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Comment 24 Jan 2020

keep those fingers crossed.  there's a long way to go and these guys are going to get tired.  i'm trying to mentally prepare myself for a possible collapse / regression to the mean.  nothing against this team, which i love watching, but .... there's just a long way to go.

Comment 10 Jan 2020

KenPom puts the Hawks at 10-10 right now. Seems about right for a pretty good team in this insane conference. Seems like half the teams could go 10-10 (didn't that happen a few years ago, maddeningly?).

Comment 13 Dec 2019

I don't watch a lot of NBA, but could Garza be kind of a Jokic type? Smart, good moves, a three point shot. Especially if he keeps improving his passing, which of course Jokic is next-level at.

Comment 10 Dec 2019

His usage numbers were so bad (and still are at Kansas) for someone with such offensive talent. He was super uneven but mostly a small liability as a non-participant in the offense.

Comment 10 Dec 2019

I think KenPom's numbers are still infected with last year's at this point. I think it's hard to know for sure right now how they compare on paper.

Comment 05 Nov 2019

A few thoughts from about the first 2/3 of the game:

I thought Fredrick looked really good, like the redshirt year was exactly what he needed. Liked his work on defense.

Agree with everyone that Garza and Wieskamp were as expected (but in an exciting way!). Wieskamp is just a pure joy to watch.

Evelyn seems like a huge disappointment in the making.

Toussaint reminds me of Dickerson (side note: he ended up at Georgetown?!?). But he's young so hopefully he'll turn all that energy into something useful. I liked watching him but he just seemed like a turnover machine.

Patrick will be (is?) better than Connor in no time. But he'll get pushed around in the B1G (and did even a few times last night).

Comment 02 Mar 2019

They're still in pretty good shape to make the tournament (somewhere, not a 6), according to the accepted criteria, but if it were my tournament I wouldn't want them in it. 

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I'm surprised how binary this issue seems to be. I think Fran has a legit anger management problem. Sure Izzo and all the other coaches regularly go bananas but there's something different about Fran -- something about his bodily control. 

On the other hand, I think he's done a lot to get it under control, he's not apparently abusive toward his players, and it's far from the only criteria by which to judge him. I guess what I'm saying is why is it so hard to acknowledge that Fran, as a person, is a hothead and it sometimes is a bad look, but he's still a coach worth supporting?

Comment 20 Feb 2019

This is where I ended up too. The prospect of stealing this with another buzzer beater (or just a rebound on the other end) was so delicious, the letdown was real. But on reflection, KenPom had us winning by one, even at home. So losing by one is really not that big of a deal. And, most importantly, losing because of a bad (bad bad) offensive night is best case scenario for this team. Especially because it wasn't the kind of stagnant offense as it was against MSU (or even Wisconsin), it was just a bad night. If there's one thing that isn't a long term concern it's offensive output. Hopefully the team is in the same place and can't wait to shoot lights out on Friday. 

Comment 20 Jan 2019

We only had three offensive rebounds. LOL.

Also, I thought the defense was fine. Hard to really get a read on it in a game like this.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Per KenPom, our 2p% defense is by far the worst part of our defense. Last year it was also bad, but so was the 3p%. So we might just have to live with this.

Comment 23 Nov 2018

Agree with this on defense. Does anyone know where to find just the number of possessions in a half? I'm thinking the first half stats would look pretty good, and they clearly took their foot off in the second (hell, ASU scored something like 15 points in the last 4 minutes which was the garbage time of the garbage time). They did take a hit on defense on KenPom because of giving up .99 ppp overall, but I'm not worried. 

Comment 08 Nov 2018

A related point on playing below their potential. According to KenPom, they were nearly dead last, which is a measure of the discrepancy between the efficiency metrics and actual record. In other words, even with the efficiency metrics, they should have won at least a few more games. Which is different than what you're saying but also contributes to the notion that perhaps they weren't quite as trash as their record shows. (Cue a discussion of Fran's close-/late-game strategies.)