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Comment 9 hours ago
(just grab the URL for the image -- in this case, right click on the image and select "Copy Image Address" -- and then in the comment box click on the little picture icon (it's the first option in the fourth box -- picture, table, YouTube, Twitter) and paste in the URL in the provided space)
Comment 19 hours ago

This is a fair point. I was using Yoda because a) he's the most well-known Jedi teacher and b) he doesn't tend to fuck up his pupils as much as some other teachers we see in the SW movies. Obi-Wan royally fucked up teaching Anakin, so even if he gets a little bit of a pass for teaching Luke a thing or two, I don't support him to teach Young Stanley the ways of the Force. 

Comment 18 Apr 2018

Wisconsin 04 was the only time I've ever rushed the field at Kinnick. Still glorious. Fun to see Delany present KF with the B1G title.

That was during a brief stretch when Iowa routinely took Wisco's lunch money. Iowa won four straight from 02-05. 04 was my favorite because of the B1G title and the field rush and all that, but ruining Barry Alvarez Day in 05 was also pretty sweet. Unfortunately they've won 7 of 9 over Iowa since then... 

Comment 13 Apr 2018

Speaking of haunted building on the Iowa campus... I WOULD believe that the tunnels under UIHC (especially near the old, original hospital building) are haunted. It was creepy as shit down there.