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Comment 12 Oct 2019


Comment 12 Oct 2019

South Carolina-Georgia was one of the dumbest games I've ever seen. 

Comment 10 Oct 2019

That's a fair point, although I think if Iowa would just switch to wearing gold unis more at home it would solve that potential problem -- there would be no issue with teams like MSU, OSU, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. wearing their more colorful away uniforms then. They would still provide ample contrast with Iowa's gold unis. 

Hell, most Big Ten teams have a uniform that would provide enough contrast with Iowa's black uniform as well -- certainly the red unis from Wisconsin, Ohio State, Rutgers, Nebraska, and Maryland would, as would Michigan or Minnesota when they wear their gold (or "maize") unis. There would be a few problems -- Penn State's navy blues, probably Northwestern's purples and Michigan State's dark greens as well -- but I think they would be in the minority. 

The entire "one team wears white, the other team wears a darker uniform" concept is mainly a holdover from the days of black and white TV broadcasts, when you needed really extreme contrasts in uniforms to be able to tell teams apart. In the age of ubiquitous HD TV broadcasts, it shouldn't be too hard to continue to move away from that idea and toward more uniform match-ups that feature color v color. 

Comment 10 Oct 2019

Hockey is another sport where teams often wear their color jerseys at home and their white jerseys on the road. 

And in soccer most teams have a color jersey (kit) as their primary uniform and tend to wear that as often as possible, home or away (Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc.). 

Even the NBA is getting away from wearing white uniforms at home as much as they used to -- since Nike took over uniforms a few years ago, they all have at least 3-4 different uniform sets and it seems like a lot of teams wear color uniforms at home and white uniforms on the road pretty often. 

Hell, even baseball, which I believe created the whole "white uniforms at home, color (gray) uniforms on the road" concept in the long ago times has been moving away from it. Certain teams -- the Yankees, the Dodgers -- still seem to exclusively wear white at home, but most other teams seem to frequently mix in alternate looks, many of which feature color jerseys (I know the Twins wore navy blue or red jerseys more than they wore white jerseys at home this year). 

All of which is to say... I wouldn't mind if college basketball (and Iowa in particular) got in on this trend, particularly if their black (and gold, assuming they have one) uniforms are going to look sharper than their white ones. 

Comment 10 Oct 2019

Yeah, I think the black/away version of this design will look a LOT better. I'm very curious to see it. I hope they do the text/number on the jersey in gold on those uniforms. 

Comment 10 Oct 2019


Good news! They did -- for the women's team

MBB and WBB have had different looks in recent years, so I don't know that the men will also wear that look (or something similar), but I would certainly not be opposed to it. 

Comment 09 Oct 2019

Per Pro Football Focus (so apply your own caveats, if you like), Banwart had the second highest pass block grade of Iowa's OL on Saturday -- 72.7. That was just ahead of Wirfs (72.4) and behind Linderbaum (80.6). Jackson had a 61.8 grade in pass blocking. And the Paulsens really, really, *really* struggled -- Levi posted a 48.6 grade in pass blocking and Landan posted a 20.2 grade in pass blocking. I think they're weaker links than Banwart.

But, overall, I think Iowa's guard play has been an issue this year. Wirfs has been excellent (though he had a few bad mistakes vs Michigan) and while Jackson definitely struggled some vs Michigan, I think he'll get better as he shakes off the rust and plays more snaps. Linderbaum has been mostly excellent at C. But the guard play has been really up and down IMO.  

Comment 09 Oct 2019

He did -- he played 33 snaps. 

For the record, DL snaps vs Michigan: 

60 Epenesa
60 Golston
49 Lattimore
33 Nixon
30 Schulte
7 A. Jones