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Comment 24 Jun 2019

I think the issue with him staying another year is: does that help him improve in areas that would enable him to get drafted by the NBA next year? I'm not sure it would have. 

Cook's not a good shooter outside of shots at or near the rim. If he hasn't developed a semi-reliable elbow jumper or 3-point after 3 years at Iowa, is he really going to develop one before or during his senior year? 

He's a solid rebounder, but not an exceptional one. He's also turnover-prone as a ballhandler and inconsistent as a defender. If he's not going to pose a threat as a shooter, I think he needs to be great at other things (like defense and rebounding) to carve out a niche for himself in the NBA. I don't know how much he would have improved those skills with another year at Iowa. 

If his goal is to get paid to play basketball, it probably makes sense to get started at that sooner rather than later. The dream is to make it in the NBA, and I think he probably has a better shot at managing that if he can hook on with a G League team, work on his skills there, and hopefully impress a team enough to get a shot in the NBA. 

I loved watching Cook at Iowa and I think he was one of the most entertaining players we've had here over the last decade, so selfishly I would have liked to see him back in black and gold for another year. But I'm also not convinced that returning for another year would have done much to improve his odds of getting drafted next year. 

Comment 24 Jun 2019

I think it's interesting how willing we are to give a recruit with this resume the benefit of the doubt because he's a DB croot and Phil Parker is the DB coach. I completely understand that POV (and agree with it myself)... but if this kid was, say, a WR recruit instead, I think we'd definitely be much less chill about Iowa going after a recruit with a resume/highlight reel like this. 

Comment 23 Jun 2019

More or less this. The "tier" distinction is mostly just a way to divide the bowls into broad levels or groups. The Outback itself is probably closer to Tier 2 than a Tier 1 bowl, really.