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Comment 07 Apr 2020

why, though? i'd think it be cooler to have someone actually be unanimous.

Sometimes players are ven and it's hard to decide.

Sometimes you think a lesser player has a better game suited for this.

Sometimes you're just an irrational fan of a player and vote for him

But none of htis is true for little lick. why take something away from haluska*.

*something that totally matters

Comment 03 Apr 2020

I'm sure there have been conversations. To me, it's most likely that last Summer he was planning on finishing his degree at Iowa and then, if playing time didn't change, transferring. That's why Fran was bringing in 3 front court players. Or, if not planning on it, had discussed it. I can't imagine that McCaffery would be brining in 3 front court players if hte only one he was losing was Kriener.

Comment 02 Apr 2020

How many wrestlers' seasons were already completely over? 90%? Seems weird to advocate for extra eligibility for 10% of athletes.

Further, on a closer personal note. I like Kemerer's chances against Hall this year, but I can't imagine him getting two more years. If Hall comes back and pullls off a win over Kemerer. Ooof.

Comment 02 Apr 2020

Man, I'm not disagreeing with your points because, I mean, your'e wrong all the time, so what's it matter, but those things apply to Steph Curry and Trae Young, too, and I wouldn't be betting against them in any 1-on-1 format. It's an alternating format possession. Jok's not losing to Olaseni, Hansen/Woodbury. He's too strong to get backed down 20 feet, and if they want to trade jumpers, go for it. 

Comment 01 Apr 2020

Yeah... two things about Moss: in 1-on-1, there's no one else for him to defer to, so he maybe he just goes HAM all the way. On the other hand, maybe he just takes long 2s the whole time.

I so wanted Moss to win a National Championship in Kansas, or at least lose to Iowa in the finals.

Comment 26 Mar 2020

For which timeline?

I forget all the rules about putting a name in and taking it out. 

Some of already declared. I'm not sure any big names have said they're definitely coming back. 

I wouldn't be worried (not that you are) about them taking time. I think it's just prudent right now. NBA teams are probably trying to figure out what they're going to do and what they're own timelines. I do think Garza needs to get feedback from NBA teams just to see what they say. I think, in a normal year, he'd go through the process that COok, Wieskamp, and Moss have gone through recently. I bet he's hoping for that: What do I need to do to improve for next year.

Comment 24 Mar 2020

doing recruit watching cuz why not:

ahron ulis #1 in white - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRw8dbd3bSg

Tony perkins #12 in green - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRw8dbd3bSg (like his teammate playing center)
his team was ranked #1 in the state and #24 in the country before cancellations

Josh Ogundele - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6xsyT6F1-g

Comment 23 Mar 2020

Iowa is #7 in the way-too-early look (and Creighton is #2). Both were good teams tat should get back all 5 starters.


Comment 22 Mar 2020

This seems like a really obvious thing to say, but I don't think we actually think about how it plays out.

If Fran doesn't want him because he thinks the back court is fine, then Fran doesn't want him.

If Fran wants him but says, "We have a crowded backcourt," then fine, I buy that line of thinking.

But the way I see it going is like this: 

Fran: "DJ, we want you to come here and play for us."

DJ: "But you have a lot of good players returning."

Fran: "Yes, but we expect some transfers, and we're going to play small. We'll likely start 3-4 guards, and I can promise you 25 minutes a game."

DJ: "But... your backcourt? I don't believe you!" Nah - not on this part. If Fran promises him time, he'll believe it.

Comment 18 Mar 2020

SO blue bloods that recruit like Iowa did this year, that is 5-6 freshmen recruits every year as they always have non-seniors departing, what do they get? They get to keep their seniors around who were really highly-ranked recruits but just not surefire bets to be studs like Cassius Winston AND bring in 4 and 5-star talent? Oof. Think of Garza were a senior this year after terrorizing the B1G for a second straight year and being a POTY... sure, he could go pro, but what if he wanted to return as a 23-year-old 5th year player. All the career records would fall.  Would they have asterisks by them? 

What about Bohannon who took this year off for medical and strategic purposes. Does he get an extra year? so he has two years left? I'm not sure who this works.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

This is true. When you have Donald Trump or neo-liberal corporatists in charge, you absolutely know that the banks and corporations will be bailed out while the poor people will not be taken care of. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

Yes and no. Obviously, playing the games without fans will help, but we're just beginning to see what's up with the Jazz. Rudy Gobert got it. Now Donavan Mitchell has it. What if they had played their next game? Who else got it but isn't sick yet? Who else would have it.

The incubation period - a totally lame and stupid buzzword - is a real thing. Most sicknesses, you get sick and know it within a couple of days. You stay at home and isolate yourself. But this one... you can be contagious for up to 14 days and not even know you're sick. Could you imagine how quickly this woud spread through the wrestlers? Sure, if Spencer Lee got it on Wednesday, literally no one might affected before the tournament is over. But the guys he wrestles, he practices with, some of them are going to get it. It will spread. The hot humid, tight rooms they warm up in? It would take just 2-3 wrestlers to get it without symptoms to have dozens infected by the end of the tourney. Sheesh.

Now imagine doing that with basketball guys who travel the country, eat out virtually every night, go to clubs often, are on planes with those work on planes.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

Ugh. this is so seriously irresponsible and selfish. You do not understand this virus. You can have it and be symptom-free and highly contagious for up to two weeks! So, sure, go about your life. Don't worry. You'll get the virus. So what? Take a break. Except, you won't know you have it. You'll continue to go to work, to visit friends and family, the young and the old, and you'll spread the virus. Sure, maybe after a week you get super sick and take your wonderful break. But you've already interacted with dozens or scores of people. You've infected some. Great! Some will go symptom-free. Some will not. Some will pass it on.

This disease is not that dangerous compared to others, but its "incubation period" makes it highly contagious. The flu is 1-4 days. Within 24-48 hours most everyone who has the flu knows it, stays home, gets better, doesn't get others sick. That is not this virus. Trump played this down and that undoubtedly has led to it being worse than it could have been. Don't be so selfish.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

I thought I'd be able to get this time off by watching March Madness for the first time in a decade. By watching Iowa wrestling win its first title in a decade. By watching NBA playoffs. By.... oh sigh. I really should just go to Thailand at this point.