All Hail Our New Hay Bale Tossing King

By RossWB on July 19, 2022 at 6:42 pm
@JSteppe1 (Twitter)

The most important beef-related festival in eastern Iowa -- by which I mean Solon Beef Days, of course -- went down over this past weekend. Which also means that one of the summer's most important and storied athletic competitions also happened: the Solon Beef Days Hay Bale Toss. 

Iowa football players have a rich and successful history in the Hay Bale Toss*, with former Hawkeye greats like Tristan Wirfs and Tyler Linderbaum being past champions in the event. Does "Hay Bale Toss Champion" sit aside accomplishments like "Super Bowl Champion" or "Rimington Award Winner"? Who's to say? But another Hawkeye wrestler added his name to the list of Hay Bale Toss champions this year: redshirt freshman offensive lineman Gennings Dunker. 

Dunker's winning toss of 12-feet, six inches may not have matched up to the 14-foot heave accomplished by Linderbaum last year, but hey -- you beat the competition in front of you, right? (Amazingly, Dunker's fiercest competition this year may have come from... Riley Moss? No, really.) And no one else could match Dunker hay bale tossing prowess this year. The secret to his success? Probably the terrifying amount of protein shakes he consumes every day: 

RIP, his toilet. 

Congratulations to Dunker on adding to Iowa's rich Hay Bale Toss legacy. Hopefully he'll be tossing defenders around on the football field this fall. 

* Not all Iowa history in the Hay Bale Toss is positive, of course. According to a very popular (and very old) rumor, Drew Tate suffered an abdominal injury in the 2006 Hay Bale Toss that lingered into the 2006 football season and impacted his play for much of the season. The Hay Bale Toss giveth, and the Hay Bale Toss taketh... 

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