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Comment 12 Sep 2019

Who ruined your sports fan childhood? (On your team or an opposing team.)

Ronnie Harmon's bookie.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

How am I supposed to know if TCU is any good or not?

TCU has won five straight road games...and is 5-2 on the road against the B10 under head coach Gary Patterson.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I also forced myself to view this cinematic/musical farce. Besides the woman who recklessly abandons the steering wheel to take her coat off, my interest was peaked when I viewed a man in snow skis..."there is snow skiing in Ames??" I shouted out loud

After an exhausting internet search the best I could find was the Seven Oaks Ski resort in Boone (not Ames) Iowa. According to their website they have 13 runs ranging from 700 to 800 feet elevation.

My driveway has more slope than that. (:

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I don't normally watch the NFL but lately find myself flipping through to see former Hawks earning a living. I was hoping Josie would have some success, and not just 'a cup of coffee' in the NFL....looks to be off to a good start.

Beat State Clowns

Comment 11 Sep 2019

Agreed....and loathsome people are found in the cherished left as well...let's roll out some of those folks names?

Or would it best to just stick to Hawkeye sports and leave the political based crap on Twitter?

Comment 06 Sep 2019

I think the offense sputters/shoots itself in the foot enough times to keep this close. SleepyD wakes up this game and pins the hapless Rugers deep all morning long. Iowa wins but no-way they cover.

Comment 06 Sep 2019

This feels like a shoot ourselves in the foot kinda week...Iowa wins but does not cover.

Comment 03 Sep 2019

Will Amani Jones be used as the AJ of last season?...havoc maker off the bench.

Comment 02 Sep 2019

If Stanley hits Rags in stride that play is a touchdown, not at the six yard line. I'm afraid that Stanley's inaccuracy issue is here to stay, he is a senior and it should have been worked out by now.