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Comment 20 Feb 2020

Touché. Dirty may have been a stretch. But he was definitely up to some bullshit on those picks, especially in the 1st half. And I’m with the announcers that he definitely grabbed and held Kriener on his way down on that call early in the game. 

Comment 20 Feb 2020

Caleb Wesson is up to some bullshit on his pick and screens. I never thought of him as a dirty player, but after that “not” hook and grab in the 1st half and now watching him more closely, he might just be. He does play for tOSU I guess. 

Comment 20 Feb 2020

The job Chris Holtmann is doing at tOSU is almost on par with the job Herm Edwards is doing at ASU. He is basically the Fuji Apple to Herm Edwards’ thin griddled burger, a la Smashburger or Shake Shack.  

Comment 19 Feb 2020

It would be cool if there was a rule on GIA that no one can ever compare any contemporary coaching performance to Fry, Snyder, or Alvarez. Those are not only special beyond description, but can really never be replicated again given the state of modern college football. And can we also agree that reviving a dead football program and a dead basketball program are not comparable? They’re not only apples and oranges; they’re apples and pizza. Two essentially unrelated things. I’m actually kind of embarrassed for the commenters here who are arguing about wether Bill Snyder and Fran are comparable. It’d be way more rewarding for the commentariat here if you argued wether Honeycrisp Apples were comparable to Neapolitan pizza in the pantheon of American foods which have relatively recently entered the zeitgeist. 

And just so we’re clear, only a fucking idiot would suggest that honeycrisps are comparable to Neapolitan pizza. I mean yes, honeycrisps are responsible for reviving the fresh apple; but Neapolitan pizza took what had become an industrial food product and elevated it to an art form. So you can just shut the fuck up about your apple, dummy. 

Comment 18 Feb 2020

I think that there is a strain of recency bias that ascribes way too much structural impact and import to Lick

It may be too much, but it’s still there regardless. And it’s not just Lick. It’s the sum total of Alford, Lick, Barta, and one could say, it even goes back to Bowlsby. I think most people probably forget or don’t realize the impact that the Alford and Bowlsby departures had on the basketball program, the way all that mess went down and what it stemmed from(football and some women’s sports had their problems then too). It carried over into the Lickliter disaster and exploded from there. There is still, to this day, a lot skepticism among the donor class and season ticket holders of the university’s commitment to its basketball program. The same Christmas party conversation has been on repeat since 2008 around Iowa City, only the names have changed. Frankly, until Connor and Patrick showed up, I was concerned that Fran would bolt. The basketball program is surrounded by ingrates, and the stain of the 00’s isn’t even close to washed out. 

Comment 18 Feb 2020

I definitely was rooting for PSU tonight. My hatred for Illannoy was enough for me to forget about my hatred for PSU, at least while watching the last 8 mins or so of that game.

Fuck Illini. 

Comment 18 Feb 2020

You’re spot on except for the fact that the lethargy in the fan/donor base from the Alford/Lickliter debacles has carried over, further fueled by BTNs fucked up scheduling. That is not all on Fran. Should he be doing more to combat it? Probably. To his credit, the non con schedule finally improved. But the facelift to Carver can only help so much. And the lack of imagination of the athletics department when it comes to competitive edge in Carver is a whole other conversation. But pointing backward to Lickliter is not invalid, especially because:

a) the negative effects of his tenure still exist, and 

b) folks are quick to ignore the body of Fran’s work outside of his teams defensive lapses and perceived bad Februaries.

His record at Iowa does not exist in a vacuum. If we can point back to Olsen and Raveling as the catalyst to Dr. Tom’s success, then we can certainly point to Lickliter as the weights holding Fran back for years, albeit lighter now. And not to mention the fact that he’s a human being who had a kid with cancer a few years into his tenure at Iowa, which I’m sure had an impact on multiple seasons of Iowa basketball. 

I think we’re seeing the effects of what Fran has learned from his years in the B1G. It appears that he’s  got a mentally tough team, finally. We probably won’t know for sure until we can look back in March of ‘21. I absolutely agree that Fran has his failings, and that we should find a better way to measure those relative to his successes. And I certainly agree that right now he’s doing most likely his best coaching ever. But to even imagine a coaching change at this point is beyond stupidity. I know you haven’t called for one, but others have and it’s beyond dumb.   

Comment 18 Feb 2020

This “fear of change” rebuttal is tired and annoying.

The idea that Fran’s performance to this point is fireable is silly; paying him the rest of his contract to not coach is even sillier. The job he’s done this season alone should shut people up about firing him for at least the rest of this season! 

Carver is 2/3 full on a good night when Fran is running possibly the best player to ever wear black and gold onto floor each night. If this team can’t fill Carver, what does a coach have to do to fill it? 

Fran’s players love him, and his firing would result in at least two major defections, if not the complete decimation of the roster.

What established, “not mid-major”, coach is coming to Iowa City given the above? I’m legitimately asking. I’d love to hear some names. 

If this team gets Frederick back and somehow loses out, and then shits the bed next year despite a ton of talent coming back, then I will happily join the “Fran might need to go” conversation. For now though, the notion is totally overwrought. 

Comment 17 Feb 2020

The vestiges of Lick (and Alford) are still visible at Carver, and Fran has to live with them. We may be 10 years removed from Lick, but not from the damage he (and Alford, and arguably the B1G Network) did. It’s a shame that this season hasn’t been enough for a lot of fans to give Fran a break. He should be in the running for B1G COY, particularly given his decimated roster. As long as people are still impugning the work he’s doing, even calling for a coaching change as recently as last Thursday, I think it’s perfectly reasonable for Fran’s defenders to play the Lickliter card. Apparently Fran still needs one for some folks. 

Comment 17 Feb 2020

Yeah, but zero conference championships, he continues to lose games in February, no DJ Carton or Xavier Foster, Minnesota made two huge runs yesterday and almost won the game, his players are all hurt, he’s belligerent toward the officials who are just doing their jobs, and he had a player driving while his license was suspended. We should be talking about a coaching change. 

I’m not sure where I pulled that quote from, but I’m sure it was posted somewhere recently. Regardless; of course you’re right that Fran deserves credit, but I think those of us who support and appreciate Fran need to acknowledge the frustrations of a certain percentage of the fan base and stop praising Fran so much. /s

Said percentage of the fan base needs to step outside for smoke or something. not /s

Comment 06 Feb 2020

What if they go 2-1, splitting the road games? Asking honestly. 

I fully expect Assembly Hall to have a rafter fall or some seats to come unglued or some other voodoo bullshit that seems to follow Iowa to Bloomington. My prediction is the Hawks will be up 6 at half, only to have Indiana go on an officiating-aided run in the 2nd to take a lead, which Iowa may, or likely not, overcome. I am scarred by decades of a similar narrative in that god forsaken hellscape. 

That said, I’m feeling good about the prospects of 2-1, but 1-2 would not surprise me, and would only truly wreck the team in my eyes if one of the losses is to those fucks from Lincoln.

0-3 and generations will sing of your foresight and wisdom. 

Comment 06 Feb 2020

It has been a hallmark of Iowa basketball, for at least the 30+ years I can remember watching, to get lit up every so often by a bench player who sets his career record for points, 3's, whatever. It wouldn't really be a season of Iowa basketball if that didn't happen at least once. "Let me tell you, Color Commentator, that [insert bench player here] averages 4.7 points in 15 minutes a night. He's already got 13 points in this half alone, making 5 of 7, including 3 of 4 from 3. Amazing!" I expect to hear something akin to that at least once per season.

Comment 06 Feb 2020

This Hawkeye team is an anomaly. A completely different team than any Fran has had, well, ever. Tons of weaknesses, yes, but tons of strengths. For anyone to say that the performance of past Hawkeye teams under Fran have anything to do with this team is shortsighted at best. When Bohannon shut it down, who of us wouldn't have immediately taken 9-11 in conference? I can say honestly that I would have. Would it be disappointing now? Yeah. But lets all prepare to be disappointed, because this team is one player with foul trouble away from getting beat in every game the rest of the way out. It's perfectly plausible, and would have absolutely zero to do with Fran or February or anything else. It's also perfectly plausible that Iowa goes 5-2 down the stretch. I fully expect Iowa to get smoked by Sparty and lose an insane battle against Illannoy, but I'd also take the Hawks -10 against Purdue on 3/3, and -20 against the Fuskers on Saturday. This is not last year's, or any other year's, Hawkeye team.

Comment 06 Feb 2020

If Purdue can beat Sparty by 30 in West Lafayette, is anyone really surprised they can beat the Hawks by 40? Even though I fully expected a letdown from the Hawks, I’ll admit I didn’t expect a blowout like this. But am I surprised? No. Mackey is a slaughterhouse, Matt Painter is a great coach, and the Hawks were probably due to trip and fall after those 3 brutal games.