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Comment 13 hours ago

I don't think Turk can make 133, although if he could he'd probably be the best option there. I don't have high hopes for Stickley there given a lot of the struggles he had at 125 this year. I don't know that there are any good answers at 133 this year; there may not even be all that many "less-bad" answers, really. It's just a messy situation. 

133 is the one weight where Iowa doesn't seem to have a good short term or long term option, which is concerning. They could really use a transfer at that weight this offseason in the worst way, at least to provide a decent stopgap until they're able to add a high-quality freshman there. 

125: short term (Lee), long term (Lee)
133:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
141: short term (Turk/Happel), long term (Murin I think)
149: short term (Sorensen), long term (Lugo, at least for next 2 years)
157: short term (Kemerer), long term (Kemerer -- still has 2 years after this... then maybe Nelson Brands?)
165: short term (Marinelli), long term (Marinelli)
174: short term (Gunther/Young), long term (Young?)
184: short term (Bowman... PD3 maybe?), long term (Wilcke?)
197: short term (Wilcke), long term (Warner)
285: short term (Stoll), long term (Cassioppi)

Iowa's recruiting focus needs to be 133 as top priority, followed by 184 and 149 in pretty close proximity. If they can land a top 174er, too, do it, but I'm still optimistic about Young and 133/149/184 seem like bigger immediate needs IMO. 

Comment 13 hours ago

I think/hope the long term plan for Young has always been for him to be at 174. He and Marinelli were part of the same recruiting class and assuming Marinelli is able to maintain 165 (and I hope he is, because I think he'd be a short 174er), he should be the starter there for the next four years. So if Young wants to see the lineup, he should be focused on developing into a 174er. In fairness, I wonder if Marinelli's injury at the start of the year delayed that process. Iowa had need of a 165er with Marinelli out and Young was the best option. (Then again, if the long-term plan for him this year/in the future is 174, it probably would have been better to focus on that -- replacing Young with, say, Jeremiah Moody at 165 probably wouldn't have had much impact on most of those early season duals.)

I definitely think Young has more upside than Gunther in the long term and am interested to see how he can develop. For the rest of this season, I'm not sure how it plays out. I'd be inclined to stick with Young for the time being though. If everything else is more or less equal, give me the guy who will at least take a shot before there are 30 seconds left in the third period. 

Comment 13 hours ago

I think he'll be just fine. So far the only guys that have really been able to stymie him were Tomasello and Bresser* -- both of whom are Top 10 125ers and both of whom happen to be seniors, so they've got a lot of veteran savvy. (He was taking it to Piccininni last week pretty good before gassing out and I think he'll get the gas tank issue resolved -- it seemed better this week, for instance.) 

* I don't think Bresser is great, but he's very solid and he's also very good at frustrating opponents. He reminds me a bit of Brandon Precin in that way. 

Also, just think about it this way: this was the 10th match of his college career and he just beat the #1 ranked guy. He's also shredded a pretty good 125er in Sean Russell and seemed to be on his way to a pretty dominant win over a good 125er in Piccininni before the gas tank issues. And that's from a guy who's wrestled 10 matches, period, in college and who's also less than a year removed from ACL surgery. I think he's only going to get better and better as he gets more experience, gets healthier, and gets more match conditioning. 

Comment 13 hours ago

Yeah, I don't think Marinelli will make that mistake again versus Campbell. It's too bad he didn't keep it standing because Campbell really didn't have much to offer him from neutral at all IMO. And he visibly broke after Marinelli got that takedown in the 3rd period -- he was checked out on the match at that point. 

Good point re: NaTo and Lee, too. If NaTo doesn't take down in the rematch (and he has good reason not to), then Lee will need to find another way to score points on him. We'll probably see more guys opting for neutral against Lee, too, given his ability on top. That means for Spencer to make use of his killer top game he's going to have to find ways to get guys to the mat on his own (i.e., takedowns). I really want him to add some more diverse attacks from neutral. So far his primary attack is that 2-on-1, where he attacks the arm and uses that to suck a guy in and get to his leg and/or trip him down. That can be very effective, but I think opponents are going to be very wary of that (especially the top guys at the weight), so he's going to need to have some other attacks. He's got no shortage of quality light weight training partners between his coaches and the Hawkeye Wrestling Club, so hopefully they can help him diversify his attacks. 

Comment 13 hours ago

Yeah, #3 is my guess for Lee too. I'd guess Suriano at 1, Cruz at 2. Then Lee at 3, NaTo at 4, and Lizak at 5 probably. 

Suriano and Cruz are undefeated so far, so it's tough to drop them. (I'm a little surprised that an unbeaten defending champ like Cruz isn't #1 already, honestly.) 

125 at Big Tens is gonna be a bloodbath. Right now the B1G has half of the InterMat Top 10 (#1 NaTo, #2 Suriano, #4 Lizak, #6 Lee, #10 Sebastian Rivera) and 8 of the Top 20 (#12 Luke Welch, #13 Drew Mattin, #19 Travis Piotrowski). Lee will see #4 Lizak, #10 Rivera, and #13 Mattin before the season is out. If he wins out, I'd guess he'll be the #2 seed. I'd guess Suriano will almost certainly be the #1 seed if he wins out. That likely means a Lee-NaTo rematch in the B1G semis.

Comment 13 hours ago

Iowa looking small has been an issue for a while. The hope was that hiring Travis Rutt as S&C coach would improve that and I think we've seen mixed results there. Gilman was definitely a big 125er and very strong. Clark wasn't ridiculously cut at 133, but he was strong as hell, as evidenced by the fact that he was able to get so many wins last year while nursing some pretty serious injuries. And guys like Sammy Brooks and Sam Stoll seem good-sized for their weights. I don't think Kem or Soresen are too small either. 

But a lot of the guys you mentioned do look a bit on the small side. In fairness, though, Lee is a true freshman, so he hasn't exactly had much time to add size/strength. Young has spent most of the year at 165 so was effectively wrestling up a weight. Holloway is really a 197er, not a heavyweight (although since he's probably not ever going to be a 197er at Iowa with Wilcke and Warner there, he should probably focus on bulking into a 285er if he's staying here). Glynn, Bowman, and Wilcke could all stand to add more size, tho. (If Wilcke is eventually heading down to 184 -- next year, say -- then maybe he doesn't want to add too much size tho.) 

OSU-PSU will be loaded for sure. Based on current rankings... 

125: #1 Tomasello vs unranked
133: #2 Pletcher vs unranked
141: #11 McKenna vs #7 Nick Lee
149: #6 Hayes vs #1 Retherford
157: #6 Jordan vs #1 Nolf
165: #13 Campbell vs #1 Joseph
174: #3 Jordan vs #2 Hall
184: #2 Martin vs #1 Nickal
197: #1 Moore vs #10 Rasheed
285: #1 Snyder vs #8 Nevills 

OSU has edges at the lower and upper weights and they really need to make those count. They need NaTo, Pletcher, and Snyder to get a ton of bonus and bonus from Moore would be nice too. Then they need at least one upset probably -- either BoJo at 174 or Martin at 184 (or McKenna at 141, I suppose). PSU is going to get a lot of points from 149-165.

Comment 20 hours ago

Bowman looked good after that horribawful 1st period. 

That would have been a decision if that call had been overturned in the 1st. That point probably won't end up mattering but... 

Comment 20 hours ago

Hey the 2nd period was better than the first! Bowman got a TD! 

15-5 Martin into the 3rd now. Bowman riding to start.

Now that 2nd set of NF points being allowed to stand is a little more annoying. 

Comment 20 hours ago

Nice fight by Young in the 3rd. TD at the end was nice. And avoided giving up a major. I'll take that. 

10-5 win for BoJo.

Iowa leads 12-10 with 3 weights to go

Comment 21 hours ago

I do like the presentation from OSU tonight. The raised mat, the lighting, the entrances, the pyro... it's fun. A little spectacle doesn't hurt anything.