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Comment 21 Aug 2019

Part of me is like, Henry Krieger-Coble, George Kittle, Brandon Myers, etc. etc. were backups until they were upperclassmen, and our new starter was behind not one, but two NFL-level talents.

But it's worrisome that we went back to 3 WRs on the depth chart rather than 2 TEs.  Our WR corps has to produce this year or we're going to have issues.

Comment 21 Aug 2019

I'm not worried about the RBs.  None of them are going to be consistent home run hitters but they should be able to pick up more of the yards they didn't get last year.... given one other factor: we need to get the interior OL sorted out and blocking well.  Linderbaum is a pitbull that rockets off the line, but he's still a RS frosh with only one year in the program.  Banwart is experienced, and the other guys vying for that other guard spot have at least been in S&C for several years, but I'm still a bit leery.  It's not often that a Ferentz OL hasn't been sorted out in August and ended up being high-quality in September.

Comment 03 Aug 2019

A couple responses to this:

First, excluding walkons, we have 2 seniors, 2 juniors, and 1 sophomore at the position - and two of those guys are converted from where they were recruited (Colbert was a DB, Wade was a RB).  Of course we recruited for depth at LB with only 5 guys on scholarship to fill six roster spots on the depth chart, even if the OLB spots are not going to be utilized 100% of snaps.

Secondly, there are a lot of walkons at linebacker right now.  Most of those RS Fr are walk-ons.  6'+, 230 lb+ is a good body type to take as athletes, because they can play LB, or FB, or LS, and if they have the length, TE (Dallas Clark, anyone?) or even linemen (Matt Roth, Mitch King, etc), and can fill all kinds of roles on special  teams... i.e. they might be good football players and be willing to switch positions and/or play roles that a lot of players might not be excited to play.  There was a glut of really athletic tweeners in last year's Iowa graduating class, and if they want to walk on and there's room for them, it never hurts to have a bunch of motivated youngsters on the team.  That said, not all of them will be on the roster in a couple years, and it's a toss-up whether any of them has a shot at starting.  But it's not like Iowa doesn't have a history of finding good players in the walk-on space.

Finally, the Cash position is a reaction to the spread looks we see.  In the past, we've been able to recruit guys who were capable of covering in space, like AJ Edds and Chad Greenway, but I think it's an acknowledgement that it's better to have a faster guy doing that coverage when the other team trots out 3 or 4 WRs, not just for coverage's sake, but to keep legs fresh... a 6'4" 240lb guy covering a 6'1" 190lb guy with wheels all game, you probably don't have a lot left in the tank to hold up against the run in the 4th quarter.  But we still need to be able to trot out 'backers who can shed blocks from FBs and TEs when we play the likes of Wisconsin and Michigan St.  There will be a place for OLBs at Iowa still.  Honestly, we've been recruiting so many good DBs lately, that it makes sense we'd create a position to get more of them on the field, especially compared to the lack of bodies at LB.

Comment 25 Jul 2019

I remember going to football games that weren't televised.  There were no commercial breaks before and after every change of possession.  There were no silly participatory ad campaigns designed for massive jumbotrons (put a smile on your face!).  But most importantly, those games often weren't sold out either.

It's real simple: supply and demand.  There are ~70k seats in Kinnick, and the price of a ticket is right at where they can consistently sell 65k or so of those seats on average.  When demand has gone up (after Ferentz' first good run in the early aughts) everything started selling out.  Price was no issue, scalpers were making a killing.  We had a decent home sell-out streak going for a while, and it coincided almost exactly with our home win streak.  So Barta et al raised prices, required bigger and more I-club donations for premium seats, turned more parking lots into donor-only lots, and soforth. 

Barta isn't the only AD in the whole of the US doing this.  In the ridiculously spendy world of the FBS football arms race, they have to.  Whoever spends the most wins the most, and whoever wins the most gets more money to spend.  They don't need sellouts to make the most money.  It's balanced to get the Benjamins, including booster contributions, ad and TV revenue, etc.  Attendance is secondary.  It's the only way they can keep up.

I guarantee you that at jNorthwestern they do the same thing.  Though they're even further from sell-outs, everyone who is in attendance on game day has paid exactly the amount that someone has figured would generate the most income in aggregate.

Comment 24 Jun 2019

From other comment sections and fora, apparently our newest Hawkeye DB grew 9" between his sophomore and junior years and broke into the starting rotation at Belleville.  May be a flyer, or it may be that he legit hasn't been on anyone's radar long enough to ping

Comment 24 Jun 2019

Huh.  The other CB at Belleville is the top CB in Michigan and is committed to the Wolverines, and they have several other FBS prospects on their roster.  It's not like this dude has gone unscouted.  From the highlights, he has decent technique for a HS kid and quick hips, but there's nothing in there which shows his top speed, ball skills, or playmaking ability.  It's just kind of odd, because we have much higher-rated CBs considering us these days.  

But if Phil Parker saw something he can work with, he's definitely earned the benefit of the doubt.  The Iowa recruiting approach in the limited amount of time since the early signing day was instigated has been to get their primary targets prior to the first signing day and then fill out the class with a couple late offers to projects and local boys... they must have really seen something in this guy to pull the trigger so early rather than biding their time.

Comment 04 Jun 2019

He looks like a future FBS OL on tape.  Even against small-school competition, those sophomore year highlights show a ton of promise.  He's very quick on his feet for a big dude, and looks like he has a mean streak.  I can see why Iowa offered. 

Comment 12 Apr 2019

His film is pretty, no wonder he had so many offers.  He's playing at an elite level of Texas HS football, and yet is outrunning DBs when he's 6'5".  He's making diving catches, running great routes, beating guys in jump balls, beating double teams in jump balls, blocking guys out of the frame, getting QB pressure from DE, etc. etc.  I mean, it's a highlight reel, but there are some tasty highlights.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

100% agreed.  Pemsl starts next to Garza if Cook leaves.  And he's the first big off the bench if Cook stays.

... IF he can regain his pre-injury form and stay healthy.

Comment 06 Apr 2019

The vintage player who his game most reminds me of is Shawn Kemp.  Cook is as fast and strong as any NBA player his size, he's just still not elite, skill-wise.  But with dedicated practice he could get there.

I think if he goes to the NBA and lands on the right squad, he could blossom, with good coaching, guidance, and work ethic.  But he could also end up signed by a team who doesn't have room for a project and end up stashed away in the G league, or having a career in Europe.

Part of me hopes he reads all this bullshit us fat old guys are typing about him on message boards, gets pissed off, and shows us how wrong we are, whether he comes back for his senior year or not.

Comment 01 Apr 2019

I'm not sad that Iowa's losing, I'm sad how Iowa's losing.  Baylor didn't get our best shot.  Silly turnovers, missed layups, missed free throws.  Iowa's better than this.  Maybe still not better than Baylor, but better than this.

Ah well.  What a heck of a season.  Still proud of these women.  Go Hawks

Comment 01 Apr 2019

It feels like they're trying too hard.  Every shot is rushed or too strong.  They need to just take a deep breath and make that one extra pass for a good shot.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

Also, IKM is not on the depth chart due to injury.  This does not spark joy.