By Adam Jacobi on September 9, 2017 at 8:44 pm
Ihmir Smith-Marsette (2)



Iowa's freshman wideout adds a new chapter to the rivalry with this overtime TD catch.

It seems odd to say, but beating Iowa State this season was going to require Iowa to make numerous clutch plays. Indeed, this was one of the most highlight-filled games we've ever seen in the rivalry, and after ISU settled for a field goal in its first overtime possession, the Hawkeyes needed just one more highlight to seal the win.

Ihmir Smith-Marsette, he of the diving 4th quarter touchdown, was here to do it again.

Smith-Marsette motions in before the snap, and ISU's corner keeps head-up on him. That motion gives Smith-Marse ample room to run a quick out at the goal line, and Stanley delivered an absolutely perfect pass for a well-defended catch.

The anecdote about Smith-Marsette fumbling away his only touch of the game in Week 1 is now even more likely to be etched into the way announcers talk about him (and by bringing it up here we're not exactly helping) but it's undeniable that he played a key role in bringing home this victory and the Cy-Hawk Trophy. His time in Kirk Ferentz's legendary doghouse was, thankfully, brief, and the Hawkeye world is thankful for that. 


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