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Comment 20 hours ago

This has to be collectively the largest victory margins out there. Even with Connor being criminally underrated at a 14 seed, he’s entering a 1-on-1 format where his court vision and lack of bad passes are neutralized, and facing a stunning athlete whose primary weaknesses were those same neutralized attributes. In a 5-on-5 game, I’ll take Connor. In 1-on-1, this is a brutal and huge win by Cook. 

Comment 03 Apr 2020

Serious answer: The magnets would have to be so incredibly strong polarity to keep two 200-pound athletes 6 full feet away from eachother that they'd lift a maglev train. Which means that if one player turned the other direction and the polarities now lined up to attract, we would have two players smashed into eachother so forcefully they would both surely die. 

Comment 02 Apr 2020

Nice. I can still easily tell you the score of the 1997 Iowa-UNI game (it was 66-0) because I have a vivid memory of watching The Mike Dunbar Show on Iowa Public Broadcasting the day after the game. The entire show ended up being a recap of Iowa TDs and sacks and INTs because UNI got so thoroughly dominated. Dunbar was a nice guy and had to recap the entire half hour saying “here again, Iowa is a great team and Tim Dwight is a great player and he got behind the defense”, or whatever player named there, over and over. It was just fantastic. 

Comment 02 Apr 2020

FIRST GAME: Iowa vs Illinois, October 1993. We lost bad. Real bad. Had moved from Illinois to Iowa in 1990, so this was supposed to be a great first game to attend as I was newly a teenager and changing my allegiance from the Illini to the Hawkeyes (I wore a Fighting Illini sweater to a 1991 Rose Bowl party on our block only six months after we moved to Iowa). I don't remember much of the game, honestly. When it ended up a 49-3 loss I think I kind of tuned out. The one thing I will always remember: The HUGE cheers from the Iowa crowd when a tiny guy wearing the jersey number 1 came from deep off the bench in the blowout to line up at wideout. Willie Guy. I believe he had one catch and one carry in that game, probably making it in the Top 5 of #1 overall recruit-and-complete-bust Willie Guy's career games at Iowa.

LAST GAME: Also Iowa vs Illinois, 2017. God, has it really been that I haven't been to an Iowa game the last two years? Having young kids really puts a damper on the tailgating, man. Pretty unremarkable game, notable mostly for it being the first game for my second son, went with my brother and stepdad and two oldest boys. They ate like 5 bags of popcorn and 4 hot dogs instead of watching the game, and we left early in the 3rd quarter. They've been better and had a better time at the wrestling meets we've been to (the Iowa-PSU dual this year with them was fantastic)

BEST GAME: I'm with Ross, the 2002 Purdue game at home is simply the best. I had student tickets and was a 5th-yr Senior in the time when you had reserved seats based on seniority and the student section had very good seats, so I was sitting 8th row at the 30 yard line for those $12 tickets. But a close second game is a recent one, the 40-10 drubbing of Nebraska at home in 2016. I had 10th row seats at the goal line, in the exact corner where both long Iowa TDs were scored (Riley McCarron catch and Akrum Wadley run). Also notable because it was the first game for my oldest son, he fell asleep in my arms on the way back to the car when we left in the 3rd quarter, and I got to hear the last two Iowa TDs from Dolph on the way home while the boy slept. Just a great memory. 

WORST GAME: Man, I have been to I think literally every game possible on the "Worst Game of Ferentz era" list. I was at Iowa-ASU 44-7 loss in 2004. The year I attended the most games of my life was 2012, going to 10 games. My away games were NIU, jNW, and IU. I think the NIU game, despite being the only win of the 3, was the worst one. God I hate Greg Davis. I was at the 2002 ISU loss, and 2007 WMU loss, and the 2012 CMU loss, and the 2002 Orange Bowl blowout, and U-Florida bowl loss where the refs screwed us,  I was at the 2012 PSU home loss where we lost half our OL in consecutive plays and never won a game again, I was at the North Dakota State loss, I was at the 2010 Wisconsin game that ended that season, I was at the 1998 Wisconsin game where Ron Dayne ground our defense into a fine powder and took them to a Rose Bowl win while we went 1-10, I was at the 1999 49-3 home loss to MSU and Nick Saban (worst Iowa home loss score ever?). In short, if there was a terrible Iowa loss there's a 90%+ chance that I attended in person. I am cursed. Maybe it's for the best that I haven't attended a game in the past two years. But anyway, the worst game remains the 2004 loss to ASU in the desert monsoon. I was newly living in San Diego, and drove the 5 hours with my roommate telling her how great Iowa football is now with Ferentz, two consecutive years finshing in the Top 10 and now this is the year we win the National Championship. We're gonna grind ASU into a pulp, this is going to be a huge and fun win. Yeah, that didn't happen. 

Comment 01 Apr 2020

Jok is getting knocked out earlier than his 2-seed and scoring would suggest. He’s probably the worst 1-on-1 defender in the entire bracket (yes I mean literally the worst), and 1-on-1 favors rebounds much more than you’d think. Jok also did not excel there. For those two reasons, I have Uthoff and RDM as my co-favorites in the field, but they are locked up for an Elite 8 matchup due to being in same quadrant. That’s a good game. 

Comment 26 Mar 2020

I think that is slightly skewed by B10 teams in that era being more defense than offense generally, and in particular the B10 NEVER having top-flight offensive players. That said, yes, Iowa has to improve on defense. If Luka comes back they’re a lock for a Top 5 offense, maybe #1 overall, but the defense has to get better if we want to be Final Four contenders as these #7 rankings would suggest. 

Comment 23 Mar 2020

I think you’re correct. He went defense-first pretty much that entire NCAAs as I recall. I’m probably mostly remembering how tearful I got watching him run into the stands to hug his parents. 

Comment 22 Mar 2020

Can anybody with better Google-fu find a video of Bruce Kinseth winning the 1978 title? He’s the only person to ever pin his way through the entire NCAAs. 

Comment 22 Mar 2020

Ramos’s SR year title should be on the list. I get more emotional thinking about his title, and Cory Clark’s, than anybody else’s. Something about being so close so many times and finally breaking through. Marinelli and Kemerer might be giving me those same feels soon.