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Comment 16 Jan 2021

I think he was projected around 165 when he came to Iowa. It will be interesting to see where he winds up after a year or two. Obviously Marinelli and Kemerer should keep 165/174 in good hands this year (and possibly next year too), but you can probably pencil Kennedy into one of those weights after that. Which one? TBD. 

Weights are always a tricky business. When Nelson came to Iowa I never dreamed that he would get up to 184 lbs or that he would look good there -- but, damn, he looked REALLY good at that weight vs Venz last night. Long term the best lineup for Iowa might be 

165 Kennedy
174 Brands
184 Assad

But we'll have to wait and see how things work out... 

Comment 16 Jan 2021

Very possible. Eierman has already indicated he wants to come back next year and if Lee wins this year, I can't imagine him not coming back next year for a shot at a 4th national title. He also seems to LOVE being a Hawkeye and competing for Iowa, so if he has additional chances to do that, I think he'll take 'em. I think the same is generally true for guys like DeSanto, Marinelli, and Young as well. The biggest question mark might be Kemerer. If he finally gets a title this year, does he decide to go out on top after all the injuries and setbacks he's had over the years? I could see that.

All that is likely to be decided in April and May. For now the focus is obviously on getting thru this year with as few COVID complications as possible and getting the national title they weren't able to get last year. 

Comment 16 Jan 2021

I believe Nunge might be able to end up with a 7-year career, too? Maybe just 6 years. Either way some looooong serving Hawkeyes for sure.

Comment 15 Jan 2021

197: Jacob Warner drops a 3-2 decision to Eric Schultz.

Came down to a single takedown and Warner was in on one in the 3rd, but Schultz won the scramble. 


Comment 15 Jan 2021

: 157: Kaleb Young beats the false Caleb, via 17-5 major decision. 


The first half of the dual went well. 

Comment 15 Jan 2021

Here's the deets on the extra matches tonight, starting at 6 PM (so about 2 hours before the dual itself starts): 

Comment 15 Jan 2021

No, because I expect most of (if not all) of this year's seniors to take advantage of the free year of eligibility and be back next year, too. 

The drop-off is more likely for 2022-23, when Lee, DeSanto, Eierman, Young, Marinelli, and Kemerer will definitely be gone. Iowa does have some promising recruits lined up to replace some of those guys, but that will still be a difficult crew to fully replace. 

Comment 15 Jan 2021

Duals on regular BTN (TV) won't be available on BTN+, at least not live. (I'm not sure if archived versions get added to BTN+ later on.)

Duals on regular BTN (TV) can be streamed live via the Fox Sports app, but you'll need to have a cable subscription to view them that way I believe.