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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Dunno; maybe McIlravy v. Abas, 1993. Maybe Tate-Holloway? We had to leave for the airport in the third quarter but on the way we heard radio broadcast. Someone else in traffic was celebrating with us.
  • NFL TEAM: Bears
  • NBA TEAM: Bulls
  • MLB TEAM: Cubs

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Comment 24 hours ago

My two favorite: I was a kid, probably 10 or so, and for some reason on the field during warm-ups behind the north endzone.  I grabbed a loose ball and threw it back to someone expect my spiral was  not so tight  that  day.  Instead I hit Richard Bass, #23, in the leg and almost made him trip and  fall. 

The other was when we exposed my future brother-in-law, native Honduran, to el futbol real. This was the '07 MSU double overtime game.  He is a Hawk for life now, lol. 

Worst game: a loss when we hosted  Indiana with Randle El. But it was something else to watch that  kid play. 

I have never gone and had a bad time. 

Comment 06 Mar 2020
Imagine if he had a whistle around his neck. Now he is your HS basketball coach. He tends to throw things when he is teaching junior high math.
Comment 26 Feb 2020

I have a theory about Wieksamp.  Unlike scientific theories it is something I just made up at my keyboard because state officials are outside my office door complaining about the landlord and I can't any work done. Here goes:   Wieskamp is supposedly 6'6" or 6'7" but in the huddle he is eye to eye with Garza and Kreiner. His body is long and drawn out. Point being I wonder if he has had a growth spurt that's burning all his calories. He is a true sophmore and he looks like a 15 year old with a lot of physical maturation in his near future. 

Comment 24 Feb 2020
Oh damn. Epic takedown (pun-ishing maybe). Be mad but don't ignore these qualifiers: 1. I don't know anything. 2. "It's a bad look," is actually an acknowledgement that any negativity is perceptual only. 3. Pickin' nits, go Hawks.
Comment 21 Feb 2020

Plus he's a good guy.  Complain all we want about the ups and downs of the football and basketball programs but Ferentz and McCaffery have always been class acts off the field and have found a bunch of good players that happen to be great kids.  

Comment 17 Feb 2020

"LeVar Woods flew to Australia to recruit him..."

"Hear me out coach.  You know who kicks balls, lots of them? Australian football players.  Yeah.  One kid lives right on the beach.  Soccer is huge in Brazil.  Those young men can really kick. Funny thing is it's also a great place to visit and have some of the best beaches and most beautiful women in the world.  Same with France, Spain, hell pretty much everywhere.  It would be incompetent of me to not search high and low for the best future Hawkeye punters and kickers.  So just run it all as an expense?"