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Comment 26 Feb 2020

I also have concerns about the use of the video screens. Big as they are, I have to imagine they'll be needed to show four matches at a time for the fans on the opposite side. Will the size at that point lend itself to clear viewing for people on the other end of the stadium? Will a half full stadium affect the atmosphere that a smaller but packed arena would?

Yeah, I'm curious to see what the logistics are of the matches they but up on the video screens. Do they do a quad box on the video screen and put four matches up? If so, how hard will that be to follow/see the action? Do they cut between different matches? (That would be pretty unsatisfying IMO.) Really curious to see how they make it work. 

The last two years I missed out on attending the tournament in person, but my group had a pretty rad setup using two televisions and the quad screen view. Seeing it live, at least this year, could be seen as a step back compared to that. I personally love the experience of being around the action, but I know others who enjoy the advances and supports provided by ESPN. Having the tournament at US Bank is an experiment worth performing, but I hope it's not a miserable failure. Having to stay home isn't as bad as it used to be.

From a pure watchability standpoint, I'd be very surprised if the experience of being there live wasn't worse than watching it on TV. But I think that's also true of almost any sport these days. Given the skill of TV camerapeople and directors and the quality of HD broadcasts, watching almost any sport from home is a pretty incredible experience nowadays. Compare that to live experience, where you often have to deal with being crammed into your (probably not very comfortable) seats and dealing with viewing angles that may be obscured/limited in some way, depending on where you're sitting. (Not to mention the cost of food, parking, etc.) There are some advantages to watching the action in-person for a sport like basketball or football -- you can often better see all of the action on the court/field, including off-ball movement -- but I don't think that's particularly true of wrestling. It's just two dudes going mano a mano and TV is pretty good about capturing that. 

That said, I don't think you go to live sports for the watchability as much as you for the experience. It's fun to watch big events like this as part of the crowd. I definitely get a better viewing experience watching Iowa FB games on TV, but I'm always excited to get to 2-3 games in person each year to take in the live game atmosphere. Likewise, I'm sure it was better from a watchability standpoint to view the Iowa-Penn State dual on TV, but it was probably a much more unforgettable experience to be there as part of the crowd. There should be a MASSIVE contingent of Iowa fans up for this tournament, given the close proximity, Iowa fans' rep for traveling well, and the fact that this is Iowa's best shot to win a national title in 10 years. If it all comes together the way we hope it will, this could be a pretty awesome experience for Iowa fans. At least, that's my hope... 

As a aside, I'm strongly considering going up to Minneapolis a day early and exploring the area on foot a bit. Any recommendations for areas to walk around in and places to offer patronage?

Lots! I'm going to write up a visitor's guide post in a few weeks, but close to the stadium I'd recommend Erik the Red, Dayblock Brewing, Hubert's, Wasabi, Zen Box Izakaya, and Crooked Pint. (I've also heard good things about Bacon Social House but have not yet been there.) If you venture a little bit further away, The Local, The Newsroom, Runyon's, Republic, Hell's Kitchen, Parlour, HopCat, McCormick & Schmick's, Oceanaire, and Dan Kelly's are good. 

U.S. Bank Stadium is also a light rail hub for the Blue Line (north-south; goes from downtown Minneapolis down to the Mall of America) and the Green Line (east-west; goes from downtown Minneapolis into downtown St. Paul), which makes it pretty easy to get to more places than just the environment around the stadium itself. 

Comment 25 Feb 2020

That would've been a good one.

I deeply regret not adding an Aaron Craft square. I considered it but decided against it because, hell, it's been like five years since Craft played. Surely Dakich has moved on from talking about him.


Comment 25 Feb 2020

Since there was some schedule talk earlier in the comments... 

Lately, Big Ten schedules have followed a pattern, minus the protected rival (which just flips home and away every year). 

For Iowa: 
HOME: Penn St, Ohio St, Wisconsin, Nebraska
AWAY: Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan St, Minnesota
OFF: Rutgers, Northwestern, Maryland, Illinois

HOME: Illinois, Michigan St, Michigan, Northwestern, Minnesota
AWAY: Rutgers, Maryland, Ohio St, Penn St
OFF: Indiana, Purdue, Nebraska, Wisconsin

HOME: Indiana, Maryland, Rutgers, Purdue
AWAY: Wisconsin, Illinois, Northwestern, Nebraska, Minnesota
OFF: Ohio St, Penn St, Michigan, Michigan St

HOME: Ohio St, Penn St, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota
AWAY: Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan St.
OFF: Rutgers, Northwestern, Maryland, Illinois

Assuming that pattern holds... 

HOME: Michigan, Michigan St, Northwestern, Illinois
AWAY: Ohio St, Penn St, Rutgers, Maryland, Minnesota
OFF: Indiana, Purdue, Nebraska, Wisconsin

Even if that exact pattern doesn't hold, I'd guess that the rotation of which teams come on the schedule and which teams come off the schedule stays intact. That rotation does allow for teams to see every other team on a pretty regular basis (even if it's frustrating for Iowa in particular, since Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan drop off the schedule every third year). But maybe Rutgers or Maryland (or both) come to CHA and Northwestern or Illinois (or both) host Iowa. I don't think that makes much difference anyway -- none of those duals are particularly desirable or likely to move much more than an average number of tickets. 

And since ISU and Okie State just flip home and away every year, we know OSU will be in Stillwater and ISU will be in Iowa City. 

So right now the schedule could look like: 
HOME: Michigan, Michigan St, Northwestern, Illinois (Iowa State)
AWAY: Ohio St, Penn St, Rutgers, Maryland, Minnesota (Oklahoma State)

That's 11 duals already. We only wrestled 13 duals this year, so there may only be a couple open dates to fill. 

Comment 24 Feb 2020

Yep -- Adam Allard was bidding for his 4th title, but lost to Aiden Noonan in the last five seconds of the state final. Heart-breaking way to lose for him (though a thrilling way to win for Noonan, too...)