Big Ten Players Attempt to Draw Their Team Logos, Fail Hilariously

By RossWB on July 26, 2017 at 1:52 pm
Drawin' ain't easy
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Big Ten Media Days are, by and large, not very interesting. There are a lot of bland questions (the scourge of "Tell me about..." rears its head often) and even more milquetoast responses. So we support any effort to enliven the proceedings, which our blog friends at Eleven Warriors managed to do this year. 11W's Andrew Lind asked the player representatives from each team to draw their school's logo from memory. The results are... well, you need to see them for yourself, honestly. 

Some Big Ten logos are difficult to draw -- the tigerhawk, for instance (and we'll get back to that in moment), or Penn State's two-tone lion. It's understandable that players might struggle with those. On the other hand, the Big Ten also has a ton of very boring and plain-looking logos -- 10 of 14 are basically just a single block letter (and that doesn't include Ohio State, which is just a block letter with the "Ohio State" wordmark laid over it)! And yet they still gave Big Ten players fits. Again, these are their own logos, the same logos that are plastered all over the gear they wear and the facilities they play and practice at. They probably see these logos dozens of times every single day. And yet we still wound up with this: 

Purdue whoa

It's a P with a slight lean! Not an angry chestburster erupting from a torso or a rough version of the old Phillies logo. 

Special props to Christian Dilauro (Illinois), Tegray Scales (Indiana), Aaron Williams (Nebraska), Jason Cabinda (Penn State), and Rodney Smith (Minnesota), who clearly drew half of the Michigan Block M before realizing he was actually a Minnesota player (I'd try to repress that knowledge, too, honestly). And, to be clear, this is all meant in jest -- they're football players and they're at these schools to play football (and hopefully get an undergraduate degree as well), not for their artistic prowess.  It's just another reminder that drawing things can be really, really hard. 

And what of our Iowa players? Well... 

Iowa logo

Honestly, those don't seem too bad, especially VandeBerg's version. The tigerhawk is a really hard logo to draw freehand -- give it a try if you don't believe me. It's difficult to get the proportions just right. All of these have pretty much all of the required elements of the tigerhawk and have them in the right general positions -- that's pretty good! Josey Jewell's tigerhawk is a bit abstracted, but hey, we can work with that. The University of Iowa Art Museum has housed one of Jackson Pollock's largest and most famous paintings for years, so we can get down with some abstraction. 

But please, do check out the full post over at Eleven Warriors -- it's unquestionably one of the best things to come out of Media Days this year. Well done, guys.

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