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Comment 2 hours ago

That's basically bringing divisional scheduling to basketball and I'm not crazy about that idea, given some of the imbalance that would likely result. 

Unfortunately, the reality of 14-team conferences is that there aren't really any good solutions to this issue. 10 is the perfect number for a conference (especially in basketball; see: the Big 12 playing everyone home and away), but that ship has long since sailed. 

Comment 2 hours ago

Well, the people teaching him the offense are different than the people who were teaching Powell. It was Greg Davis and Bobby Kennedy back then. Now it will be Brian Ferentz, Kelton Copeland, and (probably to some extent) Ken O'Keefe. Hopefully they can do well with him. 

Comment 26 Jul 2017

He is pretty self-deprecating about his weirdness, which... good for him. 

I am disappointed at the lack of #RowTheBoat jibes in this video though. 

Comment 26 Jul 2017

Those are all very good questions and I'm going to try and do a post on the streaming services and options for watching Iowa. 

As far as I know, every service offers some form of DVR service, so you should be able to record them. As far as getting ALL the games, I would say "yes," with the caveat of games on the overflow channels. Iowa plays a few games per season that seem to wind up there and I'm not 100% sure how PS Vue/Hulu/YouTube/etc. handle the overflow channels for BTN. And the BTN2Go point is a very good question and I'm not at all sure about that. I will try to find some answers for the post I'm working on!

Comment 25 Jul 2017

Young did not return any kicks last year -- McCarron and King did all the punt returns and the vast majority of the kickoff returns. Brady Ross, Drake Kulick, and Austin Kelly are also credited with one kick return apiece. 

Young worked as a return guy during spring, though, and I think he and VandeBerg will split duties there. It may depend on how much they want to risk VandeBerg. 

Comment 24 Jul 2017

Yes, he redshirted in 2014. He's only a junior this year, so he'll be able to play in 2018 regardless. He could only get another year of eligibility via a medical redshirt, but that seems unlikely unless he ends up missing two seasons. 

Comment 24 Jul 2017

Yeah, Clayberg was a grayshirt. There's a good article about it here. He was actually the first player at Iowa under KF to actually grayshirt. I recall a few others who were supposed to grayshirt (Julian Vandervelde springs to mind), but ended up joining as regular freshmen because scholarships opened up before fall. 

Comment 24 Jul 2017

I thought the juggling at safety was interesting, too. I'm curious to see how they look during training camp and what the depth chart looks like come Wyoming. The defensive backfield is definitely an In Phil Parker We Trust-type situation, for the most part. I hope Taylor has taken a step forward in terms of consistency, though, or Iowa seriously considers other options.

I'm still driving the Amani Hooker bandwagon, but it could be hard for him to see a lot of PT this year if Gervase and Taylor are set at the safety spots; I'm still hopeful, though! On paper, Clayberg ticks a lot of the boxes for an Iowa safety, so I'm curious to see how he plays as well. 

Comment 24 Jul 2017

As noted, I think you're confusing Nate Wieting and Nate Wieland. Wieting is a SO tight end who saw action in 10 games (and started three!) per Hawkeye Sports, though he didn't record any stats. Like Pekar he's mainly a blocking tight end. Wieland is a true freshman LB from Iowa City. 

I noticed Wisnieski's absence too and it's not a great sign when there are (at least) four TE slots available and he doesn't show up in any of them. I haven't heard anything about additional injuries, but at this point it seems like any minutes we get out of him would be absolute gravy.

The Paulsens are redshirt sophomores, so there's still some time left. Levi Paulsen has a pretty clear path to playing time -- he appears to be the "next man in" OL this year (at G or T anyway) and I'd guess he'll be starting somewhere (most likely RG) in 2018. Landan does appear to have a steeper hill to climb since he continues to not turn up in depth charts. I'm a little dubious of Lucas LeGrand (or Dalton Ferguson) at RT, but I don't know if Paulsen is pushing them or not. Iowa has recruited well at OL in the last few classes and I think guys like Wirfs and Kallenberger will put pressure on some of the upperclassmen (Ferguson, LeGrand) if they don't take a leap forward this year. I'd be pretty intrigued by a 2018 OL of (L to R) Jackson, Reynolds, Daniels, Paulsen, and Wirfs/Kallenberger. (Or possibly sliding Paulsen out to RT and putting Wirfs/Kallenberger at G, since Iowa likes to do the G-->T transition.)