Spencer Lee Named NCAA's Most Dominant Wrestler

By RossWB on March 24, 2020 at 6:49 pm
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Spencer Lee ran roughshod through the competition this season and dominated the competition. He was the most dominant wrestler in the NCAA this season -- you know, I know it, we all know it. And now it's official: 

While most awards involve some level of subjectivity since they rely on a voting body to select a winner, the Most Dominant Wrestler Award is based purely on math. I'll let the NCAA explain the formula

The Most Dominant Wrestler standings are calculated by dividing the total number of team points awarded through match results by the total number of matches wrestled. Wrestlers need a minimum of 17 matches to be ranked and must have qualified for and been eligible to compete in the national championships in their division. Points per match are awarded as follows:

  • Fall, forfeit, injury default or DQ = 6 points (-6 points for a loss)
  • Tech falls = 5 points (-5 points for a loss)
  • Major decision = 4 points (-4 points for a loss)
  • Decision = 3 points (-3 points for a loss)

At least 17 matches? Check (albeit barely -- Lee wrestled 18 official matches this season, once you include his forfeit win in the Minnesota dual). 

Qualified for and eligible to compete in the NCAA championships? Check. 

Lee recorded bonus points (a major decision, technical fall, or pin) in 17 of his 18 wins this season, a frankly absurd 94% bonus rate. (Another excellent wrestler with a Lee surname, Penn State's Nick, was the only other wrestler this season to have a bonus point rate of 80% or higher.)

He recorded a major decision in three of those 17 wins, meaning he had a technical fall (worth 5 team points) or fall/forfeit (worth 6 team points) in 14 of his 17 wins. All told, Lee scored 90 team points for Iowa (30 points via pins/forfeits, 45 points via technical falls, 12 points via major decisions, and 3 points via one regular decision). 90 divided by 18 matches equals a clean 5.00 points per match. 

Penn State's Mark Hall finished as runner-up in the Most Dominant Wrestler standings, earning 4.70 team points per bout, while Princeton's Pat Glory (aka, Lee's top rival at 125 lbs) finished third, earning 4.54 team points per match. They were excellent; Lee was otherworldly. 

Congratulations on (officially) being recognized as the Most Dominant Wrestler in Division I this year, Spencer. 

P.S. Don't forget to vote for Spencer in the fan vote for the Hodge Trophy!

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