, skill-wise.  But with dedicated practice he could get there.

I think if he goes to the NBA and lands on the right squad, he could blossom, with good coaching, guidance, and work ethic.  But he could also end up signed by a team who doesn't have room for a project and end up stashed away in the G league, or having a career in Europe.

Part of me hopes he reads all this bullshit us fat old guys are typing about him on message boards, gets pissed off, and shows us how wrong we are, whether he comes back for his senior year or not.

Comment 01 Apr 2019

I'm not sad that Iowa's losing, I'm sad how Iowa's losing.  Baylor didn't get our best shot.  Silly turnovers, missed layups, missed free throws.  Iowa's better than this.  Maybe still not better than Baylor, but better than this.

Ah well.  What a heck of a season.  Still proud of these women.  Go Hawks

Comment 01 Apr 2019

It feels like they're trying too hard.  Every shot is rushed or too strong.  They need to just take a deep breath and make that one extra pass for a good shot.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

Also, IKM is not on the depth chart due to injury.  This does not spark joy.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

PAULSENS AT BOTH GUARD SPOTS!  This is the most harmonious arrangement of very large young adult men.  This sparks joy. 

Comment 27 Mar 2019

Pemsl, healthy, is a starter, if Cook leaves.  He got the most minutes behind Garza and Cook of any of the bigs when he was healthy, and has proven to be a reliable (and occasionally inspiring) all-around player in the post.  If Cook stays, Fran can sub Pemsl or Nunge based on the matchups, gameplan, who has the hot hand, etc.

PG: Bohannon/Toussaint/C. McCaffery
SG: Moss/C. McCaffery/Dailey
SF: Wieskamp/P. McCaffery/Nunge
PF: (Cook)/Pemsl/Nunge/Kriener
C: Garza/Kriener/Pemsl

The guards are sorted out.  I think Nunge's minutes suffer the most if Cook stays.

Comment 22 Mar 2019

Turnover problem carried into the 3rd Q.  Mercer is all up in our passing lanes.

Comment 22 Mar 2019

Y'all are missing a good game.

Gustafson with a double double in the 1st half (19 points, 10 rebounds), and hasn't missed a single shot she's taken.

Iowa's up 35-27 at the half.  It would have been more, but a string of turnovers at the end of Q2 let Mercer keep up.