2022 Preseason AP Poll Released; Iowa Outside Top 25

By RossWB on August 16, 2022 at 8:50 pm
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Last week the preseason Coaches Poll was released, headlined by Alabama, Ohio State, and Georgia. This week, the preseason AP Poll was released, headlined by... Alabama, Ohio State, and Georgia.


1 Alabama (54) 1566
2 Ohio State (6) 1506
3 Georgia (3) 1455
4 Clemson 1292
5 Notre Dame 1242
6 Texas A&M 1212
7 Utah 1209
8 Michigan 1203
9 Oklahoma 956
10 Baylor 884
11 Oregon 831
12 Oklahoma State 814
13 NC State 752
14 USC 711
15 Michigan State 631
16 Miami 476
17 Pittsburgh 383
18 Wisconsin 365
19 Arkansas 348
20 Kentucky 332
21 Ole Miss 324
22 Wake Forest 303
23 Cincinnati 265
24 Houston 263
25 BYU 234

There's very little difference between the polls, at least through the top 17 or so spots. The top five is identical -- Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson, and Notre Dame. There are a few discrepancies after that, but the teams from 6-10 are the same in both polls. Hell, the teams from 11-17 are also the same in both polls, with only minor differences (a rank or two) for some teams. 

The difference are a little more pronounced from 18-25, but that portion of the poll is the biggest crapshoot anyway. It's hard to get too worked up any differences there -- not that anyone should get worked up in the slightest about any preseason poll anyway. 

The preseason AP poll has the same Big Ten teams as the coaches poll -- Ohio State and Michigan in the Top 10, Michigan State at 14/15, and Wisconsin at 20/18. Notably absent, at least from our perspective? Our beloved Iowa Hawkeyes, of course. Iowa's third in Others Receiving Votes from the AP, behind Tennessee and Texas.

Like we said last week, is it hugely surprising that Iowa was left out of the Top 25? No. Not really. And if it gives this year's team a little added motivation heading into the season -- hey, more power to 'em. If Iowa opens up the season with a few wins, they'll be ranked in the Top 25 before too long. 

So... Thoughts, opinions, wild speculation? Let's hear it. 

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