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Comment 10 Feb 2019

I feel sorry for people who turned this game off (though I don't fault them).  That was nuts.

Team learning how to win and deal with adversity.  This is what they were missing last year.  Will serve them well once March rolls around.

Comment 06 Feb 2019

In his highlight reel he looks like he's fast for his size and has good defensive instincts. 

Some stats I just looked up:

88 tackles is 29th best in Florida 6A at all positions, 2nd best for a DE.

11 sacks 6th best in 6A, 3rd best for a DE

If someone told me had a Florida/FSU/Miami offer, based on the film and the on-field production, I wouldn't question it.  He looks like a dude who has slipped through the cracks a bit, perhaps due to not playing as a junior.  Though it's curious why not even USF/UCF/FAU/etc. recruited him.  Ferentz's staffs have always been good at identifying potential.  It will be interesting to see where he ends up.

Welcome to Iowa Mr. McCall

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Hi fellow trumpeter!

Or, the traditional trumpet greeting: hi, I'm better than you.

I've always wanted a flugelhorn.  Could never justify buying one, though, unless I had a regular gig to play it.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

As a redshirt junior, he's probably wrapped up enough credits for a degree in *checks notes* Open Major.  Oh.

Well, seeing as grad school probably isn't in the works, might as well go get paid.  Best of luck to you, Anthony, it's been awesome watching you in the black and gold

Comment 03 Jan 2019

According to Stanley in the post-game, the Easley TD was actually a play designed to go to Hockenson.  But the defense was in a single-deep coverage, and Easley's cover man bit hard on the play fake, leaving #84 running free downfield with no safety help in sight.

Comment 19 Dec 2018

I'm all aboard the Goodson train.  That highlight reel is jaw-dropping, and I'm already pumped to see this kid breaking ankles in Kinnick.  My only qualm is that the backfield is already deep and young, and he's going to have to pass someone up or wait his turn, so someone is going to end up transferring.

But I also think Sebastian Castro deserves a mention.  The dude has the complete package in what you want in a safety: reads and reacts, takes perfect angles, goes fast and hard, and hits like a missile.  Reminds me of some scrawny Pennsylvania kid named Demond.  I think Castro shows up big on special teams next year and moves into a full time starting spot by year 2.

Comment 19 Dec 2018

From his highlights, he has good athleticism and nice instincts, but, boy, is he raw.  Some of the "patience" seems to be indecisiveness.  But I could see him blooming if coached up.  I'm not pegging him for all-American just yet, but he definitely has untapped potential.