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Comment 24 Feb 2019
It's also plausible that Fran is exacting retribution for Dolph never having said that an opposing player "was White Magic at the end of the game," when the Hawks have gone down after some nifty passing.
Comment 22 Feb 2019

Part of Iowa’s problem in that regard was probably their hot start. They hit six three pointers in the first quarter, which helped propel them to a 12-point first quarter lead. Then they didn’t hit another three until the game’s final 30 seconds. At times, it looked like the guards still thought they were hot, and kept jacking early threes when they should’ve looked for an easier bucket to end the run. Regardless of the reason, Iowa settling for jumpers late in the game is one of the primary reasons they didn’t secure their victory tonight.

Save this as a template for men's games write-ups.  Very insightful.  Unfortunately, the coaches mimic fans in falling for it, instead of telling the players something like, "Hey, I know we've hit some outside shots, but now we need to focus on getting the ball into the post on every possession." 

Comment 08 Jan 2019

First I was pissed, but now I'm kinda glad that Daniels acknowledged his high school and not Iowa in player intros

Comment 13 Dec 2018

At least he had the video to help convince his girlfriend that the strawberry wasn't a product of his leisure time at the combine.