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Comment 19 Jan 2020

I don't think Iowa gave them enough reasons to cheer last night, particularly early in matches. Lee and DeSanto had some early fireworks. Murin couldn't get anything going, Lugo was entirely workmanlike, Young was back-and-forth. Marinelli and Kemerer provided late wins. Assad was one of the few to provide some major excitement. Warner couldn't get anything going. Cassioppi was very solid, but couldn't produce any fireworks. 

Comment 19 Jan 2020

I love Garza and he is playing phenomenally well this season. Seeing him take the leap to become a consistently dominant player has been one of the biggest and best joys of this season. 

That said... 

1) It gets old IMO to consistently view his performances through the prism of his hypothetical NBA potential. 

2) As best I can tell literally no one outside of some Iowa fans is viewing him as a possible NBA Draft option right now, let alone a potential R1 pick. I can't find a single mock draft or player rankings list that includes Garza, even as a fringe R2 prospect. Fair or not, that's reality. 

3) Humphries carved out a lengthy NBA career in a different era for bigs. Turner and Gordon were/are wings. Edwards is also a wing -- and it's a stretch to say at this point that he "will have" a long NBA career. He's averaging 3.2 ppg, 1.4 rpg, 0.7 apg and shooting 30.5% from the floor. 

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Nebraska lost to Wisconsin yesterday so they aren't going to be ranked #2 in the dual rankings when they're updated this week. 

The actual #2 dual team is probably either Penn State or Arizona State. 

That said, Nebraska does have several good wrestlers and they'll be a good test for Iowa at several weights on Saturday.