Go Iowa Awesome Gameday on Discord

By Patrick Vint on November 7, 2020 at 11:01 am

Back during football season, we moved our usual gameday open threads to Discord.  That has expanded through the year, to where we've got multiple channels, including a separate room for each sport.  And now we're talking about the Hawkeyes' run through the NCAA Tournaments there.

Here's how to get started: Click this link.  That should get you to our Discord server, where you can either set up an account (if you're new) or login (if you've used Discord before).  If possible, I'd recommend using your GIA username, so that we're not cross-referencing who's who while also trying to add content and LOLZ to the chat.  

Now, the usual rules will apply: No misogyny, no racism, no homophobia or xenohobia, and no politics as much as possible.  We can get back to arguing later.  For now, let's just take a few hours to appreciate that we have an NCAA Tournament without Sad St. John's Eagle Guy.

Hello darkness my old friend

This site has always been about Iowa fans, a place to celebrate the success and wallow in the misery.  This is just a more effective way to do it, and we hope you'll join us and give it a shot.

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