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Comment 10 Mar 2020

Why the down vote? I don't read that as a knock on Tyler. Luka probably puts up bigger numbers last year, but they occupied the same space and Tyler was the preferred option.

Comment 04 Mar 2020

I should flesh it out a bit - the league isn't as good as we thought (I still think Michigan State has the highest upside, and their last 10 days are pretty damn impressive), but it does have a bunch of good teams that hammered on each other. The only team that didn't really go through the whole gauntlet was Wisconsin. If they get a piece of the title, which I think they will, they got a great hand from the league on the schedule (it'd be nice to get that schedule once), but most importantly for them it's their culture staying alive post-Bo Ryan. Gard probably has to win coach of the year if they get a piece of the title.

I'm totally in that boat with you on Wisconsin (and UVA). It's a disgusting brand of ball, I can't believe people want to play that way, and it's absolutely anathema to the essence of the sport. I freaking hate it with every fiber of my being. But hey, they get results playing games in the 50s, maybe the 60s. They are incredibly good at getting teams to play their style. They make you play on their terms in those grind it out, slow down games. If the game is sped up, I think they know they can't hang. There's also a TON of grabbing on defense that, well, just doesn't get called. To me, it's the Izzo/Painter/Bo Ryan Challenge - the refs can't call everything. If they do, the game will last 5 hours. So get handsy, guys!

Comment 04 Mar 2020

It was reported post-game that he's been hit in the same area a few times in the last handful of games.

Oh, and Kriener apparently hyper-extended his knee, so he's going to live in the training room the next few days to be available for Illinois.

OH, and Bobby Hansen noted at the end of the game that Evelyn looked a little woozy. Fran thought it was a hydration issue.

So, you know, good news!

Also, and this is beyond disgusting, if Wisconsin wins their next two games, they will tie for the league title and they will get the 1-seed. The Big Ten is tough, but maybe the league is a tad overrated if that team is getting the 1. That team is NOT very good, and the DelaneyBot gave them an insanely easy schedule (of the top 6, they only played those teams 6 times, total. Michigan State twice, single plays with Iowa, Illinois, Penn State, and Maryland). The DelaneyBot was secretly constructed by Barry Alvarez.

Comment 26 Feb 2020

Here are his splits for the season. I posted this over at BHGP earlier and had to correct it because ESPN must bundle the neutral games into home and road as well, depending on how the teams were designated (which is delightfully stupid on ESPN's part; just label them as neutral venues). 

Anyway, his splits via basketball reference for all games:

Home: 16.6 ppg, 5.9 rpg, 48.7/40.0/87.3 splits
Away: 11.2 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 36.4/22.9/76.7 splits
Neutral: 15 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 43.8/46.4/83.3 splits

His road split is horrific. Home-neutral looks like an all-Big Ten guy, then his road splits are So bad. He's either injured or teams are dead set on taking him away and he didn't adjust at all. They throw the kitchen sink at Garza, but if he gets his, whatever. If Garza has a night and the role guys step up, tip the cap, but opponents are clearly not going to let both Garza AND Wieskamp get loose, as that's almost an automatic win for Iowa. 

Comment 21 Feb 2020

We need to look at some league lists too, because Garza's almost certainly going to get past 700, and if Iowa plays enough he might get closer to 800 and even break that barrier. I don't think that's crazy.

In terms of single season points, 10th place is held by Calbert Cheaney in 1992-93 with 785. He'd get close to that if he kept this pace and Iowa plays just 6 games. If Iowa gets another game or two though, he passes Cheaney and 800 becomes a thing. 7th on the list is Cazzie Russell of Michigan with 800 exactly in 1965-66. That would be insane.

After Russell, it's Scott Skiles with 850, Carsen Edwards with 874, Rick Mount with 932, Glen Rice at 949, Dennis Hopson with 958, and Glenn Robinson with an absurd 1,030 in 93-94. Getting past Skiles is probably a tall order. 

Comment 14 Feb 2020

Yeah for people that don't watch the NBA, it's a ruthless league. They find a weak link in an opponent, and they pick on that guy over, and over, and over, until that guy is played off the floor. They find the weakness and they destroy it.

Pick and roll is a big part of the NBA right now, and if you can't defend it, you don't make it.

Comment 14 Feb 2020

The big issue with Toussaint, for me, is that he had already made that error in the first half, on Green's first made 3 that got him going.

On that play, Iowa's in 2-3. The ball is at the top of the key and Connor has it covered. For some reason, Toussaint commits fully to a double team that wasn't called for, per Fran in the postgame. The problem is obvious right away - Toussaint is now out of position and leaves his wing, where two IU players were standing, covered by one Iowa player (CJF). IU smartly passes over Toussaint to the player where Toussaint should have been (Phinisee IIRC). That forces CJF up to cover Phinisee. Phinisee swings it to Green, who is now open because CJF had to step up to Toussaint's spot. Open 3, Green makes it, then he goes on a Gatens-like 2012 run. Some of those 3s were insane - the step-back 3 after that was NBA-level and an absurd degree of difficulty, an unguardable shot. He had another from the wing in the middle of a pack of IU and Iowa players in one spot. Hand was in the face on that one and he made it anyway. Tough shot. There's another in that stretch where a back-up big, Hunter, makes a 23-footer, uncontested. Hunter is a 28 percent 3-point shooter. That's a shot Iowa wants IU to take. It's out of the flow of their offense, from a bad 3-point shooter. But he made it so Iowa looks bad.

But let's be real - the biggest story out of this game, by far, is CJF's injury. If he's hurt and out for a prolonged stretch, Iowa's in major trouble. Best-case scenario is this is an injury akin to the ankle injuries Jamal Murray has sustained with the Nuggets - he's had a couple of ankle injuries the last two years that, at first blush, looked like month+ type ankle sprains. They each looked gnarly as they happened. I'm pretty sure he was helped off the court in at least one instance. He maybe missed 1 game each time and was back within a week. But if it's worst-case - Fran said postgame that CJF's spirits were "not good," so I'm bracing for the worst-case scenario - Iowa's tournament spot is in danger. Forget about a 5-seed - this is a get in however you can situation. 

Comment 12 Feb 2020

I dislike Illinois as much as the next Iowa fan, but when I saw that he got hurt, all I could say was, "not like this." I feel terrible for that kid. 

Comment 23 Jan 2020

One thing that makes me pause on Garza going pro - there was a QC Times article last week in which Frank Garza said 1) the family really likes what Frank Kaminsky did; he could've gone pro after his third year but came back for another year and a title shot, which they narrowly lost, and 2) they (the Garza's) are also kind of old school and like the idea of 4 years.

Reading the article, it makes me think he's coming back. Losing Kriener will hurt, as he's become a legitimately good player, but yeah - if everyone is back next year, they absolutely ought to think big. Really big.

EDIT - I should add here that Garza is getting a lot of Kaminsky comps overall. Garza's season stats compared to Kaminsky's final year:

Garza: 23.2 ppg, 10.3 rpg, 1.7 bpg (that number surprised me), 56.1/38.5/65.0 shooting splits
Kaminsky: 18.8 ppg, 8.2 rpg, 1.5 bpg, 54.7/41.6/78.0 splits

Kaminsky's line got him all of the major national player of the year awards.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

Totally with you, Olive. That first possession of the game made me worried. I know, that's kind of silly but it felt like one of those games. Iowa's defense was fantastic on the opening possession, they deflected a few passes, then Harper makes a really tough step-back, hand-in-the-face 3. Gah. And it was nothing but net. I had the same thought - "Great, here we go again with Harper."

Comment 10 Jan 2020

What a coaching job by Bluder this year. Getting this team, after losing the national player of the year, in range of a tournament spot is coach of the year stuff. Really amazing job by her and her staff.

Comment 18 Dec 2019


The writing at this site the last 16 or so hours has been extraordinary. Well done by each of you.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Oh and we don't get the hokey pokey as a celebration song, which is WAY underrated as a celebration song. It's a real fuck you, slap in the face to an opponent.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

I shared this over at BHGP and want to do the same here. It felt like a portion of my childhood died last night.

I shared some of this on Twitter last night as a walk down memory lane and how I came to be an Iowa fan.

My dad was an AUSA in the Southern District of Iowa. Due to his work, he knew a bunch of guys that were in the Northern District as well, which has its main offices in Cedar Rapids. He got to know a couple of guys in the FBI field office and became really tight with one of them, to the point that they split season tickets for awhile (that agent was on the field with Hayden during the 1983 Iowa-Ohio State game. He never confirmed it, but I always assumed that coincided with the death threats Fry was getting from a deranged fan).

After awhile, my dad got his own pair of season tickets. He usually went to games with my mom, but occasionally I’d get to go. My first game was Iowa-Michigan State, on October 7, 1989. I don’t remember much from the game, but I was hooked. I’d go to a couple of games a year between 89 and 95 or 96, when my dad eventually had his own tickets and upped his allotment to 4. Then I got to go to nearly every home game. All the great Iowa players I saw – Leroy Smith, Mike Wells was great, Danan Hughes, Nick Bell, those last few Fry teams (98 excluded) that had excellent personnel in Dwight, Banks, DeVries et al but were also stuck in an era where Ohio State was rolling, Michigan won a national title, Wisconsin figured it out, Penn State entered the league and was still really talented, and Northwestern started a football program from nothing. Then there’s all the guys I saw in person. I was at the 1991 Michigan game, which is the year Desmond Howard won the Heisman. He went nuts in that game and for some reason, Fry ran a fake punt really deep in his own territory that didn’t work and the flood gates opened after that. Robert Smith is WAY under-appreciated at Ohio State – he scored a 40 or 50 yard TD against Iowa in 1992, on Halloween in a freaking monsoon, without a shoe. He ran away from everyone while only wearing one shoe. Later I saw 1998 Ohio State in person – they were #1 for the entire season until Nick Saban beat them in the Horseshoe (Iowa played them the next week, because of course we did, and got freaking boat raced; that Ohio State team should’ve won the national title). I saw Ron Dayne. I saw those good 95-96 Northwestern teams when they definitely weren’t jNW.

Through it all was Hayden, in the white pants. He still had fire at the end. There are pictures of old Hayden really getting into games. Unfortunately he probably stayed a year or two too long. His 96 team went 9-3 (should’ve been 10-2; they flew down to Tulsa for a game the day of the game and laid an egg. They jumped out to a quick early lead then squandered it). 1997 would’ve been a nice swan song but they lost all of the close games that year plus lost Matt Sherman mid-season (if he stays healthy they beat Wisconsin and Northwestern and go 9-2). That definitely should’ve been it, but he stayed for one more but got sick – which he somehow kept secret for the whole season – and you could just feel it slipping away. The last two home games were with Wisconsin, who won the Rose Bowl that year, and that Ohio State team that finished #2 in the final poll. Iowa was crushed in both games. That 98 team had a good defense but no offense to speak of and by the end of the year they were completely out of gas. The whole program was, unfortunately, out of gas. Everyone knew it was over and I hated how it ended for Fry. I’ll always hate how it ended.

It’s now difficult to comprehend what happens if Fry fails at Iowa. The sliding doors on that is fascinating. Without him, there’s no huge coaching tree and critically for Iowa, no Kirk Ferentz. Without that, there’s no new press box, or south end zone, or north end zone, or the Bubble, or the new practice facility, or…